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Oh man, the memory trick! Thanks so much Bnut, I couldn't figure out how to lock it, just how to bring it up once. You just saved me tons of effort when I'm trying the same trick over and over!

I really like the style here, both trick choice (hardflip back tail, hell yes) and the way you pull it off. Some of those half rotated flips look super sick, the hesitation in the rotation is really cool. The care you take to make your own style definitely shows!

So over the course of playing, I've randomly found out some things that don't seem to be documented, or I was just too dense to understand, and if you all have too, I thought we could share them here so we can all get better.

-We all know you can "pre-load" flips, since that's how you have to do them, but you can pre-load grinds/slides as well.  A 5-0 for example, before you even ollie, press the left  trigger, and when you land on the ledge or rail, you just have to hit the grind button and you'll automatically do a 5-0. This works for nose/tail slides and blunts, anything you have to lean into.

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So the system isn't explained all that well in-game, but here's what you do. When playing, press up on the D-pad, and you'll see a full  green bar in the lower right of the screen, slowly draining. Next to that you'll see a type of trick, like "drop" or "grind", with a number next to "next gap".  Basically, you have until the green bar runs out to do whatever it tells you, grind something for a grind, ollie down something for a drop, etc. Each time you successfully do this, the number will decrease until you hit 0.  After you've hit 0,  you can see the next gap on the map screen, scrolling between gaps using the D-Pad.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Been meaning to put a part together forever, all you guys are ripping, it's so cool seeing everyone's different style! I've been experimenting with flipping around on the same ledge; I'm not too quick yet, but it's fun!

Nice! The fisheye is cool, but also kind of nauseating... Would like to put some up too, what are you using to capture video?

I would've posted this sooner, but I was too busy unlocking all the levels! Once again, thank you for making what is probably the most legit skating simulator in existence. I've been telling everyone I know about it, and am going to buy it for them if they're too dumb to do so themselves.

This is the true successor to the Skate series, and does a bunch of things even better. Hope you never stop pumping out levels, but considering how long I played the one demo level, I think this'll keep me going for quite some time!

Would buy this again on Steam!