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Ah! I wish had pinned comments! Thank you so much :)

Hey there! We just finished a demo of our game for SuNoFes and we could use an experienced Ren'py programmer as we expand forward. We were looking to submit to Spooktober, but probably can't as we did start working on it before September. Is there any chance you'd be interested in joining our team anyway?

This is so cool! I really like the special abilities, the flavor and design, and the mechanical weight of the Investigation Clock. I'm excited to pitch this to my group, as we tried Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green and weren't really able to get into them, but we dig PbtA and FitD games. Awesome stuff!

So glad you had such a good time! Fully agreed on the combat — time, of course, prevented us from adding more depth. The story on cargo is similar; we had plans to implement more items and some form of economy or trading system, but stuck to making sure we could implement the various upgrades.

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback!

The art is super clean and has a lot of character to it (in addition to the variety of character designs, ha), with a ton of neat historical details to pick out, and I love the setting and premise as a fan of ancient mythology. The limited color palette was both a smart production decision and an effective artistic one — I chuckled learning that our character's name is Sepia. I can't wait to see how you polish and improve an already solid experience!

An intriguing adventure in a well-realized world! I would have liked being able to skip the text scroll, but I enjoyed settling into the world and getting to know Riverbend and its inhabitants. I especially appreciate the extra details and different camera angles in each scene to emphasize certain aspects of the environment, rather than the more common trap of having a bunch of nearly featureless rooms with identical viewports. Cool stuff!

Really impressive art, polish, and writing all around. The sheer density of interesting details and the extensive flavor text for each screen and interactable object make this an appealing throwback to classic adventure games without the baggage. I'm excited to see more!

I love the use of Twine to create a little survival game! This is unlike any text adventure I can think of, and I applaud your translation of some unusual concepts and mechanics into a text-based adventure. With some time and development I think this could be an awesome short horror-lite survival game, but even as it stands, it has a lot of interesting ideas and neat little details (like being able to pray before bed or turn off different systems in Electrical) that elevate it and make it fun to engage with. Really cool stuff!

This felt like a fun throwback to some old Flash games and hours spent whiling away school hours on sites like Newgrounds and Kongregate. The limited vision range made movement pretty tedious, especially with the slow speed and lack of a map, but I still had a good time with the comedic tone and various environmental interactions and jokes. Although the various art assets did feel cobbled-together, I was impressed by the overall level of polish on the combat system and variety of areas and concepts to explore. Neat game!

Charming aesthetic and presentation and some really interesting ideas in the book pages and multiple characters to control. There's a lot of room for fun puzzles and interactions there and I look forward to seeing the post-jam version. Cool stuff!

An interesting and unique experience. I did stumble a bit getting through it, but I think playing with the player's perspective and the game's reality like this is super cool. This kind of abstract, surreal storytelling is perfect for games as a medium and I would love to see more. Neat stuff!

Though short, I was surprised more than once by the different movement options that cropped up — the dash and double jump, but also the swimming and climbing. The platforms were often a bit far apart for the camera size, which made it difficult to see where I was going, but the jump and dash were forgiving enough that it didn't slow me down for long.

Without much to the combat, I found it easier to jump over or dash through most enemies rather than fight them, which unfortunately led to me being severely underleveled for the final battle. I thought I could maybe kite Dorog around while sneaking hits in and dash through the lightning to avoid it, only to discover there were no i-frames on the dash and go sailing into the abyss, hahaha. Good luck running the place, Dorog!

While the story was sparse, I did appreciate playing from the perspective of fantasy's favorite overlooked punching bags, and I would have at least felt less motivated to get to the end without some promise of a plot. Justice for Tulk!

A cute throwback to a classic adventure vibe. The controls were tough to get used to, but I did get used to them. I was surprised by the how much fun it was testing and comparing the various weapons and seeing how they could affect the map, even though there were only a few. I also liked that different areas of the map had their own quirks and design, making it feel more like a world with biomes than just a level.

The way the Fluffs moved meant it was possible to try to get away from them and have them move onto the same tile, quickly draining health, but once I realized I could still target them with the ranged weapons, that stopped being a problem. Plus, the health potion item seems to be infinite, and I never feared a Fluff again!

Really impressive level of detail and polish for this jam! My favorite detail is the animation when you block an attack, but the variety of different enemies and environment pieces is seriously remarkable. I concur that this could easily be expanded on and developed and polished further into a proper little Metroidvania (or just action-platformer) title. 

The only real critique I have is the default controls...what kind of hands do you have that make it easy to reach C, F, Q, R, and SPC all at once?! Still, it didn't actually seem to cause me much trouble, so maybe it's my hands that are weird. Awesome stuff!

Love the look and feel. This aesthetic and premise could carry you far, even in a longer experience or series of vignettes. I would genuinely feel excited to explore a larger desert, find and talk to more survivors, and read more of the evocative flavor text on the scrap. I wish there was more!

Other than the jam-appropriate length, my only real issue is that the choice of font made the text a little hard to read. Super cool stuff!

I'm amazed by the level of cinematography in this tiny 2D top-down game. The CRT effect, camera pans and zooms, and gentle camera movement as you roam around are really fun little details of polish. The music is also smooth and had me vibing as I searched for the five, er, firecrackers?

That camera I like did seem to have trouble following me in the topmost room, but as there was nothing in there anyway, it's not a problem. I think the mood and design flourishes here elevate it quite a bit, and show a lot of promise for the future. Cool stuff!

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A cute platformer with some promise for the future. The rabbit's hopping seemed erratic and random at times, bouncing around on the terrain, but that almost added a kind of energetic charm to the movement. I was amused the first time I fell in a hole and it turned out to be the right way to go, but after the third screen, it became harder to tell where I was supposed to go. A few screens later, I vanished off the side and could no longer move or proceed. The music did get repetitive, but now it's pretty solidly stuck in my head, so +impression points for that, haha!

Keep at it!

Charming art, and the self-aware humor is a good sign for future writing. Would be happy to return and play more if expanded upon, and see what happens to these cute characters.

I'm glad you made this comment — I wouldn't have tried the "refuse to enter" route otherwise, and it made me laugh a few times. Give it another shot!

A warm and pleasant artistic reflection, looking at exhibits during a rainstorm. A big smile came over my face when the first painting actually showed up for me to examine while reading, and I appreciated the thoughtful, if brief, conversation.

I also laughed a few times at the fourth-wall-breaking route, especially with how the narrator seems to accept that even steadfastly refusing to engage with their story counts as engagement and thanks you for playing anyway. It brought me back to playing some classic Flash games, and I appreciated that the narrator was even-tempered about it.

Cool aesthetic and an intriguing core concept. I think there'd be a lot of room for expanding on this idea in a kind of combination escape room/killing game set of interactions and puzzles. Getting to know each opponent, making deals and promises, trying to figure out what's really going on...there's a lot of potential in the psychological back-and-forth here.

Unfortunately, over a few attempts, I was never able to make it much farther than 10–14 days, as you eventually start running out of stats too fast to keep up. Not being able to get on top of the system was a bit of a letdown, but understandable for the timeframe of the jam.

Overall, I think this is an interesting and — wait...they are drugging me with that sleeping gas! Damn bastards...

Charming and well-written, with surprising depth to the relationships and an interesting way of affecting them.

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A sweet and sensitive experience with surprising depth to the characters and their relationships, conveyed through the fascinating medium of a trade window. Using the different items and barter options to affect the characters' stories is a cool and intriguing choice, and during Act 2, I found myself wanting to decline to trade solely so I could give the characters items from my abundance, but being able to give their items back later was worth it. I never did encounter a trade that seemed better to decline than to accept, but perhaps I simply chose incorrectly!

I really appreciated how the characters and environment changed over time, and how even Satya was a reasonable figure trying to do his best for the people around him, as Agung was. The music was similarly interesting and attention-grabbing.

The game controlled fine and the various little animations for watering plants and their different growth sprites were pleasing, but selecting a plot on the ground frequently caused me to accidentally plant the wrong seeds, with no way to correct my mistake. I similarly wasn't always sure what I was planting, or what was already planted, so that I could plan my next day's sowing. Luckily, neither of these issues prevented me from making any deals I wanted to make.

Unfortunately, the ending seemed to glitch out. The first day, I watered the main tree and then glitched out collision by checking the empty shop. After going to bed, I couldn't talk to anyone on the final screen, and was delivered to the credits after finishing watering. That said, I noticed one extra character, which told me something important about how one storyline ended, so I think I can imagine the intent and what they might have said.

Some of the items didn't seem to have a purpose (like the medkit), but it's possible my choices (or the ending glitch) simply prevented me from using them. If not, I would have liked to see them appear elsewhere, such as a screen from inside the house where items like the rug and blankets would appear, or a shelf for the ring and bracelet, that sort of thing.

Overall, the ups and downs of the story, including even the bird's little arc, were well-written, if sparse, and surprisingly affective. Thank you for this.

Really impressive scale and polish for this jam. The world is surreal and cool to explore, and the character moves and controls well, the latter of which is sometimes especially difficult even for full-scale production teams. I liked the design and animation of the character a lot, as well. I dig the visual style, although it did make climbing the final structure difficult when I couldn't tell which ledges were close and which were far away.

Camera controls on keyboard and mouse were tough to wrangle, but I actually had a harder time playing with a controller, as the way the camera moves side-to-side with the character made microadjustments more difficult than with a mouse. The camera also seemed to be on a constant slow clockwise spin, which exacerbated the problem. The checkpoints occasionally spawned me facing the wrong way, which wasn't really an issue, just led to an amusing fall or two. 

The narration didn't add much to the experience for me, but I do think it contributed to the surreal vibe. My only wish was that it continued displaying after passing through each light point, so I didn't have to stop in place and wait each time.

The way the design of each environment changed subtly from the last was an interesting progression, and I especially liked looking back and seeing the vast scale of what I'd just jumped around on. Lastly, the ethereal music was both soothing and ominous, and created an intense otherworldly vibe. It's a small thing, but the little hum of the narration points was also a pleasant sound.

An interesting, abstract experience!

Charming art and characters and an interesting world. I appreciate the whimsical tone and really liked the unique and colorful character designs. I would love to see more after the jam is over, with the puzzles and all. (Excited to see that splash text!)

Really enjoyed the combination of VN dialogue, mouseover adventure puzzles, and 3D environments for the transitions — that really helped connect and drive the scenes as part of a cohesive whole. I think there's a lot of ground for expansion and development and would be interested in seeing more. Cool stuff!

Thanks for the detailed feedback! I'm so glad you were able to find a story for yourself in playing in addition to what we wrote. Should we get the chance to expand, I would love to make that part of the experience deeper and more prominent. Thank you for your suggestions and your review!

Intriguing and evocative. Only had trouble understanding what was wanted in the Pressure Tunnel, especially as the colors kept changing, but I made it through on my first try anyway. Really cool art and lots of possibility for expansion.

That was one of our inspirations, for sure!

A charming and entertaining experience. The art style is clean and gives me a kind of Hanna-Barbera-adjacent vibe, which helps set the whimsical tone, and the animation is impressive, especially with all the cute idle animations. The voice acting was also appropriately upbeat and inviting, and the environments were notably detailed and expressive.

The audio quality on the voice work is somewhat rough, and I kept getting actions and dialogue stacking on each other in weird ways, but it never seemed to interfere with the actual gameplay, so no worries there.

I did have to check the guide for about half the steps, as my adventure game sociopathy instincts are rather rusty, but I didn't mind. A certain artistic shift and twist at the end were not only unexpected but unexpectedly heartwarming, and were two clever and fitting choices that will help this game stick in players' minds.

Thanks so much! That's awfully high praise :)

Ooh, thanks for the shout!

Such high praise, thank you so much!

There are few more exciting things to hear as a writer and designer! I'm glad it has some impact :)

Right? Writing this, I was just thinking of all the times it would have been helpful in picking a restaurant or making evening plans. Hope you find some use in it :)

Same here, I decided to join a bunch of jams in February to pause some bigger projects and get the mind moving. But my jam submissions are a lot smaller — this is immensely impressive for a week's work! And I'll absolutely leave more feedback if I get to play it soon.

Super cute and super fun, I love this so much. I can't wait to go on my first Righteous Jaunt!

This feels like it's right on the edge of being too involved for something to play on the move, but it's also concise and simple enough that I can see it being something you pick up easily after one or two tries. Beyond that, the actual design and theming are so delightful and fun, as are the visuals and layout! Every page is sparking with flavor and I can just tell how much fun it was to write this.

My favorite part is the inclusion of "Wild Characters" — just that little aside about asking questions of the strange things you pass and letting the GM twist them into the story creates this wonderful moment of insight and introspection. All the sods are also a joy to read, and the kid-friendly ones are a thoughtful inclusion.

Engaging and entertaining the whole way through. Awesome stuff!

I thought I'd hit upon something using bidding for a pirate TTRPG, but I absolutely love that this game uses bluffing as well. Reworking Liar's Dice into a resolution mechanic is such a wild and fascinating concept, and I'll absolutely be pulling this up the next time my group does a one-shot. What an awesome execution of a clever idea!

The Duty playbooks, character creation, and GM tips (and most of the game, really) are full of flavor and fun choices. I would have assumed magic in a game like this would be more vague and narrative-based, but I do appreciate that the spells available are focused and themed around the game rather than attempting to capture the broadest possible array of effects.

Actually, that's kind of the vibe I get from the whole thing — I would have expected a much smaller game from the premise, but it's not like you've put in a lot of unnecessary filler or meaningless crunch; everything expands on the core concept and contributes to the overall feeling and flavor.

I do think you could make more use of tables and lines to separate out rules sections, lists, and statblocks; the background is fun and flavorful, but it does make certain parts hard to read, especially where the headers and titles overlap, and the text sometimes gets hard to identify. Didn't cause me too much trouble, but it's something to think about.

Really cool stuff, awesome game!

Really elegant layout and design, full of evocative writing, and a wonderfully concise execution of a fascinating premise. I would love to break this out on a rainy day or while in some long-term transit. Intriguing and engaging!