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Hey Augie, can you let me know what system are you on/your PC specs? Feel free to contact me via Twitter @outstarwalker - we really want to help you out! :)

Hey hey! As written in the description, this game needs full HD resolution (1920x1080) and two controllers to work. Sorry for the limitations, but we were limited by the game jam time : )

We reached almost 400 downloads in 4 days - thank you SO MUCH for playing our demo! Share your feedback here <3

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I'd love to hear your opinions on people (and, uh, fridges) you've met in the game so far - if you were able to choose who to romance based on demo alone, who would you pick? And is there someone you utterly despise?

As a dev, I might be biased, but I can share with you I really care deeply about certain white-haired fellow - and filth-hating girl is my current waifu (although that changes monthly).

Let me know!