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Good idea for a topic! 

- Memory trick
When you try a trick over and over, lock your trick! Select your trick, hit D-pad Right (M appear), hold D-pad Right again (lock appear). Recall your trick with D-pad Right while riding. 

- Grind out angle. 
You can choose your angle when you come out of a grind. Use the Right Analog Press (Quick Turn) while grinding with either Right, Left or Up direction. 

- Grind to Grind. 
With the Grind out angle above, you can grind -to- grind if  using the up direction. The skater will stay above the obstacle and you can initiate another grind/slide.  

- Fakie / Switch 
While Fakie or switch,the control is inverted. You need to look at the skate icon down left. 
For Grinding/Manual, Left Trigger is always the tail of the board, Right Trigger is the nose. 

- Ride Your Stance! 
If your playing with a buddy that has a different stance, use settings in the pause menu to quickly change stance when passing the controller.  

Actually I don't use the memory trick I just input the trick over and over and over until it became second nature, I guess? :D and the reason is I don't know how memory trick works, thanks. I think it depends on the player whether he/she will use it or practice how to input tricks faster.

-NinjaTraining! :D