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A vert map for transition skating and a way to do "slappy" grinds/slides, what do you think? :)

Well I'm back :D been busy lately. I do play skateride after work but always forgot to record things. So, vert map popped up in my head when I see this particular spot. What do you think? Street skating is in the game why not add some vert maps for transition skating (e.g. pools, half pipes, or a random street spot that looks like a half pipe with different obs attached. Hmmm, and when vert map is in game why not bring "slappy" grinds/slides since some tricks for this style of skating doesn't need to ollie. Hand plants, foot plants, grabs, no-comply (since mongo push is in-game)

Sorry if it's a lot to ask :) those are just the ideas that came up when I skated this spot.