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Hey nice lines nino! I especially like the fisheye effect. And since it's zoomed in, it look like more focused. I also like that you use a bunch board/flip speed rotation to control you style! 

Keep it up. You stoke me and I'm in a process to make some videos about my favorite spots for each maps. 

favorite stance is the nollie I don't know why :D maybe that's my style I guess? Still in the practice stage since I get confused when I'm in fakie and switch stance. Thanks and I'm planning to do more. BTW I can't pull off a kickflip to bs tailslide to nose slide in one ledge since when your skater is in the ledge doing your first trick you can't change the nose and tail balance. And I tried doing it and change the nose and tail balance in air and rotate for a nose slide still :D I can't do it! Is it possible to do 2 different slides/grinds in one ledge or rails?

Yeah the nollie is fun! I like the way it pop. 

For fakie/switch, the control are invert because your feet are facing the opposite way (red footing). It's the same thing for the grinds. The trigger are for the trucks (front and back) and not for the tricks like nosegrind or 5-0. 

For grind-to-grind (slide-to-slide in that case) you need to use the grind out angle. Here's how it work:

- Land your kickflip backtail

- Click on the Right Analog while pressing Up direction (like sprinting in many FPS games). The Grind Out icon should change.  

- Choose another trick if you want and Ollie out of grind. Your skater should stay above the ledge. 

- Rotate 180 and press the correct Trigger for noseslide while in air. 

- Press Y to start the noseslide. 

This take practice and might be the most advance feature of the game. 

Btw, some combinations seems to wrongly revert the skater orientation. I didn't find a solution yet without breaking anything else. Still looking into it. 

This is what I like about the game! It will take time and practice to pull-off awesome tricks/lines. Thanks for the help! :)

Just tried it and it work awesome!! Thanks for the help :) I can pull-off a kickflip bs tailslide to nose slide now. Need to practice some grinds then :D for my next line video.

Very nice tech vids Nino, it's about to get more tech! Fisheye is hilarious :D