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This was super fun! Love the asset work and the mechanics, I only reached level 5 on my first playthrough, but planning to try my luck again :) 

Really great asset work, and it has FISHING! Big plus :) 

That was really well done! I really like the overcharging mechanic, it was fun to gamble on gains while deciding on when to attack.

Hey, can you put a Ludum Dare link in the description? Not sure how to find your game there!

Wow that was super pretty and fun! I'd love a dating sim on that premise tbh :) 

Really interesting idea! Would love to see more puzzles in the future!

Absolutely gorgeous asset work, great character sprites, beautiful board for the card game, and great music/sound effects. I haven't beaten it yet as Genepil keeps on running out of health, but I'll try more :) 

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Hey folks, if you're looking for a group to jam with, here are some sources of great people:

World of Darkness LFG Twitter thread

World of Darkness Discord

Dark Pack Community Discord

The jam is now over! The competition was fierce, and the decision was tough - we played all of your games, and discussed (screamed, yelled, torpored and diablerized) a lot before we've picked our favorites. Many more games from the jam deserve recognition, and we cannot stress enough the encouragement for all Vampire: The Masquerade fans to play more of them - there are some true gems out there! 

But, alas, the top three was chosen...

The winners, picked by World of Darkness Brand Team, are: 

We mentioned more games in our website article and announcement stream. Thank you so much for participating! 

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Hello everyone! I will be joined by Sean Greaney, WoD Brand Manager live on Thursday, 17:00 CET / 11 AM EST / 8 AM PT on World of Darkness Twitch stream to announce the winners of this jam!

News will be also shared on WoD website, Discord and social media, and the full stream will be available to watch on YouTube soon later. 

See you there! 

Sure, I try not to give critique for games unless asked, mainly because I don't want to suggest that you have to put these changes in - simply, it's a learning experience for everyone, and with next jams and next games things will only go better! The main issue OMaH has was the crashes, for one of the team members the game crashed after night 2, and they weren't able to proceed. Further in the game it seemed like more testing early could do a lot, to weed out any potential bugs. 

On my end,  I liked having to pick the right people for the job, but I'd love to see characters more fleshed out throughout the game - you started really strong with showing beautiful pictures of them, which could suggest they all have their own story, desires and agenda throughout the game, but I didn't feel like it later on! 

It took me back to the good old days, loved to see a classic retro game in the jam, and it was executed in a very faithful way to the genre!

Safely in my top 5 visual novels of the jam! Great combination of Dark Pack assets with your own, done with style, my choices felt like they mattered, and I was able to unlock two endings, one of which was very wholesome!

Great job on your first game! I liked the usage of Him as a sort of steering "secondary narrator" of the plot, and making him ask protagonist for things that determine what kind of a vampire we are. Great use of the assets and music too!

I was scared and I loved it! I especially like the recordings on a PC down in the basement, the story really grasped me good, and kudos on making protagonist a regular unknowing human - it added to the mystery!

I'm a sucker (lol) for Thinblood stories, so it was right up my alley! Loved the setting and beautiful character sprites, all three of them were very interestingly written and I'd love to roleplay with them if I could :)

Kudos for working on a quite niche topic from Cults of the Blood Gods, it started really strongly and had nice writing!

Super beautiful art, please give huge kudos to your artist! The idea of vampire therapist is something that definitely needs to be explored more, it's true that Kindred need therapy more than anyone!

You aimed for a super ambitious scope for just a month of development, sometimes I was wondering whether you got inspired by Night Road with how many little choices you included (picking the colour and name of our horse, even)! It's easily one of the biggest games in the jam!

Thank you SO much for including multiple language versions, it helps our community so much! I loved how characters in your game looked like, and how quickly we were thrown in to a story - I felt it to be a bit Cults of the Blood Gods inspired at first, which I really liked!

Blood Shift had such a great idea, and the visuals were stunning! I found the mechanic of "combining polaroids with sentences to form a logical statement" super cool!

Thank you so much for submitting your game to the jam! I loved the music in yours, and the take on the fledgling story - focusing on the first year and surviving through it was a great idea!

Super ambitious take for a first game, you allowed tons of choices in your game and it felt like it branched a plenty! I was actually wondering what the initial setting was inspired by, as it was very unusual in comparison to other games in the jam!

It was one of the first games I played, and it reminded me of really fun "idle" strategy games on mobile I used to play - I liked seeing my numbers go up with good construction decisions, and the little events happening during the game added to it!

Tzimisce fans will have a blast playing your game, as you really went full in to portray the clan in a way that fits it well! I liked how you didn't went full Andrei on your Tzimisce take, either, and included motives of hope and keeping to one's humanity there. Loved my ending!

Really good job with consistent art-style and polishing as I didn't stumble upon any bugs playing your game! With a plenty of choices, it felt like a really well-done visual novel!

The concept/hook of your game was one of my favorite from the whole jam, it's such a good idea for a chronicle that I will for sure use at my table one day! It almost felt like it originated from some really cool roleplaying session!

You made a bold decision of writing a protagonist with dubious past, but you added a lot of choices to the gameplay, making it a fun, shapeable novella! Please don't let the criticism from other comments discourage you from making games in the future - all jams are a learning experience, and we all learn through them! 

One of my favorite visual novels of the jam! Loved how you picked Salubri and Ravnos (and of course Lasombra as third) as playable clans and connected their stories together!

This one was so nice! Started really well, loved the protagonist thoughts through the initial scenes, and the concept was chef's kiss! Only thing I would consider adding (unless I overlooked it) is SA content warning for the really well-written and easy to imagine Embrace scene!

Thank you so much for including tooltips in your game! There were a lot of games in the jam that automatically assumed previous VTM knowledge, but yours was really friendly for beginners, I think! Great job in using Twine and incorporating Dark Pack assets to up the atmosphere :)

That Toreador was INTENSE! I think for everyone who has ever roleplayed an impulsive Artiste, there's a lot in your game to relate to - and you used the engine very well!

I loved how you described Ventrue bane in your game, and the audio work was excellent! Kudos for using Ren'py, too - always good to see new RP devs joining the club :) 

HUGE kudos for including your own art in the project, it's so much work! I really liked the concept you came up with, too!

Using your own photography was such a good idea, it's not the first thing that comes to mind when people think of visual novels, and it worked super well with the theme! 

Hey, I think I found a bug in your game! After my first attempt at saving the witch was unsuccessful, I started a new game, but instead of the burning scene, I landed on the ship instead - and after I successfully finished that encounter, the game went back to main menu and I couldn't do anything more. Great potential though, loved the atmosphere and animations!

Just played your game! Keep in mind the rules of the jam - if you want to use VTM IP per Dark Pack, the only way to do that for a video game is either to obtain an official license through regular means, or finish the game in the duration of the jam. Just noting - you won't be able to continue working on the project, unless not using VTM IP, beyond the jam's limitations.

I've talked to both characters and nothing happened beyond that, the conversations looped and happened again - but the idea of a vampire bar bartender game is interesting! 

Super impressive mechanic development in just 30 days, kudos for implementing not only vr functions, but also elements like lipsync!

I was utterly impressed by the amount of work that was put into this game, from animations to models, and gotta say - we love the SI armor concept you went with! 

If you will look into any bug-fixing in the future, I suggest going a bit more easy on pickup accuracy - it was sometimes really challenging to pick up ammo from the floor. Not sure if it was planned, but NPCs do not walk unless they're being shot at (then, they start chasing you, which is fun)! 

Hey, just played your game, had fun shooting the guards - just stumbled upon a bug that after game over, cursor disappears from the main menu, making it impossible to restart the game again!

One small ask - could you please remove Paradox Interactive logo from game loaders? It suggests the game was either developed or published by PDX. The game also doesn't have a disclaimer we asked for in the rules - it can be just added to the main menu in the small font!