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You're all RIPPING!! I got a big smile on my face each time I see a new video!  Super stoke to see you guys creating channel to uploads videos. 

I love it all! Keyboard ripping, "nosebonking" like there's no tomorrow, fisheyes effect, riding with style... STYLE everywhere. 

Keep it up!! 

Posted in Shadow angle

The angle of the shadow does change depending of the angle of the transition. Here's an example. 

I don't change the "scale" of the shadow like bigger nose while going down because I don't do difference between nose and tail when render it. 

Let me know if you means something else. 

Replied to LeWonRun in Ideas

Ok thanks to clarify. 

Will be fun to have something your skater could do to celebrate and should not be that hard to implement. The only problems I could see right now is the lack of button to start the animations. 

Replied to TonyX Studio in Ideas

Yeah I think it could be useful. You can tap A twice like it been said, but a dedicated button could help. 

I'm thinking about put this feature on the Cancel Trick button (press/click on the Right Analog). What you guys think?

Replied to nino.alecs in Ideas

Yes! reverts at landing. That's actually something that can add more style to the riding... and I'm all about style! :) 

I'm still not sure what button to use. The B button seems to be the way to go but it could cause problems if you want to reverts while landing on a narrow ledge, like the grind detection might kicks in. I need to test it. 

Another way is to revert with Triggers. It will be more advance feature since you will need to choose the proper trigger (nose or tail) to revert. 

Yeah the nollie is fun! I like the way it pop. 

For fakie/switch, the control are invert because your feet are facing the opposite way (red footing). It's the same thing for the grinds. The trigger are for the trucks (front and back) and not for the tricks like nosegrind or 5-0. 

For grind-to-grind (slide-to-slide in that case) you need to use the grind out angle. Here's how it work:

- Land your kickflip backtail

- Click on the Right Analog while pressing Up direction (like sprinting in many FPS games). The Grind Out icon should change.  

- Choose another trick if you want and Ollie out of grind. Your skater should stay above the ledge. 

- Rotate 180 and press the correct Trigger for noseslide while in air. 

- Press Y to start the noseslide. 

This take practice and might be the most advance feature of the game. 

Btw, some combinations seems to wrongly revert the skater orientation. I didn't find a solution yet without breaking anything else. Still looking into it. 

Yep! seeing the vid now and thanks for the repro steps. 

Posted in Ideas

Hey! thx for the feedback!

  • Landing with the powerslide button to straighten up is a really good idea! Will look into it. 
  • To be honest, I'm not a fan of the locking. I understand you could go smoother, but you can rotate back and forth or start the rotation late witch make the board move by itself and unrealistic. Anyway, that was the goal with using the yellow rotation so the board flip/rotate slower and you have a more time to control.
  • Yeah there's discussion going about that topic. Did you see the Hubba Hideout done by swedgers ? :)
  • What do you mean by claiming?  

This is a great post to show where to game should be headed. All solid ideas. 

Like you said, it will take time and effort... but we're skaters and we are passionate and we know what determination and perseverance is!  

The game is in a better shape now with the post-launch versions. Even if it's getting warmer and my city is building a skatepark, I should have more time to continue developing those ideas in my spare time! 

Posted in Hubba Hideout!

Wow! Awesome! It looked really good. 

I did some test during development and the problems about real spots as always been "textures work". For example, the hubba-hideouts is just some stairs and ledge. What make it special is the layout and the look of it. 

Bottom line, textures and  good layout takes me a bunch of time and still can look crappy.  :) 

But I'm not shutting it down yet. Just looking at your screenshot push me to look into it again with a different perspective. That and your little side comment: (with the help of the community perhaps)   :) 

Hey nice lines nino! I especially like the fisheye effect. And since it's zoomed in, it look like more focused. I also like that you use a bunch board/flip speed rotation to control you style! 

Keep it up. You stoke me and I'm in a process to make some videos about my favorite spots for each maps. 

Hey nino, I don't see the video! It might be deleted or set to private?

Can you describe me what happen? 

Posted in Custom Music?

There's a 5 songs limit. You can replace the songs, but not add to them.

Yeah like nino.alecs said. Just a a little correction... you can choose the balance (RT or LT) before your ollie. So you can ride around with your trick ready to go.  

For example, to do a nose manual on flat, you Press RT while riding, then when you ready you press A to Ollie, then A again to land into nose manual. 

A full map editor could be tricky and time consuming. Without going into detail, I will need to change the way I'm rendering the map and mask. 

Maybe a Training Facility where you could move obstacle around to make you own setup could be possible. Not promising anything, but I will start looking into the possibility soon. 

I was able to get a repro and it's now fixed on the last version 1.2! 

There's message at the start of the game telling if the game can't save in AppData. 

Otherwise it should save your gap, color and settings. I'm not entirely sure where it's located on mac, maybe in WineBottler. 

On PC it's here: C:\Users\*YOURNAME*\AppData\Roaming\Stencyl\SkateRideDemo

Yeah, i got more report happening and looking now into the save/progression system. 

Resetting progress seems worked for ZKY2K, but not 100% it fix the problems. It might be a combination of how gap gets unlock that bugged it.

Can you send me your bugged save file? It could help me narrow out the problems. thx

I check for this one and in fact, you did it the easy way! :)  

The detection is to big right now  and you should really start from the transition to clear it, not from the flat. 

Looking back, it should be the last gap because it's a crazy one and it need a specific way to approach it. 

It happening for all gaps! 

The problems is the BS 360 is bugged for goofy stance and FS 360 for regular. Both gives a result of Ollie instead of Rotation. 

So in your vid, the result was just a Flip without Rotation and you already had this one. 

I added it to the list. thx! 

This is something I want to do but will need more time to pull off. 

There's more procedure that I need to research but the goal is to get on Steam one day! :)

Posted in Multiplayer?

Yeah that will be sweet! 

I didn't create the game with multiplayer in mind because it's not really my "expertise". I mean there's little info for the engine and I don't know much about server. 
For now it's not my priority, but I want to look into it more seriously eventually. 

thx for the comment

haha no way i'm doing ransonware! I have no idea how I can do that and prefer passing time building games instead of finding way to steal/grief people. 

Glad the problem is fix but not able to change the color is weird. Are you saying that when you try to go into the change skater screen it won't let you and crash the game? Or you able to but crash during or at the end of the rebuilding files? 

Changing skater color works by swapping pixel from the old color to the new one for each part (skin, shirt, etc) and re-save the PNG for anims inside the SkateRide folder. Maybe there's something that let you save in app data but cannot save where you put your SkateRide folder?

You can back up your save file. It's named "game.sol" and it's  located here:

AppData folder might be hidden (I think it is by default) 

You might already did this, but just to be sure, can you re-download the game, delete old SkateRide folder, unzip it the new one and test again? Progression will stay, only Skater's color will reset. (btw, you still got problems with color not changing?)


(Edited 1 time)

not a bug. 

I didn't mention it in the HowTo but you can land your flatground trick with any face button. 

I find it frustrating to press X to grind and bailing because your alignment or your timing was off. So you don't grind, but at least you don't bail either. 

I'm going to look into ledge grind detection when a rail is present thanks! 

Hey nino.alecs, do you have unlock gaps problems like ZKY2K is having?  Just want to know how wide spread those problem are. thx

I'm having a hard time repro this bug. Map order change in Ver1.1. It was an error on my side and was not planned, but should not be that problematic. 

Did you have to update the game from Ver1? If so, did you overwrite the SkateRide folder or delete the old one? 

You can try to Reset Progression in Settings to see if it solve the problem. But I understand it could be a bummer to restart all gaps. 

(Edited 1 time)

I update the post for a workaround for this bug.

If you want to solve it on your side, you need to change the "list.txt" file located here: "SkateRide\assets\data\map2". 

Open the "list.txt" file and and change "map23.png" to "zblank.png"

Hey thanks for the reporting! I even if each bug you guys found is nothing to celebrate, keep posting them! 

Created a new topic Updating the game

Here's how the update works.

When I upload a new build, I overwrite the old one. You will need to re-download the full game. 

You can overwrite the SkateRide folder or delete it before unzip the new version. 

Progression won't be affected but Skater's color will reset. Choose your skater in the menu and get back on board!! 

Your right. I should add an description for updating. Thanks for pointing that to me. 

When re-downloading, you need to overwrite or delete old SkateRide older folder before hand.

Progression won't be affected since it's saved elsewhere. Color will be reset and you will need to choose your skater again. 


I didn't set the game to do patch, so it's easier for me to re-upload the full game. 

Thanks you for your feedback and purchase! 

Created a new topic Bugs/Problems Reporting
(Edited 20 times)

I'm going to use this post to report bugs and work around when possible. Send me a mail if you got problems or use this post to report bugs. 


- Color can't be change.      
How to Fix:         Color is reset when reinstalling the game. Make sure assets gets overwrite with original data from downloaded zip.        
Status:                   Need more info if steps above don't works 

----------------- Ver1.1 Old  Issues ------------------- 

- Hype mode and progression problems. (Gap don't unlock or unlock on wrong map) 
      Status:                   Fixed in latest Build (version 1.2)

- 360 don't always register as rotation when clearing gap.
      Trick affected:   FS 360 (regular) + BS 360 (goofy)
      Workaround:     Use 180 rotation to unlock map PTS instead.
      Status:                  Fixed in latest Build (version 1.2)

- Missing IMG on MAP 3  (bottom right)
      How to Fix:         If you want to solve it on your side, you need to change the "list.txt" file located here: "SkateRide\assets\data\map2" . Open the "list.txt" file and and change "map23.png" to "zblank.png"
      Status:                   Fixed in latest Build (version 1.2)

----------------- Ver 1 - Old Issues -------------------- 

- Progression is bugged and Gaps cannot be unlock anymore. It only show the gap number without PTS. 
      Work Around:  Don't toggle Full Screen before getting into the Choose Map menu.
      How to Fix:         If you got the bug, you need to "Reset Progression" in the settings
      Status:                   Fixed in latest Build (version 1.1)

- While playing on Keyboard, ENTER do not unlock new maps even when enough PTS are available.
      Work Around:  Use SPACEBAR instead. 
       Status:                   Fixed in latest Build (version 1.1)   


This issue has been fixed in the latest demo update. 

There's was a problem with overwriting the A button after completing the config.  Thanks adameczek to help me debug this! 

Yeah! Glad you complete the 10th gap!!  3 times!!  :)

Full game ship with more colors! 

For the park editor, it will take some times and I need the rethink my "code", but it's always in the back of my mind and will check it out post launch. 

Hey! I'm going to create a post to support problems related to controller configuration soon. 

In the meantime, send me a mail at SkateRideContact@gmail.com and I'll do my best to sort it out. 

Posted in Release date?

haha! nice. 

There's no release date yet, but should not be long. I'm going to do an announcement soon. 

thanks! glad you like the game.

yes! I render them in 3d, forcing isometric view. I got a bunch of them because there's 32 directions for all animations and need to be render 5 times to cover flat and slopes. And there's inair, grind and bail anim.