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You go 



This idea is a bit of a stretch but it could work. It's S.K.A.T.E. with all of us involved.

The way it'll work: It starts with a line. Take a recording of the line and turn it into a GIF, upload it on this thread. 

There are rules of course;

1) Try and keep it on the first four maps (makes it easier for new people to join in)

2) As hard as it sounds, record your first attempt, and upload that. If you want to include a clip of you landing it (this is only if you don't land it first try) go for it.

3) Try to avoid cheating it. As sad as it might be to lose a game of SKATE online, it's even sadder to cheat online. This thread will be based on honesty of this community, so try your best to be honest.

4) Enjoy it. No point in playing if you can't have fun.

@Swedgers - It's a short clip but it kinda shows a kinda hippie flip.

Debatable on whether it actually is one though

It's such a sick spot isn't it! I found out you can hippie jump the longer red rail which I think is just a glitch but I'll have to upload a video of it.
That powersilde 180 you did to the ramp was sex by the way.

I think what nino said would be super sick

(that being: 

- Skater's accessories (e.g. hoodies, long sleeves, shorts, caps, etc.)
- Lots of challenges if the above is implemented in the game since it needs points so you can buy it (in-game cash)
- New maps ( creator's idea )
- Training facility with preset obstacles (which is inside the game right now) free to set-up your own course
- Hopefully a way to play game of S.K.A.T.E.)

It would be cool to have more customization options, just to give your skater more personality.
Not only that but the idea about the training facility, S.K.A.T.E. and cash would be awesome too.

I think though the most important thing would be new maps. Would it be possible to make the maps larger though?

It would be sick to have city spots and whatnot, even real life spots (the scenery wouldn't have to perfect).

(and multiplayer xoxo, love you BNUT xx)

I made a scrappy little part,

As you could probably tell, i was using a keyboard.

SkateRide community · Created a new topic Multiplayer?
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Hey there,

I was wondering if multiplayer would ever be possible? It would be cool to invite a friend and have like a max limit of maybe four people? It would be sweet to be able to play S.K.A.T.E. or just cruise around and watch your buddies do sick gaps over stairs and whatnot.