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Just WOW!!!! you're killin' it swedgers :) can't wait to see more.

Thanks man!

I love your style! especially those nosebonks :D I'm more of a slide guy :D so I don't have any idea how you are pulling those off. I need a new controller 'coz my LT is a bit faulty hahaha

Cheers! They're just nose manuals, set up with RT then press A as your shadow hits the surface. So fly!

You're killin that trick and I like how you control those hang time (the yellow speed) more skateride videos!! Cheers! If we can make a collab that will be great :D 2 different styles

I'm more up for themed or challenge vids, I found it hard enough with just my footage! I heartily recommend the xbox one V3 controller (model 1708) the analog sticks are so smooth and responsive :)

I'll definitely try that controller :)

Hmmmm, now I just can't think of a theme or challenge for my vids :D I'm just enjoying the game. Having a chill session. I'm very bad on GAPS!! hahahaha. Or maybe a SkateRide part? :D It will be  fun if BNUT will join us! :)