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Thank you! Blue is just a burst of sound, like snapping your fingers, red is controlled by a beat which you switch on and green is constant sound like you said!

Thank you! yeah the blue speaker doesn't activate until your voice goes back down, so if you keep talking there'll be a delay, which I will remove in the post jam version!

The side speaker is activated by controlling the marble that was on the right to hit the switch. Unfortunately, I found out that on machines that run the game on low FPS the marble on the right sometimes phases outside the slope. Will be fixed once uploads are unlocked though. Thank you for playing and I hope you liked the mechanic! :D

Wow, an incredibly polished game with amazing game feel! The mechanic is really challenging but original and I liked it a lot, well done! 

Awesome mechanic and even better execution! Game feel is really good as well, great job!

This is so incredibly polished! Aesthetics, animation and SFX are just top notch, great job!

First time seeing a mechanic like this, it's a really cool idea and really fun! Great job!

Damn it, Bob!! I loved watching Mark play this on stream and loved it even more when I played it myself, great job!

Man, Timmy has led a hard life! I liked this a lot, I struggled to get the mid-air Timmys but it felt really cool when I finally got it, good job!

Very cool game! The switching levels mechanic is really good, maybe you could include powers that i have to get from a level to progress in another. Great job!

This reminded me of the game ballance, really cool concept, good job!

The idea of switching levels in order to progress further is incredible and unique, I liked it a lot, well done!

This was a really fun game, definitely felt out of control, the voice over made it so much easier for me to understand what I had to do at first, great job!

Great puzzler with gorgeous aesthetics! Took me a bit to understand the forced moves part but was really fun once I got it! Great job!

Once I lost once and noticed that the levels weren't the same I was shocked, It must've been a lot of work making solvable procedural levels, extremely well made, great job!!

Really cool game! The weapon variety is insane, great job!

Great fit for the theme! I could only get to goal 8 but it was really fun, great job!

Such a creative take on the theme! super cool mechanic and really fun, the game was a bit challenging but I loved it! Well done!

This looks amazing, the art is just top notch and I loved the metroidvania aspect of the game, extremely well made, great job!

Thank you! And yes that happened to someone else and it seems to only happen to people running it on low FPS, I've got an idea for a fix once uploads are unlocked though!

Sup bro? Pretty fun game, definitely goes out of control after a while, well done!

Switching between mechanics felt definitely out of control! Good job!

Great mechanic and executed a lot better than others, really well made!

Super addicting game! Really fun mechanic and very well executed, Fantastic Job!!

This is a very cool mechanic and really well executed! Maybe include a mode where i can pause the simulation and edit the triggers? i loved it a lot though. Great job!

I watched this on mark's stream and had to play it, super fun game and really well made! Great job!

Really cool take on the theme, it was a bit hard getting into at first but very interesting after I got the hang of it. Great job!

Surprising and really cool interpretation of the theme! I loved how relaxing it was, good job!

This is such a fun and original mechanic that is well executed and has to be a winner! Extremely well made, great job! 5/5

Great and unique concept, I loved the summon mechanic and that my summons can attack me as well, super fun! Well done!!

This is addicting! Super fun game, I loved holding on to my bricks to get the most out of them and the game definitely felt out of control as it went on, great job!

Really fun game! You should totally add a near miss sort of effect to reward them cause it's the most fun, i liked this a lot, well done!

Super fun clicker! The SFX and the ending made me laugh so hard! Great job!

Whoa super cool game! I really liked how the dice decisions matter a lot more the further you play, perfect pacing and really fun!

Definitely out of control! Window to the soul mode was brutal, my favorite modes were quake and centrifuge. Well done!!

Really interesting concept and great tutorial! I really liked  the idea of planning my rerolls, well done!

What an awesome game! Definitely felt out of control, has a steep learning curve but once I got there it was incredible! Creating Ziggys just to consume them and shooting them off into space made me feel kinda bad for them though xD Absolutely loved it!

Amazing game! I had a lot of fun playing it with my friend, although he was a lot better than me at it :/ You should turn it into a full multiplayer so more people play it!

Really cool game, great fit for the theme and a whole lot of fun! I loved it, great job!