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Thread Where You Can Share Your Lines/Tricks!!

A topic by nino.alecs created 26 days ago Views: 383 Replies: 51
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Maybe it will help the community of SkateRide to grow? Since you can see how other player's do some sick lines/tricks or clearing some gaps. I don't know :D maybe do some challenges? (e.g. kickflip to 5-0 on rails) I really don't know. I'm just having fun and got curious. And also a way to share what you've learned in the game.

Here's my 3 lines nothing so special just having a chill sesh :)

Hope to see other clips here, thanks! And have fun! :)

SkateRide - Line #2

SkateRide - Line #3

Nice! The fisheye is cool, but also kind of nauseating... Would like to put some up too, what are you using to capture video?

If you're on windows 10 just press win + G to pop-up the built-in game recorder. I think it is xbox live? Don't worry it's built-in in every windows 10 pc/laptop. Or you can download OBS if you're mac user or windows 10 lower. Also, don't set your game on fullscreen. I don't know why but every time I press win + G it won't pop-up. So every time I record I'm on window mode I guess? Just don't set the game fullscreen when recording. For editing you can use whatever you want to use :) I'm using Adobe Premiere because of my work.

Sorry for the audio delay.


Hey nice lines nino! I especially like the fisheye effect. And since it's zoomed in, it look like more focused. I also like that you use a bunch board/flip speed rotation to control you style! 

Keep it up. You stoke me and I'm in a process to make some videos about my favorite spots for each maps. 

favorite stance is the nollie I don't know why :D maybe that's my style I guess? Still in the practice stage since I get confused when I'm in fakie and switch stance. Thanks and I'm planning to do more. BTW I can't pull off a kickflip to bs tailslide to nose slide in one ledge since when your skater is in the ledge doing your first trick you can't change the nose and tail balance. And I tried doing it and change the nose and tail balance in air and rotate for a nose slide still :D I can't do it! Is it possible to do 2 different slides/grinds in one ledge or rails?


Yeah the nollie is fun! I like the way it pop. 

For fakie/switch, the control are invert because your feet are facing the opposite way (red footing). It's the same thing for the grinds. The trigger are for the trucks (front and back) and not for the tricks like nosegrind or 5-0. 

For grind-to-grind (slide-to-slide in that case) you need to use the grind out angle. Here's how it work:

- Land your kickflip backtail

- Click on the Right Analog while pressing Up direction (like sprinting in many FPS games). The Grind Out icon should change.  

- Choose another trick if you want and Ollie out of grind. Your skater should stay above the ledge. 

- Rotate 180 and press the correct Trigger for noseslide while in air. 

- Press Y to start the noseslide. 

This take practice and might be the most advance feature of the game. 

Btw, some combinations seems to wrongly revert the skater orientation. I didn't find a solution yet without breaking anything else. Still looking into it. 

This is what I like about the game! It will take time and practice to pull-off awesome tricks/lines. Thanks for the help! :)

Just tried it and it work awesome!! Thanks for the help :) I can pull-off a kickflip bs tailslide to nose slide now. Need to practice some grinds then :D for my next line video.

Very nice tech vids Nino, it's about to get more tech! Fisheye is hilarious :D

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Toured the world of SkateRide and made a vid, cheers for the encouragement! I do like my nosebonks :)

Just WOW!!!! you're killin' it swedgers :) can't wait to see more.

Thanks man!

I love your style! especially those nosebonks :D I'm more of a slide guy :D so I don't have any idea how you are pulling those off. I need a new controller 'coz my LT is a bit faulty hahaha

Cheers! They're just nose manuals, set up with RT then press A as your shadow hits the surface. So fly!

You're killin that trick and I like how you control those hang time (the yellow speed) more skateride videos!! Cheers! If we can make a collab that will be great :D 2 different styles

I'm more up for themed or challenge vids, I found it hard enough with just my footage! I heartily recommend the xbox one V3 controller (model 1708) the analog sticks are so smooth and responsive :)

I'll definitely try that controller :)

Hmmmm, now I just can't think of a theme or challenge for my vids :D I'm just enjoying the game. Having a chill session. I'm very bad on GAPS!! hahahaha. Or maybe a SkateRide part? :D It will be  fun if BNUT will join us! :)

Here's my "SkateRide Part" - named my skater tALECSi since that's my IGN in every game that I've played.

Hope you enjoy! :)

Yass keep them coming :)

Maybe on my next vid i'll try to put music instead of the in-game sounds :D how did you put the music on your vid without being copyrighted by youtube?

I crossed my fingers VERY tightly :D

yea coz some of my streams on previous games that I've played got banned worldwide :D forgot that while I'm streaming I'm listening to foo fighters :D

It's a track from Planet Earth's 1991 vid 'Now 'N' Later', so hopefully it's obscure enough to slip through..

Just playing safe :D so I just use the in-game sounds. Since I don't know what music to fit in my style.

I can picture some scratch heavy 90's hip-hop on your vids, rip some DJ Rectangle off youtube haha

I'll try to add music on my next vid :D finger crossed! haha

Not really a line of trick but my whole part, hope you liked it :)

Nice! and also the bails on map 1 :D like in real skate parts sometimes they include the bails. BTW I have watched your vid on YT before you share it here hahaha constantly searching skateride on YT :)

Quality part, loved it!

I made a scrappy little part,

As you could probably tell, i was using a keyboard.

It is way harder using a keyboard :) nice. I can't even do a single trick while using keyboard since I'm getting used to a controller.

Nice vid man, impressive keyboard skills!

Another part of my skater tALECSi :) Map 4 getting destroyed? :D hope you enjoy


Nice! That huge shifty part yaas :D

A great wee spot, I see beeiinii likes it too :)

Wow! :) that slide then off over that red rail. Store got served! Nice use of the LS for grindouts!

Cheers! Got a copyright claim after all but they added adverts instead of deleting it :D


You're all RIPPING!! I got a big smile on my face each time I see a new video!  Super stoke to see you guys creating channel to uploads videos. 

I love it all! Keyboard ripping, "nosebonking" like there's no tomorrow, fisheyes effect, riding with style... STYLE everywhere. 

Keep it up!! 

The circle of stoke!

Beach got served! :D


Just having so much fun playing :) trick selections are those that can be done in real life. BTW I tried some of your "nosebonks" and I can't pull it off as good as you did on your vid, haha.

Realistic at its finest! :D

The huge gap shifty's look so good! That bonky ender too :D

Here's my ride chicos!

Fs blunt to fakie, fakie bs bigspin flip, hardflip bs tail to fakie

So stoked

One nice run wonrun!

Been meaning to put a part together forever, all you guys are ripping, it's so cool seeing everyone's different style! I've been experimenting with flipping around on the same ledge; I'm not too quick yet, but it's fun!

Speed, skill & style yass, great part! Blunt to blunts, oh so nice!

Nice :D me too I sometimes tend to forget which way I'm turning when doing a grind combo on a same ledge :D and since that's not really my style in real life so I don't do much of them now. But hey! nice part :D

I want to make a new video but I've been busy the whole week at work, 1 week without SkateRide...

Bnut Arcade chill sesh!! :) missed playing SkateRide. Been busy lately :)