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Yeah, me too, but it looks like we got this far :)

I still launch the game every now and then after a session when my bs tails are not sliding properly :_D


My beloved map lost the floor, now everything is black :/

If you land a trick sideways on the floor and press B, instead of bailing the player powerslides the remaining rotation.

It would look awesome to land flatground 360s or tailslides 270 without an unrealistic pop out.

Also please make The Berrics map. It would be nice ;)

Full rotation flips, example with backside 360 kickflip.

  • The hard way: input a tre flip and spin 360 degrees. You have to nail the timing! Looks unrealistic.
  • The good way: input a varial flip, sping 180, catch the board and spin the remaining 180 while descending. Super realistic.

Thanks! :)

I was trying to do something like this:

Like a slappy ledge but raised. It would act like a rail, but sound like a ledge :)

Editing the .png of the rail, all of them are on the installation folder :)

Custom rail :3

Really makes you wanna have wallrides!

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Awesome update, this is gonna be gnar when it's finished :)


Not a video but pics of the obstacles I made:

This makes you jump a gap to enter or exit the grind:

This one is to combo manuals to grinds, Sewa style

Another one to combo manuals and grinds

This one is to do the rail-to-rail 


Board size and shape?

Like going with a skinni 7'5 or a 8'6 would make a big difference visually. 

Also using an oldschool shape with a square tail and pointy nose :)

Can't wait for the park editor! I want to reproduce the places I usually go to skate :)

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The player will spin independently of the board while not in contact with it. This means that you can fs flip either by [hardflip+spin] or [flip+catch+spin]

When trying flip-to-grind 

  • Remember the flip speed so it's finished before you hit the rail
  • If you need to spin 90 degrees you can either input yellow spin on the spinned version of the flip or flip it red and then spin the player

Another shot at it, this time some blind side gap, 2 filler tricks and a crazy lipslide.

I was on the last map and I saw many potential lines including wallrides :)

SkateRide community · Replied to BNUT in Ideas

I think it's a great idea

Here's my ride chicos!

Fs blunt to fakie, fakie bs bigspin flip, hardflip bs tail to fakie

So stoked

Great idea! 

The best part is that this park was made by pro skaters, so smooth chained lines and weird gaps are guaranteed!

Ok, I'm convinced about not locking the board :)

With claiming I mean celebrating.


SkateRide community · Created a new topic Ideas

First of all: this game es amazing, time flies while ironing tres down gaps!

But I miss a few tiny details:

  • Being able to land tricks with the powerslide button to straighten up if you see that you are going to land sideways. As in a fstail 270 out
  • An option to lock the board's spin to the skater's. That way FS flips and such would go more smoothly
  • Famous spots :)
  • Claiming

Thanks so much for this amazing game!