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This is cool!  I like how both the enemy bullets and the player bullets share the bouncing infinitely property, so even if you limit your shots, the enemies sure won't, and things get out of control regardless.  One thing I noticed is that the game is fairly easy if the enemies aren't aggro'd on the player.  You can just shoot one shot and let it bounce around until the enemies are all dead (though I guess the timer helps to mitigate that strategy).

Keep up the good work! =)

I love this!  The chaotic bean growth is so much fun to mess around with and see what happens when it's planted.  A minor criticism I have is that the game is a bit too forgiving.  With the sizeable jump height, it's not too tough to just throw any plant shape in the pot and be able to clamber your way through.  And with high enough iterations, with each part of the plant being climbable, you can get away with a lot.

But this is awesome regardless!  Keep up the great work! =)

This is really fun!  I like the idea that in order to know what you have to hit, you have to drive blindly for a bit.  My first couple attempts ended shortly because I didn't realize I had to use the arrow keys instead of WASD haha, so maybe add a quick control scheme in the beginning?

Good stuff! =)

Heck yeah, shoot to move!  I like how bouncy you are once you shoot; there's no telling where you'll end up if your shot is strong.  It kind of put me in mind of Getting Over It, since I  kept bouncing around until I fell back to the beginning lmao.  But yeah, like others have said, adding some sort of indicator showing how strong your shot will be would be very helpful.

Keep up the good work! =)

This is neat.  I like the idea of the code injectors adding random inputs to your robot, but maybe make their range a little longer.  It's pretty easy to avoid them as it is.  One recommendation I have is to speed up the charging.  It's kind of boring to just wait there until you're charged up as much as you want.

But this is great for a first Unity game! =)

This is pretty neat.  The idea of switching sides is really cool for chess.  I think it would be really cool and even more fitting to the theme if the pieces that switched sides randomized each turn.  Like you could be setting up a checkmate with your rook, but, oops, suddenly moving the rook now switches sides, and now the computer messed up your setup, or even worse, won with your setup.

Cool stuff! =)

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This is super cool!  I love the idea of using an unconventional control scheme like this.  My suggestion would be to make it more clear what different color speakers do.  I think the marble had to be touching red ones for them to work?  And green ones could be held on with constant sound?  Not sure about the blue ones, though.

Keep up the good work! =)

I liked this game!  It gets very hectic very fast, and it's pretty fun!  I'm not sure if this was intentional, but the mouse moving the menu screen threw me for a loop.  I'd suggest adding some more variety in the future, but as a jam game, this is great!

Keep up the great work! =)

This is really good!  I really like how you have to prioritize which controls you want for each level, since there's not enough time to get them all, and the teleporters in each level make sure you aren't completely boned if you can't go in a certain direction.  The only compaint I can think of is that I feel like I wasted my money on other weapons, since I never always prioritized grabbing movement over weapon switching, and upgrading the pistol enough made it seem like I wasn't missing out not using the other weapons.  I think that might just be based on my playstyle, though, so I'm not sure how something like that could be fixed.

Keep up the great work! =)

That's a good idea.  The ending was one of the last things I added, so I didn't think about making it skippable to return to the action faster.  Thanks for playing and the feedback! =)

I'm glad you enjoyed it!  Thanks for playing! =)

This is such a great concept, but it could use some refinement.  Something I'd recommend is having the nun move faster than you can.  As it is, you can outrun her pretty easily, almost eliminating the need for stealth.

But great work for a weekend jam game!  I'd love to see it expanded on! =)

This is awesome!  The writing is hilarious, the art is pretty, and the mechanics are unique.  It's like an inverse stealth game where you have to avoid seeing instead of being seen.  The only criticism I can think of is that there's not really any feedback when you lose or win; it just abruptly restarts or continues on.  But that is certainly excusable for a jam game, expecially when everything is so good.

Keep up the great work! =)

I really liked how failing the puzzle didn't automatically make you lose, but it just made the next part harder.  If I were to make a recommendation, it would be to make the later puzzles a bit tougher.  As it is, the later puzzles were the same as the earlier ones, except the wires overlapped slightly more.  I found myself just waiting out the timer after solving the puzzle quickly.  Maybe the later puzzles could add more nodes to correctly connect or something?  Also, it wasn't clearly explained what to actually do to solve the puzzles.  I was pressing every key and clicking on everything before I figured out that you had to click and drag the symbols.

So yeah, sweet game, just maybe make it progressively harder, and make the instructions a bit clearer. =)

I like the concept here were it's a stealth game in which your tools fail at random.  But like others have said, the robots need some glasses or something, because they be blind.  I'd also recommend having the camera follow the player a little more closely.  As it is, I feel as though I'm walking blindly when I'm so close to the edge of the screen all the time.

The music is banging though.

This is a pretty neat twist on Pacman, but I think it asks the player to keep track of too much at the same time, especially since once the enemies reach their assigned tile, they just go off on their own.  Maybe in the earlier levels at least have fewer enemies?  Also, some of the enemies' colors are too close to tell which is which at a glance, so I'd recommend changing them to be a bit more obvious.

But I really liked the concept, I'm just bad at it haha.

I'm really bad at this haha.  But this is cool.  Everything worked really solidly, even if I wasn't good at it, and the presentation was great!  Heck, there are even sound settings.  Who puts multiple sound settings in a jam game?  My only criticism is my ability to play the game lol.

Keep up the great work! =)

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Now this is a unique take on the theme.  Having all control be in players' hands, but only a bit per player with no way to communicate with other players is something I never would have expected from this jam.  That being said, there isn't really anything to the game itself, but I'm not sure how well the concept leads itself to any actual gameplay.

i <3 egg

I like the concept that your inputs move the character much more than you expect; it really throws you for a loop and makes you panic whenever you move.  Clearly, this game is a bit ...unpolished, so cleaning it up and adding a bit more level could make it pretty decent.

Cool game.  There's a lot going on in a short amount of time, so it definitely feels out of control.  Something I found was that I only ever had a handful of bricks, so I never wanted to use any to defend myself.  I guess if I lasted longer, I would get more money and be able to buy more bricks, so maybe that problem eventually fixes itself, but it's tough to get to that point.

I like it though! =)

This is a super cool idea!  You really have to consciously focus on what you're doing and hope you get something helpful.  However, this poses an issue in the later levels, where your hand will just get bloated by unhelpful cards.  Like, stop giving me shoots, I just want to walk right!  Maybe this could be alleviated a bit by increasing the hand size when more card types are introduced?  I'm not sure what the best solution to this would be.  Also, it seemed like the spike hitboxes were too big because I kept dying while very clearly not touching them.

But really, this is a super sick concept that I think would really shine after some refinement.  Keep up the great work! =)

I loved this!  The art is wonderful, and slingshotting around is really fun.  Maybe add kills and time on the main screen instead of waiting until you lose to see how you're doing?

Keep up the great work! =)

This is a neat idea!  I like how where other guiding games like this want you to guide the [whatever it is you're guiding] to safety, this game has you guiding them to doom.  It's pretty short, basic, and easy right now, so I would love to see the idea expanded! =)

This is super cool!  The visuals and musc/sounds were great, and the idea of manipulating your projectiles' path like that isn't something I've seen much before.  Though it is a bit disheartening to lose near the end of a 3 minute long level because I accidentally moved my mouse a liitle too far offscreen and the vinyl just stopped moving.  It's okay though, my entry has a similar problem haha.

Keep up the great work! =)

This is great for your first game!  Everything seemed to work as intended, and I didn't run into any bugs.  A couple recommendations:

The bar showing your next jump is a little too far away from the character, so I found myself missing a couple of the longer jumps because I had difficulty looking at both at the same time, making running jumps tricky without running off the edge and dying.

I wasn't able to get past the beginning of the 3rd level, since there's so little time to stay on the platforms without getting attacked.  Since the jump time interval seems to be random, there's no telling once you actually jump onto the platforms if your next jump will come in time to get off it.  Maybe tweak that part a bit.

Unfortunately, since I couldn't get past that part, I never experienced the boss fight, so I can't say anything about it haha.

But yeah, great stuff for a first attempt! =)

Yeah, that's a pretty good idea that I would have loved to implement, but limited time will do that haha.

I literally added the sound effects 10 minutes before the submission time, so I'm glad they got in at all LMAO

This is cool.  I like the balancing act you have to do to keep alive.  It seems a bit unfinished, but time limits will do that.

I'd love to see what a fully finished product would look like! =)


Hey, this was pretty good!  I liked playing as the cursed lovechild of Homestar Runner & Snoo, and the mechanics were easy to understand and utilize.  I'm trying to think of a valid criticism, but all I can think of is that it's pretty basic, which isn't even a problem for a jam game.

Keep up the good work! =)

This is really fun once you get going!  And finessing through the enemies is really satisfying.  The only problem was that it took too long to get to that point haha.

My high score was 2496.  Great stuff! =)

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This is a clever concept, and the story made me laugh.  I would suggest having Capt. Bullit move a bit faster.  It was nigh impossible to walk to the gun and use it while having the plane going in the direction you want it to.  I suppose that's what the crates are there to help with, but they just kept falling off the plane for me lol.

So yeah, with a bit more polish, this has really great potential!  Keep up the good work!

This is pretty neat!  I love how the lights on the UI unambiguously tell you what you don't have control over.  Maybe I got lucky, but it seemed like the AI mostly kept swapping between controling the music & the beeping and booping, so it rarely bothered my play much lol.

If I were to make a suggestion for the game, it would be to add some sort of points system or win state.  There wasn't any indication that I was doing well other than the spike balls spawn rate very gradually increasing.

Great stuff! =)

An all  downhill marble game is a great idea for the theme!  Timmy is going to be visiting my nightmares, though haha.  My biggest issue with the game is that it's really hard to judge your projection when you're in a long jump, so hitting those midair Timmys in level 5 was almost impossible.  Got them eventually, though.

So yeah, cool idea, would like to see expanded! =)

This is great!  I love the simplicity and intuitiveness.  The only criticism I can think of is that it's a little boring visually, but that's not a big deal, and it works with the simplicity of the game.

Cool idea!  I like how the player has to frantically switch their hand position all the time to get their finger on the new boost button.  One thing I'd suggest is to limit the jumping.  It was all too easy to just keep jumping and avoid all the obstacles, including new canisters that would change the boost button.

Good effort! =)

I wanted to imply that every time you move, you just end up in the same situation, but I kinda left it unclear and just hoped people got the joke haha.  But yeah, adding new elements for different attempts would have been pretty cool.  Thanks for playing! =)

Yeah, I would have liked to add more to the game to increase the chaos, but limited time and all that.  Thanks for playing! =)

Oh no!  I hope your new life across the country is better!  Thanks for playing!

This was fun!  The visuals were great, the physics were pretty wonky, which works well for the theme.  It would be pretty cool if the game kept track of your tickets, so there's somewhat of a risk of losing them if you're too far off.

This is really good! =)

I liked this game!  The concept of constantly changing weapons and having to plan on the fly is always fun for me.  The sounds are beautiful too.  And the color-coding was really helpful as well.

If I were to make a suggestion, it would be to have some sort of win state, or at least a points system.  I definitely lasted longer and defeated more enemies upon multiple attempts, but there was no indication of that.  (Unless there is a win state, and I just never got that far haha)

Fun game, keep up the good work! =)