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Mission: It's Complicated

To stop a cosmic evil, you need to get some superheroes to fall in love and kiss… or maybe just become best friends. · By Schell Games

Mission Report Bug

A topic by imprexia created Feb 14, 2020 Views: 232 Replies: 9
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Hi this game is super cute - love the idea! One problem - every time I complete a mission, the mission report book doesn't go away?

Hi imprexia! Sorry you can't play the game :( Got a couple of questions so we can hopefully get to the bottom of this and get you playing:

  • Are you playing on PC or Mac?
  • What happens when a mission finishes? Do you see the first page? Are you able to hit the Next button on the bottom and see the second page? Does the "Done" button appear on the bottom of the second page? Can you click it?
  • Are you able to get through any missions at all?
  • What resolution are you trying to play at? Does changing the resolution or switching between windowed and full screen mode help at all?
  • If you feel like it, could you attach a screenshot of what your mission complete screen looks like?
  • If you're cool with trying it out... do you have the same problem running on Steam?

I know that's a lot of questions! Just trying to ask anything I can think of so we can hopefully try to reproduce this on Monday when folks are back at the office. Thanks!!

Hi there, no problem! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!!

1. PC

2. The mission report pops up, and the affection bar increases, but there is no next button to continue or multiple pages, it just shows the ship report and how much their affinity score has gone up. 

3. Sort of? If I close and relaunch the game the auto save kicks in I think and the mission is marked as complete (the affinity scores go up). It might just be super lag as my machine is a bit iffy.

4. I believe the highest resolution available? Sorry I don’t remember the numbers!

5. I will attach a screenshot when I’m at my computer - maybe I just missed the button haha

6. Same as #5, I will definitely try that out!

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, and I’ll test things out soon! 

I would love it if this was just a missed button haha, would be a heckin' easy fix :D Otherwise it's probably A Weird Bug(tm) and will take more time >.<

Here's what the end mission screen looks like on my PC, just in case it is something so simple!

Hi again! I tried again to get the same bug, and it looks like it was just super lag on my computer's side! The affection bar didn't go from faded to bold, the "next" button completely skipped, and the Done! button didn't appear. I restarted my computer and everything is working smoothly now! 

Thanks for making such a fun and hilariously scripted game!!

I started my second playthrough and the bug popped up again with the tutorial mission and the first mission - Here's a screenshot:

The cursor turns blue where the Done! button should be, but clicking does nothing - I can just restart the game and continue with all progress saved so it's not a huge deal :)

Well, that is a Weird Bug indeed. Hopefully QA folks will be able to look into it tomorrow!

Followup questions! 

1) Are you by any chance using a 32-bit OS? (Under windows, you can go to the start menu search bar and type System Information, then look for System Type.)

2) Any chance you could provide us your system specs?

I know you said it's not a huge deal, but we're still trying to get info on this bug, since we can't reproduce it. If nothing else, so we can track it in case anyone else encounters it!

1) Using 64-bit!

2) I'm running the game on an XPS 15 9560

Honestly I'm thinking it might just be super bad lag - sorry to make you guys run around trying to fix it! I've played through New Game+'s multiple times with no further issues, it only comes up on the first or second mission of a new game. Hopefully it's just my computer being sad and old!

Don't be sorry! You're not the only person who's seen it, just the first one, so getting this info is SUPER helpful! I'm really glad it's mostly working otherwise, though, yay!