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2D Isometric Skateboarding Sim · By BNUT

Tips and tricks here, please!

A topic by T3hlawlrus created May 26, 2018 Views: 474 Replies: 6
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So over the course of playing, I've randomly found out some things that don't seem to be documented, or I was just too dense to understand, and if you all have too, I thought we could share them here so we can all get better.

-We all know you can "pre-load" flips, since that's how you have to do them, but you can pre-load grinds/slides as well.  A 5-0 for example, before you even ollie, press the left  trigger, and when you land on the ledge or rail, you just have to hit the grind button and you'll automatically do a 5-0. This works for nose/tail slides and blunts, anything you have to lean into.

To change stance  between regular and switch without doing ollie 180 simple press and hold the Y button :P


Good idea for a topic! 

- Memory trick
When you try a trick over and over, lock your trick! Select your trick, hit D-pad Right (M appear), hold D-pad Right again (lock appear). Recall your trick with D-pad Right while riding. 

- Grind out angle. 
You can choose your angle when you come out of a grind. Use the Right Analog Press (Quick Turn) while grinding with either Right, Left or Up direction. 

- Grind to Grind. 
With the Grind out angle above, you can grind -to- grind if  using the up direction. The skater will stay above the obstacle and you can initiate another grind/slide.  

- Fakie / Switch 
While Fakie or switch,the control is inverted. You need to look at the skate icon down left. 
For Grinding/Manual, Left Trigger is always the tail of the board, Right Trigger is the nose. 

- Ride Your Stance! 
If your playing with a buddy that has a different stance, use settings in the pause menu to quickly change stance when passing the controller.  

Actually I don't use the memory trick I just input the trick over and over and over until it became second nature, I guess? :D and the reason is I don't know how memory trick works, thanks. I think it depends on the player whether he/she will use it or practice how to input tricks faster.

-NinjaTraining! :D

Oh man, the memory trick! Thanks so much Bnut, I couldn't figure out how to lock it, just how to bring it up once. You just saved me tons of effort when I'm trying the same trick over and over!

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The player will spin independently of the board while not in contact with it. This means that you can fs flip either by [hardflip+spin] or [flip+catch+spin]

When trying flip-to-grind 

  • Remember the flip speed so it's finished before you hit the rail
  • If you need to spin 90 degrees you can either input yellow spin on the spinned version of the flip or flip it red and then spin the player

Full rotation flips, example with backside 360 kickflip.

  • The hard way: input a tre flip and spin 360 degrees. You have to nail the timing! Looks unrealistic.
  • The good way: input a varial flip, sping 180, catch the board and spin the remaining 180 while descending. Super realistic.