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2D Isometric Skateboarding Sim · By BNUT

A MAC version?

A topic by GREMBLO created May 15, 2018 Views: 287 Replies: 6
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I was just wondering if you could release a version that was for Apple computers.

this would be very crucial. i purchased the full game and I was using winebottler but ive had so many issues with it i finally just gave up hopefully he'll release a mac version one day

I know right such a good game but us mac boys need a port


I don't have a mac and creating a version at a friends place is difficult. Even if I'm able to create it, I won't be able to support it correctly post release. 

For winebottler, I know it's not ideal and I think the other emulator are more complicated. You can try to post your problems here's or in the playable on mac devlog.
Maybe someone from the community will help. 

I play on Mac perfectly with wine 

Its working good with wine..only problem..i cant do the gap challenges, so i only play the first map all the time

press D  pad down to activate challenge mode. you will see grind gap manual or over(jump over something). do whats written there before the timer ends and earn points. the more points you make, you will unlock the gap position on the map menu. Now that you know where they are, do a trick on them and earn map points