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2D Isometric Skateboarding Sim · By BNUT


A topic by LeWonRun created May 06, 2018 Views: 273 Replies: 19
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First of all: this game es amazing, time flies while ironing tres down gaps!

But I miss a few tiny details:

  • Being able to land tricks with the powerslide button to straighten up if you see that you are going to land sideways. As in a fstail 270 out
  • An option to lock the board's spin to the skater's. That way FS flips and such would go more smoothly
  • Famous spots :)
  • Claiming

Thanks so much for this amazing game!


Hey! thx for the feedback!

  • Landing with the powerslide button to straighten up is a really good idea! Will look into it. 
  • To be honest, I'm not a fan of the locking. I understand you could go smoother, but you can rotate back and forth or start the rotation late witch make the board move by itself and unrealistic. Anyway, that was the goal with using the yellow rotation so the board flip/rotate slower and you have a more time to control.
  • Yeah there's discussion going about that topic. Did you see the Hubba Hideout done by swedgers ? :)
  • What do you mean by claiming?  

180 powerslides could be pretty tasty too, maybe while holding B, pressing Y would slide another 90°.

So an option for revert is what you're saying? :) that will be cool! :)


Yes! reverts at landing. That's actually something that can add more style to the riding... and I'm all about style! :) 

I'm still not sure what button to use. The B button seems to be the way to go but it could cause problems if you want to reverts while landing on a narrow ledge, like the grind detection might kicks in. I need to test it. 

Another way is to revert with Triggers. It will be more advance feature since you will need to choose the proper trigger (nose or tail) to revert. 

Yep reverts will add more style to the game. It is time to put manual reverts :) and if reverts is available wow  I can do nollie inward heel reverts all day! As you can see on my skateride vids I'm into nollies and heel flips :D Adding an option for reverts will be so sick! Also it will look sketchy and brings realistic aspect to the game. Maybe add an animation for reverts? legs first then the upper body turns? and the reverts speed is fixed. What I mean in legs first is that when your revert is in 90 degree angle your skater's body is somewhere 45 degree angle. So your legs animation is a bit faster than the upper body rotation because of the angle delays. Realistic at its finest! :)

Realistic feel on tricks is what I like about your game. That's why my lines are those that can be done also in real life :D no fancy things.

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The goal of the game is to be a simple yet realistic! (Loving the art style - I'm an artist and done some pixel arts but not in a pro level) having an option to lock the board on skater for the sake of doing FS flips smoother will look unrealistic. Locking the board on skater's foot will be great if we have impossible in-game. You can lock either nose or tail except the mid (balance) so that the option is for the impossible only.

BTW, I just thought if we can control the flick while in mid-air or at the pick of an ollie we can do late flips ( I don't know what button to press again to make if flip) e.g. nollie late flip you have to nollie first then put the kickflip (still in air) then press whatever the button you have to press to make it flip (maybe the RS since you're setting your tricks here and the fun part is you still need to press land to land the trick) - I know that RS is used in resetting your trick input but I can't think of any buttons :D

You can check some of my artworks:

Ok, I'm convinced about not locking the board :)

With claiming I mean celebrating.


Yaa this would be good, two fists in the air!   \o/


Ok thanks to clarify. 

Will be fun to have something your skater could do to celebrate and should not be that hard to implement. The only problems I could see right now is the lack of button to start the animations. 

Can you get out of grinds/slides without ollie? If not this is my numer 1 idea :)

Thanks for this awesome game!

You can get out of grinds/slides without ollie if your grind/slide reached the end of a rail, etc. Just align your skater where he will not bail if landed. But if you want a smith to boardslide combo, etc. you'll need to ollie first.

You can rapidly press A to get out with not much pop, but a dedicated drop out button would be nice.


Yeah I think it could be useful. You can tap A twice like it been said, but a dedicated button could help. 

I'm thinking about put this feature on the Cancel Trick button (press/click on the Right Analog). What you guys think?

Awesome idea, 100% down for it.

Yep putting it on cancel trick button is the right move :) it is cancelling the trick itself - if you just want to do a short slide/grind. But if you are doing tail/nose, etc. you still have to align your skater to land :) and I'm ok with that.

100% up for it :)

I think it's a great idea

Deleted post

I was on the last map and I saw many potential lines including wallrides :)

This game us prettyamazing as is, I'm not sure if it's been said already, but I would like deck customization if it's possible. :D