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2D Isometric Skateboarding Sim · By BNUT

Thread for sharing parks!

A topic by yitzaak created Sep 26, 2018 Views: 537 Replies: 17
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A thread for sharing our custom skateparks. Boom. Here is a quick video showing off my first two, and the blueprints for them. The first one is 5x10 blocks and the second one is 10x15 blocks


Not a video but pics of the obstacles I made:

This makes you jump a gap to enter or exit the grind:

This one is to combo manuals to grinds, Sewa style

Another one to combo manuals and grinds

This one is to do the rail-to-rail 

very nice. those are some really interesting designs.

Custom rail :3

Really makes you wanna have wallrides!

How'd you do that? Look's amazing.

Editing the .png of the rail, all of them are on the installation folder :)

yo is it hard to mod objects?

how do you do it?


really nice! I'm glad your modding the game. I might add this obstacle or something similar in a future update. 

Thanks! :)

I was trying to do something like this:

Like a slappy ledge but raised. It would act like a rail, but sound like a ledge :)

It will be really awesome if we can put obstacles on top of the ledges etc.. :) and also making the ledges corners, etc. auto merge :D to many lines for my eyes.. just make the park a bit clean maybe :) after it's WIP so I hope it will be added on future updates.. BTW i reset the game :D I just love clearing the gaps again hahahaha

Planning on posting my park in here :P


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Am I the only one still playing this game? Anyone out there still thrashin? 

Anyway – here's my custom park

Merry Christmas!

i'm definitely still playing and dying for the finished park editor

Then I guess im not the only one who may be called a dreamer... John Lennon or something. 
Who knows what this christmas entails! Maybe we'll wake up the 25th with a new update. HIIIINT HIIIIINT!!! @BNUT 

6 small spots created in park editor



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This is how desperat I am for a Berrics map... !!!