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Yass keep them coming :)

Maybe on my next vid i'll try to put music instead of the in-game sounds :D how did you put the music on your vid without being copyrighted by youtube?

I crossed my fingers VERY tightly :D

yea coz some of my streams on previous games that I've played got banned worldwide :D forgot that while I'm streaming I'm listening to foo fighters :D

It's a track from Planet Earth's 1991 vid 'Now 'N' Later', so hopefully it's obscure enough to slip through..

Just playing safe :D so I just use the in-game sounds. Since I don't know what music to fit in my style.

I can picture some scratch heavy 90's hip-hop on your vids, rip some DJ Rectangle off youtube haha

I'll try to add music on my next vid :D finger crossed! haha