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i liked it... except the beer was nearly impossible to find. i almost gave up. other than that... awesome! 

monster design was good. i liked the minimalist style of the game. 

how different is the free version versus the paid 3.0 version? i am only partway into it but wondering how much extra content the paid version has. i like the game very much!

adorable game with some real story to it... hoping for part 2!

cute game. wish it would let you go past ten days even if the achievements don't count any longer :)

i really enjoyed this game. gave me the feels!

It’s about ten minutes into it. 

wow this was cool!

Exactly! I wish I would have been recording while playing the game, definitely would have made for a candid moment. 

Thanks for the discord info, I am sure the next episode will be exciting. 

the idea for this game is so freakin awesome! it threw me off at first i was like um why does the explorer window keep opening... but once i figured out what was happening i was hooked! i only wish it was longer :) 

i like the game but it keeps crashing on me :( very interesting tho!

Oh no! That’s sad to hear. Do you think you will make other games instead? There is definitely a lot of talent showing in the game design and story. 

wow this is a really cool game! i loved being able to create the scripting. very cool idea! 

loved it! 

i like the idea but it was really difficult to find the 'terminal'.

excited for the final game, im sure that'll be fixed! :)

this is the BEST hacking game ive ever played. multi layered and totally entertaining. 

the cup on the one sticky note... genius!

i really liked this, it was sad tho. any plants for a sequel to this story?

very interesting concept and wow AMAZING ARTWORK

very cool!

i loved this demo! Is the full game available on the app store only? until june-ish? 

can't wait to finish the story! i encountered no bugs, by the way :)

loved it! very fun!!

i can't even begin to describe how much i loved this game right from the start. the 8bit recreation was so on point, i am quite impressed! 

My definite favourite for the Vampire Jam :)

I loved this game! 

Definitely done by a true fan of Vampire The Masquerades. 

i love it!

this game was so cute!

pretty sure i bought this on steam but i remember really liking it (i got stuck on one part and got help from the youtube page) 


make more games!! take my money lol

this game is so cute! really loving it. bunnies are the best :)

the idea for this game is so awesome! i love fatal frame... this really brings me back.

just downloaded it... let's see how it goes!

really fun!

Pass Away community · Created a new topic emotional game!

i enjoyed it as much as one could enjoy a game with such a sad story! very good game.

loved it!

i really liked it! a full game would be awesome, i would willingly pay!  :)

really enjoyed playing it, thank you!

You’re excused lol but I expect to see at least one soda drinking tentacle reference in the full game! 


loving it so far... is there a walkthrough anywhere? i am stuck at the section for the harp notes... i cant figure out how the notes from the holes in the wall (individual and emotional) equate to the symbols on the tablets. 

driving me nuts!

i loved it! total maniac mansion vibes! 

excited for the full game!


EXCELLENT! i love the gameplay and the humor. can't wait for the full release. where is the kickstarter link? 

I loved it!

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finally figured it all out!

great game!