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Been meaning to put a part together forever, all you guys are ripping, it's so cool seeing everyone's different style! I've been experimenting with flipping around on the same ledge; I'm not too quick yet, but it's fun!

Speed, skill & style yass, great part! Blunt to blunts, oh so nice!

Nice :D me too I sometimes tend to forget which way I'm turning when doing a grind combo on a same ledge :D and since that's not really my style in real life so I don't do much of them now. But hey! nice part :D

I want to make a new video but I've been busy the whole week at work, 1 week without SkateRide...

great skating! nice use of the the grind to grind. I love the ender... nice one. 

I'm happy you like the game :)