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Been stopping by every once in a while to check for updates, but I fear bnut may have dropped the project.

Hey man, any news on the park editor? 

i'm definitely still playing and dying for the finished park editor

How'd you do that? Look's amazing.

very nice. those are some really interesting designs.

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A thread for sharing our custom skateparks. Boom. Here is a quick video showing off my first two, and the blueprints for them. The first one is 5x10 blocks and the second one is 10x15 blocks

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Will the blocks/ramps/corners be stackable in the complete version? wondering if that will be possible because it would open up a lot of opportunity for building bigger obstacles and different floor heights throughout the park. hope im not asking too much as i don't know what goes in to the actual process of making the game and how complicated or possible that would be. just input from a fan of the game. 

Wow, you actually added the pads for height difference. You're awesome, dude!

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Will it be possible to adjust the elevation of the ground throughout the map? Because I'd love to recreate some of the skate parks I go to in real life. If not stackable pads like the Skate 3 skatepark editor could work. I think... ? I don't know, you're the brains behind it lol.

Dude. Yes. I don't even have words for the excitement. Just... Yes.

Session #2. Yee yee!

Thanks, man! Currently working on the second one. :)

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Thank you, good sir. I really can't get enough of this game. That last trick took foreverrrr lol.

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My first Skateride edit. I hope you all enjoy!!!


Worddd. Thanks for the quick reply, man.

SkateRide community · Created a new topic Release date?

This is by far my favorite skateboarding game. I like it more than Skate. I need moar.