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Just WOW!!!

It will be really awesome if we can put obstacles on top of the ledges etc.. :) and also making the ledges corners, etc. auto merge :D to many lines for my eyes.. just make the park a bit clean maybe :) after it's WIP so I hope it will be added on future updates.. BTW i reset the game :D I just love clearing the gaps again hahahaha

Planning on posting my park in here :P


Nice lines :) happy to see new vids in here. Keep it up! I'll make vids again after unlocking all the maps (again :D) and been busy messing around with the map editor.


Any news about the update?

BNUT listens to skateride community and tries his best to make it possible. The online feature is the biggest challenge for him since he made the game without thinking of that. But hey, our game developer is working hard to make our ideas possible and put in the game :) we just have to wait patiently :)

SkateRide - realistic at its finest! and also I'm a big fan of the art style!

Nice!! :)

Feel free to join us at Thread where you can share your lines/tricks!! :)

BTW, I'm hyped too of what the next update will be :)


So who will do the first line? :) roshambo haha

If you love skate games this game is for you. Love the pixel art! Simple, but.... there is a deep trick system that will let you control your tricks and style. Been playing the game a long time now (since demo until the full game came out). Skate game fans out there, this game will not disappoint you!

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A vert map for transition skating and a way to do "slappy" grinds/slides, what do you think? :)

Well I'm back :D been busy lately. I do play skateride after work but always forgot to record things. So, vert map popped up in my head when I see this particular spot. What do you think? Street skating is in the game why not add some vert maps for transition skating (e.g. pools, half pipes, or a random street spot that looks like a half pipe with different obs attached. Hmmm, and when vert map is in game why not bring "slappy" grinds/slides since some tricks for this style of skating doesn't need to ollie. Hand plants, foot plants, grabs, no-comply (since mongo push is in-game)

Sorry if it's a lot to ask :) those are just the ideas that came up when I skated this spot.


Different video from what I usually do :) a bit of a guide, I guess? Hope you enjoy! Feel free to share your favorite tricks and how you do it (your style).

You're owning the map!! Nice keep it up! :)

Sick lines! and the gaps just wow! :) creative stuff here and great use of the Map 1. Personally, I can't think of a line in that map but man! thanks for the ideas here :)

Actually I don't use the memory trick I just input the trick over and over and over until it became second nature, I guess? :D and the reason is I don't know how memory trick works, thanks. I think it depends on the player whether he/she will use it or practice how to input tricks faster.

-NinjaTraining! :D

Nice part! Just wow! :) keep it coming, really like the style.

I use fish eye effect to hide the set up (for tricks,) at bottom right of the screen but I will definitely try your suggestion :) the triple manny pads at the library is so much fun plus the set up area is so small it will teach you to input tricks much faster :P ninja training haha

BTW happy that you like my vids! :)

Sssssshhhh we're at the library :D

And I'm waiting for the game's update :D excited of what BNUT added. I wish he adds more option on skater's customization sooner. I want to wear shorts and long sleeves...

Thanks! :) Happy to know that I'm making my own style. Basically I'm just recreating my style in real life at least the closest way like how I catch nollie front heel (catching it on 90 degrees then do the half rotation way down) then more of a simple looking grind/slide. Lastly, I do like nollie a lot and the animation of nollie in-game is so good, the way it pop just wow.

To change stance  between regular and switch without doing ollie 180 simple press and hold the Y button :P

SLS type of park maybe? :D good flow and for those who likes to just skate back and forth. Also, It is kinda cool if we have a park that has a quarter pipe in the beginning and at the end. For good flow's sake and most of SLS park are made that way, maybe? :)

Bnut Arcade chill sesh!! :) missed playing SkateRide. Been busy lately :)

Nice :D me too I sometimes tend to forget which way I'm turning when doing a grind combo on a same ledge :D and since that's not really my style in real life so I don't do much of them now. But hey! nice part :D

I want to make a new video but I've been busy the whole week at work, 1 week without SkateRide...

 Hmmmm.. The Berrics maybe? What do you think?

Just having so much fun playing :) trick selections are those that can be done in real life. BTW I tried some of your "nosebonks" and I can't pull it off as good as you did on your vid, haha.

Realistic at its finest! :D

Beach got served! :D

SkateRide community · Replied to BNUT in Ideas

Yep putting it on cancel trick button is the right move :) it is cancelling the trick itself - if you just want to do a short slide/grind. But if you are doing tail/nose, etc. you still have to align your skater to land :) and I'm ok with that.

SkateRide community · Replied to BNUT in Ideas

Yep reverts will add more style to the game. It is time to put manual reverts :) and if reverts is available wow  I can do nollie inward heel reverts all day! As you can see on my skateride vids I'm into nollies and heel flips :D Adding an option for reverts will be so sick! Also it will look sketchy and brings realistic aspect to the game. Maybe add an animation for reverts? legs first then the upper body turns? and the reverts speed is fixed. What I mean in legs first is that when your revert is in 90 degree angle your skater's body is somewhere 45 degree angle. So your legs animation is a bit faster than the upper body rotation because of the angle delays. Realistic at its finest! :)

Realistic feel on tricks is what I like about your game. That's why my lines are those that can be done also in real life :D no fancy things.

Wow! :) that slide then off over that red rail. Store got served! Nice use of the LS for grindouts!

You can get out of grinds/slides without ollie if your grind/slide reached the end of a rail, etc. Just align your skater where he will not bail if landed. But if you want a smith to boardslide combo, etc. you'll need to ollie first.

Another part of my skater tALECSi :) Map 4 getting destroyed? :D hope you enjoy


It is way harder using a keyboard :) nice. I can't even do a single trick while using keyboard since I'm getting used to a controller.

Nice! and also the bails on map 1 :D like in real skate parts sometimes they include the bails. BTW I have watched your vid on YT before you share it here hahaha constantly searching skateride on YT :)

So an option for revert is what you're saying? :) that will be cool! :)

I'll try to add music on my next vid :D finger crossed! haha

I'll definitely try that controller :)

Hmmmm, now I just can't think of a theme or challenge for my vids :D I'm just enjoying the game. Having a chill session. I'm very bad on GAPS!! hahahaha. Or maybe a SkateRide part? :D It will be  fun if BNUT will join us! :)

Just playing safe :D so I just use the in-game sounds. Since I don't know what music to fit in my style.

You're killin that trick and I like how you control those hang time (the yellow speed) more skateride videos!! Cheers! If we can make a collab that will be great :D 2 different styles

yea coz some of my streams on previous games that I've played got banned worldwide :D forgot that while I'm streaming I'm listening to foo fighters :D

I love your style! especially those nosebonks :D I'm more of a slide guy :D so I don't have any idea how you are pulling those off. I need a new controller 'coz my LT is a bit faulty hahaha