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To change stance  between regular and switch without doing ollie 180 simple press and hold the Y button :P

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SLS type of park maybe? :D good flow and for those who likes to just skate back and forth. Also, It is kinda cool if we have a park that has a quarter pipe in the beginning and at the end. For good flow's sake and most of SLS park are made that way, maybe? :)

Bnut Arcade chill sesh!! :) missed playing SkateRide. Been busy lately :)

Nice :D me too I sometimes tend to forget which way I'm turning when doing a grind combo on a same ledge :D and since that's not really my style in real life so I don't do much of them now. But hey! nice part :D

I want to make a new video but I've been busy the whole week at work, 1 week without SkateRide...

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 Hmmmm.. The Berrics maybe? What do you think?

Just having so much fun playing :) trick selections are those that can be done in real life. BTW I tried some of your "nosebonks" and I can't pull it off as good as you did on your vid, haha.

Realistic at its finest! :D

Beach got served! :D

Replied to BNUT in Ideas

Yep putting it on cancel trick button is the right move :) it is cancelling the trick itself - if you just want to do a short slide/grind. But if you are doing tail/nose, etc. you still have to align your skater to land :) and I'm ok with that.

Replied to BNUT in Ideas

Yep reverts will add more style to the game. It is time to put manual reverts :) and if reverts is available wow  I can do nollie inward heel reverts all day! As you can see on my skateride vids I'm into nollies and heel flips :D Adding an option for reverts will be so sick! Also it will look sketchy and brings realistic aspect to the game. Maybe add an animation for reverts? legs first then the upper body turns? and the reverts speed is fixed. What I mean in legs first is that when your revert is in 90 degree angle your skater's body is somewhere 45 degree angle. So your legs animation is a bit faster than the upper body rotation because of the angle delays. Realistic at its finest! :)

Realistic feel on tricks is what I like about your game. That's why my lines are those that can be done also in real life :D no fancy things.

Wow! :) that slide then off over that red rail. Store got served! Nice use of the LS for grindouts!

Replied to TonyX Studio in Ideas

You can get out of grinds/slides without ollie if your grind/slide reached the end of a rail, etc. Just align your skater where he will not bail if landed. But if you want a smith to boardslide combo, etc. you'll need to ollie first.

Another part of my skater tALECSi :) Map 4 getting destroyed? :D hope you enjoy


It is way harder using a keyboard :) nice. I can't even do a single trick while using keyboard since I'm getting used to a controller.

Nice! and also the bails on map 1 :D like in real skate parts sometimes they include the bails. BTW I have watched your vid on YT before you share it here hahaha constantly searching skateride on YT :)

Replied to swedgers in Ideas

So an option for revert is what you're saying? :) that will be cool! :)

I'll try to add music on my next vid :D finger crossed! haha

I'll definitely try that controller :)

Hmmmm, now I just can't think of a theme or challenge for my vids :D I'm just enjoying the game. Having a chill session. I'm very bad on GAPS!! hahahaha. Or maybe a SkateRide part? :D It will be  fun if BNUT will join us! :)

Just playing safe :D so I just use the in-game sounds. Since I don't know what music to fit in my style.

You're killin that trick and I like how you control those hang time (the yellow speed) more skateride videos!! Cheers! If we can make a collab that will be great :D 2 different styles

yea coz some of my streams on previous games that I've played got banned worldwide :D forgot that while I'm streaming I'm listening to foo fighters :D

I love your style! especially those nosebonks :D I'm more of a slide guy :D so I don't have any idea how you are pulling those off. I need a new controller 'coz my LT is a bit faulty hahaha

Maybe on my next vid i'll try to put music instead of the in-game sounds :D how did you put the music on your vid without being copyrighted by youtube?

Just WOW!!!! you're killin' it swedgers :) can't wait to see more.

Here's my "SkateRide Part" - named my skater tALECSi since that's my IGN in every game that I've played.

Hope you enjoy! :)

Just tried it and it work awesome!! Thanks for the help :) I can pull-off a kickflip bs tailslide to nose slide now. Need to practice some grinds then :D for my next line video.

This is what I like about the game! It will take time and practice to pull-off awesome tricks/lines. Thanks for the help! :)

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The goal of the game is to be a simple yet realistic! (Loving the art style - I'm an artist and done some pixel arts but not in a pro level) having an option to lock the board on skater for the sake of doing FS flips smoother will look unrealistic. Locking the board on skater's foot will be great if we have impossible in-game. You can lock either nose or tail except the mid (balance) so that the option is for the impossible only.

BTW, I just thought if we can control the flick while in mid-air or at the pick of an ollie we can do late flips ( I don't know what button to press again to make if flip) e.g. nollie late flip you have to nollie first then put the kickflip (still in air) then press whatever the button you have to press to make it flip (maybe the RS since you're setting your tricks here and the fun part is you still need to press land to land the trick) - I know that RS is used in resetting your trick input but I can't think of any buttons :D

You can check some of my artworks: https://www.behance.net/ninoalecsc3b3

Replied to BNUT in Hubba Hideout!

Thanks for having the time to read my post :D Just take your time sir! No need to hurry things up since you need more time to get it done properly. We're just excited of what your game can be and what can it offer in the near future.

Put a session mark here and do a trick. After bailing I hit back button and respawn my character to my session mark and set up my trick. My character stuck here but still do the rolling animation. Actually you can press the roll set your tricks then nail it even you're stuck in here. To get out you have to bail. I don't know what happened but on some maps it also happens. BTW have you seen the video? It's unlisted and not in private.

favorite stance is the nollie I don't know why :D maybe that's my style I guess? Still in the practice stage since I get confused when I'm in fakie and switch stance. Thanks and I'm planning to do more. BTW I can't pull off a kickflip to bs tailslide to nose slide in one ledge since when your skater is in the ledge doing your first trick you can't change the nose and tail balance. And I tried doing it and change the nose and tail balance in air and rotate for a nose slide still :D I can't do it! Is it possible to do 2 different slides/grinds in one ledge or rails?

here :)

Sorry for the audio delay.

Replied to swedgers in Hubba Hideout!

I'm ready! I'm ready!

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This needs to be a DLC. It will take time and a lot of effort. Great way to support a solid game :) at the end it will be our option to buy the package and support the game to make it even better. At least don't do a lot of microtransactions since that's the very reason some games didn't survive. Also, keep on updating the game and not focus that much on DLCs so it won't feel that we are forced to buy certain things.

Looking forward on future updates (FREE that comes with your purchase of the whole game)
- Skater's accessories (e.g. hoodies, long sleeves, shorts, caps, etc.)
- Lots of challenges if the above is implemented in the game since it needs points so you can buy it (in-game cash)
- New maps ( creator's idea )
- Training facility with preset obstacles (which is inside the game right now) free to set-up your own course
- Hopefully a way to play game of S.K.A.T.E.

DLCs ( cause why not? Great games need a solid support on our end (gamers) - so the game will also keep on improving ) - in-app purchases. It's our choice if we are going to buy it or not.
- Real world spots (as package I don't know how he will do that but its reasonable than buying one map) - a preview of every maps included in the DLC package - I mean at least post screenshots of the whole park
- Training facility obstacles (e.g. mega ramps, barricades for that construction site feel, etc.)

Note: no fancy things like boards that can improve your ollies and the impact your character can handle :) we love the realistic feel of the game.

It may look a lot but I hope you consider it! :)


If you're on windows 10 just press win + G to pop-up the built-in game recorder. I think it is xbox live? Don't worry it's built-in in every windows 10 pc/laptop. Or you can download OBS if you're mac user or windows 10 lower. Also, don't set your game on fullscreen. I don't know why but every time I press win + G it won't pop-up. So every time I record I'm on window mode I guess? Just don't set the game fullscreen when recording. For editing you can use whatever you want to use :) I'm using Adobe Premiere because of my work.

SkateRide - Line #3

put a session mark here then do some lines after bailing I respawn my character to the session mark then this happen :D weird

Replied to BNUT in Skate Park Editor?

Yea that will be nice! :) 

Press RT for nose and LT for tail then both for balance stance. To do manual you need to ollie first then press either RT or LT to do your desired manual. For hype mode you have to do it on ledges etc.

SkateRide - Line #2