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2D Isometric Skateboarding Sim · By BNUT

Updating the game Sticky

A topic by BNUT created Apr 15, 2018 Views: 904 Replies: 12
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Here's how the update works.

When I upload a new build, I overwrite the old one. You will need to re-download the full game. 

You can overwrite the SkateRide folder or delete it before unzip the new version. 

Progression won't be affected but Skater's color will reset. Choose your skater in the menu and get back on board!! 

hey loving the game!!any news? on updates..


Hey! It's been a little while and should have give more news about the next update.

I'm working on a park editor right now. I will do a devlog on it soon to show the progress.

Dude. Yes. I don't even have words for the excitement. Just... Yes.


Can't wait for the park editor! I want to reproduce the places I usually go to skate :)

i know it might be too soon but any chance of seeing this on switch?


There's new development about getting the Stencyl engine on Switch! was not possible a the start of the year. 

But I need to do more research and I think I need a Switch DevKit. 

Any news about the update?


yeah! I'm still working on the editor. I was developing to much feature at the same time so I'm in process to scale back to the basic. I should be able to share a test version soon. 

I'll do a proper devlog about it and how you can get access to the test version. 


Great thank you !!!!

Awesome, thanks for your work!