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2D Isometric Skateboarding Sim · By BNUT

Bugs/Problems Reporting Sticky

A topic by BNUT created Apr 15, 2018 Views: 968 Replies: 36
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Developer (20 edits)

I'm going to use this post to report bugs and work around when possible. Send me a mail if you got problems or use this post to report bugs. 


- Color can't be change.      
How to Fix:         Color is reset when reinstalling the game. Make sure assets gets overwrite with original data from downloaded zip.        
Status:                   Need more info if steps above don't works 

----------------- Ver1.1 Old  Issues ------------------- 

- Hype mode and progression problems. (Gap don't unlock or unlock on wrong map) 
      Status:                   Fixed in latest Build (version 1.2)

- 360 don't always register as rotation when clearing gap.
      Trick affected:   FS 360 (regular) + BS 360 (goofy)
      Workaround:     Use 180 rotation to unlock map PTS instead.
      Status:                  Fixed in latest Build (version 1.2)

- Missing IMG on MAP 3  (bottom right)
      How to Fix:         If you want to solve it on your side, you need to change the "list.txt" file located here: "SkateRide\assets\data\map2" . Open the "list.txt" file and and change "map23.png" to "zblank.png"
      Status:                   Fixed in latest Build (version 1.2)

----------------- Ver 1 - Old Issues -------------------- 

- Progression is bugged and Gaps cannot be unlock anymore. It only show the gap number without PTS. 
      Work Around:  Don't toggle Full Screen before getting into the Choose Map menu.
      How to Fix:         If you got the bug, you need to "Reset Progression" in the settings
      Status:                   Fixed in latest Build (version 1.1)

- While playing on Keyboard, ENTER do not unlock new maps even when enough PTS are available.
      Work Around:  Use SPACEBAR instead. 
       Status:                   Fixed in latest Build (version 1.1)   


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MAP 3 has a a missing chunk in the bottom right of the map, can be seen with all zoom levels. (playing on v1.1)

Developer (1 edit)

I update the post for a workaround for this bug.

If you want to solve it on your side, you need to change the "list.txt" file located here: "SkateRide\assets\data\map2". 

Open the "list.txt" file and and change "map23.png" to "zblank.png"

yep that worked cool!

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HYPE mode on MAP 2 unlocks gaps in MAP 3, HYPE mode on MAP 4 unlocks gaps in MAP 5. (playing on v1.1)


I'm having a hard time repro this bug. Map order change in Ver1.1. It was an error on my side and was not planned, but should not be that problematic. 

Did you have to update the game from Ver1? If so, did you overwrite the SkateRide folder or delete the old one? 

You can try to Reset Progression in Settings to see if it solve the problem. But I understand it could be a bummer to restart all gaps. 

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Ok so I backed up my save data reset my progress and bam bug fixed, idk wtf happened there but its fixed. yay


You can back up your save file. It's named "game.sol" and it's  located here:

AppData folder might be hidden (I think it is by default) 

You might already did this, but just to be sure, can you re-download the game, delete old SkateRide folder, unzip it the new one and test again? Progression will stay, only Skater's color will reset. (btw, you still got problems with color not changing?)


fixed it myself bro! sorry for the hassle with that. also I cant change my color because the rebuilding png part is picked up as ransomware by malwarebytes (anti-malware program) and destoys the .exe, pretty sure your not trying to ransomware my pc :P


haha no way i'm doing ransonware! I have no idea how I can do that and prefer passing time building games instead of finding way to steal/grief people. 

Glad the problem is fix but not able to change the color is weird. Are you saying that when you try to go into the change skater screen it won't let you and crash the game? Or you able to but crash during or at the end of the rebuilding files? 

Changing skater color works by swapping pixel from the old color to the new one for each part (skin, shirt, etc) and re-save the PNG for anims inside the SkateRide folder. Maybe there's something that let you save in app data but cannot save where you put your SkateRide folder?

It not a problem caused by your game but malwarebytes itself, it was just a false postive. to fix this I just disabled malwarebytes changed my colors and turned it back on but that was after I took those screenshots.

now I'm experiencing this kind of bug. I'm at MAP 4 and in HYPE mode finding those GAPS and I noticed that I'm unlocking the GAPS on MAP 5 instead of MAP 4.


Yeah, i got more report happening and looking now into the save/progression system. 

Resetting progress seems worked for ZKY2K, but not 100% it fix the problems. It might be a combination of how gap gets unlock that bugged it.

Can you send me your bugged save file? It could help me narrow out the problems. thx

I don't know what just happened but when I do the HYPE mode on MAP 4 I unlocked the gaps on said MAP.. weird. And I checked my MAP 5 and there's no GAPS unlocked yet. Sorry for the late response :) I don't have a copy of the game at work.


I was able to get a repro and it's now fixed on the last version 1.2! 

Yep I'm playing on the latest version now :) just having a session not thinking that much on GAPS. Damn! SkateRide is really a great game. By the way its fun playing with friends (using our own laptops)  :D we are having fun playing a game of S.K.A.T.E. selecting same parks and the game is on! Haha, a full park game of S.K.A.T.E.

Now I'm thinking to make a mini montage. First I have to search some parts to recreate. You can tell how much I'm enjoying your game :D

Found a weird grindable area in MAP 5 left of the spawn.

it happens to me too when i do a hard flip to nose slide in map 2 on the long red rail at the left side of the map and also in map 1 i thought thats  part of the game :D


I'm going to look into ledge grind detection when a rail is present thanks! 

Hey nino.alecs, do you have unlock gaps problems like ZKY2K is having?  Just want to know how wide spread those problem are. thx

Hype mode on map 2? on my side it is ok I unlocked map 2 and test the HYPE mode and its ok :) it unlocks the gaps on said map. Im clearing the gap 3 :)

I just realized that it is kinda normal? Since that ledge is an elevated surface so you can grind or slide on them. The weird part is that when you reach the end of the ledge it is still a grind/slide where is it should be a normal riding right? And when that grind/slide reach the end of the ledge no matter what trick you do for the out of the trick you always bail.


Hey thanks for the reporting! I even if each bug you guys found is nothing to celebrate, keep posting them! 

no problem, happy to find some bugs to squish!

Ollie/Land is button A i guess for flat ground tricks? Since it changes the input of X Y B buttons if you're attempting to do a slide or grind. I don't know if this is a bug but I can land flat ground tricks by just pressing  X Y or B before landing.

Developer (1 edit)

not a bug. 

I didn't mention it in the HowTo but you can land your flatground trick with any face button. 

I find it frustrating to press X to grind and bailing because your alignment or your timing was off. So you don't grind, but at least you don't bail either. 

So it is part of the game thanks man :) I wish every developers were like you. You take time to reply to every questions/bugs we asked/presents and do a good job to fix the game. Hope that SkateRide community grows :)

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diagram for gap 9 doesn't exactly represent how its performed

** SkateRide Edited this post ** 

Hey ZKY2K! I edited this post to remove the image because it was consider as a spoiler! I'm not sure if many people will care, but the goal was to let me know and I will address it in the next Version. Thanks you

Oh shit sorry dude I totally didn't even think of how that could of been a spoiler.


I check for this one and in fact, you did it the easy way! :)  

The detection is to big right now  and you should really start from the transition to clear it, not from the flat. 

Looking back, it should be the last gap because it's a crazy one and it need a specific way to approach it. 

Box in MAP 8 doesn't have transparency. (also just finished all the gaps today hooray!)

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don't watch video if you don't want gap spoiled for you... Ok so in the video I clearly do a flip+rotation down gap 6 on MAP 7  and it says I did the gap but does not award me my map point, I tried it one or two more times (not shown in video) and then the map point was awarded to me.


It happening for all gaps! 

The problems is the BS 360 is bugged for goofy stance and FS 360 for regular. Both gives a result of Ollie instead of Rotation. 

So in your vid, the result was just a Flip without Rotation and you already had this one. 

I added it to the list. thx! 

put a session mark here then do some lines after bailing I respawn my character to the session mark then this happen :D weird


Hey nino, I don't see the video! It might be deleted or set to private?

Can you describe me what happen? 

here :)

Put a session mark here and do a trick. After bailing I hit back button and respawn my character to my session mark and set up my trick. My character stuck here but still do the rolling animation. Actually you can press the roll set your tricks then nail it even you're stuck in here. To get out you have to bail. I don't know what happened but on some maps it also happens. BTW have you seen the video? It's unlisted and not in private.

Yep! seeing the vid now and thanks for the repro steps.