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Thanks so much for this yaas!

One nice run wonrun!

Speed, skill & style yass, great part! Blunt to blunts, oh so nice!

The huge gap shifty's look so good! That bonky ender too :D

Cheers! Got a copyright claim after all but they added adverts instead of deleting it :D


The circle of stoke!

SkateRide community · Replied to BNUT in Ideas

100% up for it :)

A great wee spot, I see beeiinii likes it too :)

Nice vid man, impressive keyboard skills!

Nice! That huge shifty part yaas :D

Quality part, loved it!

You can rapidly press A to get out with not much pop, but a dedicated drop out button would be nice.

Yaa this would be good, two fists in the air!   \o/

I can picture some scratch heavy 90's hip-hop on your vids, rip some DJ Rectangle off youtube haha

I'm more up for themed or challenge vids, I found it hard enough with just my footage! I heartily recommend the xbox one V3 controller (model 1708) the analog sticks are so smooth and responsive :)

It's a track from Planet Earth's 1991 vid 'Now 'N' Later', so hopefully it's obscure enough to slip through..

I crossed my fingers VERY tightly :D

Cheers! They're just nose manuals, set up with RT then press A as your shadow hits the surface. So fly!

Yass keep them coming :)

Thanks man!

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Toured the world of SkateRide and made a vid, cheers for the encouragement! I do like my nosebonks :)

SkateRide community · Replied to BNUT in Ideas

180 powerslides could be pretty tasty too, maybe while holding B, pressing Y would slide another 90°.

Very nice tech vids Nino, it's about to get more tech! Fisheye is hilarious :D


I thought about adding graffiti but not only would it be a slog, it would probably clutter up the clean look of the game.

I studied a good few photos and videos to determine the scale, I feel as long as this is roughly accurate and the colours are familiar then the spot would be recognisable and fun to skate. Maybe the spots have just been built and we're the first to encounter them!

Or maybe if done properly by someone more capable, detailed textures would look awesome :)

I'm glad you're toying with the idea again, there's help here if you need it!

Great post nino, I'm in no rush but bnut - my wallet is ready for anything extra you have to offer us!

SkateRide community · Created a new topic Hubba Hideout!

I'd love to see real world spots in the game, one day would you consider building some (with the help of the community perhaps) instead of the daunting task of creating a park editor?  I made this mockup using the hubba from map 5 and trusty mspaint ;)

Can't get enough of this fine game, it flows so well and there's a warm nostalgic fuzzyness I experience while playing!