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Bnut Arcade chill sesh!! :) missed playing SkateRide. Been busy lately :)

I really like the style here, both trick choice (hardflip back tail, hell yes) and the way you pull it off. Some of those half rotated flips look super sick, the hesitation in the rotation is really cool. The care you take to make your own style definitely shows!

Thanks! :) Happy to know that I'm making my own style. Basically I'm just recreating my style in real life at least the closest way like how I catch nollie front heel (catching it on 90 degrees then do the half rotation way down) then more of a simple looking grind/slide. Lastly, I do like nollie a lot and the animation of nollie in-game is so good, the way it pop just wow.

And I'm waiting for the game's update :D excited of what BNUT added. I wish he adds more option on skater's customization sooner. I want to wear shorts and long sleeves...