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2D Isometric Skateboarding Sim · By BNUT

A thread for feature wishlist?

A topic by kevinttan created Jun 18, 2018 Views: 400 Replies: 6
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I know there are priorities but i think we can have some wishlisht here for example:

-Map Editor

-Replay Editor (the last 1 minute of the session before going to replay editor, like ea skate)

-Community submitted videos viewable inside the game, you can also upload inside the game

something like that. hehe

This game is really for us realistic skate players

BNUT listens to skateride community and tries his best to make it possible. The online feature is the biggest challenge for him since he made the game without thinking of that. But hey, our game developer is working hard to make our ideas possible and put in the game :) we just have to wait patiently :)

SkateRide - realistic at its finest! and also I'm a big fan of the art style!


Map editor is coming in the next update. It will be more a park editor where you place obstacle on a flatground. I want to add more obstacle and maybe different layout in future update. 

I did have a replay in the game at some point and was having something functionnal but always got problems with the end result. I will take look after the editor to try to bring back replay without any bugs. 

About the community submitted, it's something that could be very cool and wish to have that for the park editor too!! problems is I don't much about server and online stuff in general. I will take a look and might need to research more on it, but can't promess anything since I don't know what it implies. 

So for right now, park editor is the priority and should take me most of my time.

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Will it be possible to adjust the elevation of the ground throughout the map? Because I'd love to recreate some of the skate parks I go to in real life. If not stackable pads like the Skate 3 skatepark editor could work. I think... ? I don't know, you're the brains behind it lol.

Board size and shape?

Like going with a skinni 7'5 or a 8'6 would make a big difference visually. 

Also using an oldschool shape with a square tail and pointy nose :)

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I seriously love this game. It’s absolutely genius as it is. It would be a shame if it got too complicated. Having said that, the ideas on this page sounds really cool. I have to air one too: what about some kind of story mode, or missions with specific tricks to do at different spots? :) 

Seriously your game is amazing. Can’t stop thinking about the game when I’m not playing it. 

If you land a trick sideways on the floor and press B, instead of bailing the player powerslides the remaining rotation.

It would look awesome to land flatground 360s or tailslides 270 without an unrealistic pop out.

Also please make The Berrics map. It would be nice ;)