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Point'n'click game based on Vampire: The Masquerade lore, for all fans of Bloodlines and bloodsuckers.
Submitted by outstar (@outstarwalker) — 8 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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Beautiful game, I think it deserves all the attention it gets. All those references! I did scratch my head a couple of times when I was making choices, not sure whether I was supposed to remember things from emails I read. But overall, amazing art, excellent music and writing, fun to be back in Santa Monica again. Definitely going to play it again.


Oh my God.. This is soooo amazing. It was a real pleasure to play SMBN. I played on all the endings, and I DID like them all. So cool, 10/10, keep doing it, wait it on Steam))

This is excellent. The style reminds me a lot of Not Tonight, a game I throughly enjoyed. I went into it without knowing the original lore, and I was still able to piece out the context. I'd definitely buy a long version, especially is there were multiple fully fleshed out paths. The three endings were poignant.

biased bc vtmb is my fave rpg of all time, but this also stands on its own merits. beautiful art, some nice jokes and an overall poignant story. only complaint is its length but its a game jam so. 10/10 would buy full version

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I've played every game on this Jam, and this was the best one. Make this a full game and I will immediately buy it. Actually, put this on kickstarter, I'll back it.


Great art style, and good job recreating some places from the original bloodlines! Also appreciate you managed to wrap the story nicely.

Great Game, thanks for supporting Linux at night! <3

I loved this game! 

Definitely done by a true fan of Vampire The Masquerades. 

Nice game with a lot of references to Vampire bloodlines.

I'm waiting for the new bloodlines 2....

This is so good from a nostalgia point of view. The moment I saw the Haven, I was hooked. Really great work with the recreation! 


I’ve just finished my first go and thought it was great! The art and use of music all lead to a nice somber atmosphere with a good clear and short story.

Planning to play though it again to see some of the other endings, I really liked the responses options for the protagonist and look forward to see the interactions they have on other paths. Great result from the Jam!


Stunning visuals and a great story, with both humour and feeling. Really impressive for a jam piece. Well, what everyone else has already said, pretty much :d

Your game was really good, and remarkable to put together in 7 days! I am a fan of point and click in general as well so maybe I am slightly biased. Did you use some asset packs or draw everything? I'm curious.


Thank you! I drew everything myself, but I used plenty of references from original Bloodlines game (the locations are based on locations from the game, I redrew them in pixel-arty style - did most of that on my streams if you want to see the process). It was tons of work but I'm happy I managed to do that in a week!

Really impressive job on those then. I voted for you on the gamejam, 5 stars all across.  I wish I could draw like you for one of my own projects! Good luck!



My only complaint is that it was so short (but again, for a jam, I can totally understand) and left me wanting more. I'm a huge fan of old point & click adventure/roleplay games since that's what I grew up with playing with my dad, and VtM Bloodlines is something I return to frequently when I can't get a tabletop group together. This had great visual appeal for me, reminding me of things like Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness and The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, and the music was perfect for the mood and tone of the game. All the little callbacks to Bloodlines and the bits of humor peppered in here and there made me smile. The ending I got was absolutely bittersweet, but very fitting and appealing to my angsty writer soul. All in all, a wonderful entry and by far my favorite in this jam. Brilliant work, devs!


Great game! I loved the graphics and the attention to detail. I actually haven't played Bloodlines, but I thought the game was still enjoyable and relatively easy to follow even without knowing the background story.


The attention to detail and the little comedic moments are awesome for such a small game. Take your time, if you just speedrun through the game you'll easily miss the extra details. The atmosphere is amazing, this should become an official full version game. I'm going to replay it 2 more times to see the other endings.


Very nice game, all goes together  style, music, sound, story well done :) 


That was great !

Loved this little taste.  Would love it if was expanded on in the future.  Very nice homage to what we all know and love.

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