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1) Using 64-bit!

2) I'm running the game on an XPS 15 9560

Honestly I'm thinking it might just be super bad lag - sorry to make you guys run around trying to fix it! I've played through New Game+'s multiple times with no further issues, it only comes up on the first or second mission of a new game. Hopefully it's just my computer being sad and old!

I started my second playthrough and the bug popped up again with the tutorial mission and the first mission - Here's a screenshot:

The cursor turns blue where the Done! button should be, but clicking does nothing - I can just restart the game and continue with all progress saved so it's not a huge deal :)

Hi again! I tried again to get the same bug, and it looks like it was just super lag on my computer's side! The affection bar didn't go from faded to bold, the "next" button completely skipped, and the Done! button didn't appear. I restarted my computer and everything is working smoothly now! 

Thanks for making such a fun and hilariously scripted game!!

Oops, I didn’t see the frequent bugs! Thank you so much and as always, thank you for your hard work on a lovely game! 

Hi there, no problem! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!!

1. PC

2. The mission report pops up, and the affection bar increases, but there is no next button to continue or multiple pages, it just shows the ship report and how much their affinity score has gone up. 

3. Sort of? If I close and relaunch the game the auto save kicks in I think and the mission is marked as complete (the affinity scores go up). It might just be super lag as my machine is a bit iffy.

4. I believe the highest resolution available? Sorry I don’t remember the numbers!

5. I will attach a screenshot when I’m at my computer - maybe I just missed the button haha

6. Same as #5, I will definitely try that out!

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, and I’ll test things out soon! 

Hi this game is super cute - love the idea! One problem - every time I complete a mission, the mission report book doesn't go away?

Does anyone else get the bug where you try to accept an audition and the game just freezes on a blurred screen? The idol cards never come up - I've waited about 15 minutes before giving up. Idk if this is just extreme lag or a bug, but has anyone else had this problem?

Hi there - I've been having an issue with starting idol elections. Instead of the prompt that says I need a concert in production I'm seeing this screen:

And it doesn't let me select a single or make any changes? Is the concert displayed some kind of minimum requirement before you can do elections?

Hi not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but I started a new game recently and the first few deals were offered to idols I had in the previous game - it eventually moved to only the idols in my current roster.