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I think the writing was very solid on this one, and the length of the game is very impressive for the game jam itself! What I didn't like that much was two things that maybe I just didn't understand or catch too well:

- I decided to hang out with Ainsley (I think I remember her name right) and immediately got a chance to kiss her. I didn't really remember her from previous events - maybe it was because of my choices - so I had no idea what's the source of my sudden affection!

- I got the feeling that the first choice of the cards doesn't matter too much, as it's the second that actually seals our fate, right?

Besides of those, I enjoyed the game and had good time with it :) 

One of my favorites of this game jam so far! I loved the writing, the subtle and very well-balanced mix of politics and romance made it a truly vampiric experience, going well with the theme. I liked the different choices and the fact that I reached my "dream" ending (3, I wanted that sweet, sweet kiss and communion!) in my first playthrough was very satisfactory. Overall, great game, I will probably play more of this one!

this has changed my life

I really enjoyed the writing, I considered it to be top-notch and really well executed! My only complaint would be that I did not entirely understand the purpose of using the medium of a game for it instead of a fiction - what more did a game bring to it than it would be printed on paper? Maybe the anticipation as the clicks revealed more text - but that could've been done with pages turning, after all :) I would love to see more interaction and mechanics in this to really flesh it out as a *game* itself, maybe some choices, maybe the consensual part you were writing about (although I understand how the domination wouldn't work with your initial idea, I think some decisions could be incorporated into that). Overall, I had my share of fun and enjoyed the writing, but I'm not sure if I would enjoy it any less as just text :) 

Wow, that was HOT! :D I love the artwork, it's absolutely gorgeous, the sound and voice acting just adds to it! Few things that I would love to see improved, besides of the build thingy (I played the fixed one only :) ):

- The intro is great, I would love to see it in text as well, as it's hard to focus on the plot with the voice-acting only!

- I kept on biting him too early as he was wonderfully spreading up and I thought it's going to work, had no idea I actually had to wait until the very end :) Maybe that's just my issue, but I didn't quite get this mechanic!

Overall, super polished, beautiful, I ship the boyes. :D

Hi! Tried your game, but I have to say, I SUCK at it (which is pretty fitting for a vampire jam game, I gotta say :D). The only problem I stumbled upon was how weird the jumps felt - the side jump is WAY faster and goes further than the upper jump, which made it very awkward for me to estimate my jumps. Died on these heckin' spikes tons of times. What I loved the most were the graphics - good job on that! 

Hey! I played your game through, didn't really mind the bug as you described in the comment what's wrong (but I would suggest to move that to the general description of the game instead, you can still edit the page!). My biggest criticism towards this game is the lack of suspense - usually, in detective games/movies/books, it's never the first person you would suspect, there are some plot twists and the story makes you shift your suspicion from one culprit to the other. I didn't stumble upon anything like that here - Z was the first and only vampire that had any "holes" in his story and it just got confirmed later. I think it's a pretty long and well-done game for this short of a time span, but design-wise, I would prefer some more surprises <3 Also, I'd love to see some more fitting clothes to the occasion on all the vampires :D I hope you don't mind this small criticism!

Thank you! I drew everything myself, but I used plenty of references from original Bloodlines game (the locations are based on locations from the game, I redrew them in pixel-arty style - did most of that on my streams if you want to see the process). It was tons of work but I'm happy I managed to do that in a week!

*spoilers below*

This bases on your decisions in previous dialogues! There's a different letter depending on who you made suspicious before (for example, if you tell Inquisition you are a vampire hunter sent by the pope and Vincent is the evil guy you plan to kill, they get VERY suspicious of you two and might end up killing him first). In general, there are three letters and a fourth outcome if you haven't made anyone suspicious. 

Yeah, I fully get you! Good job pulling this off in 7 days anyway <3

Loved your game, one of the best mechanics from all the jam games I've played so far! :) 

Hi! I stumbled upon a bug in your game - or maybe you wanted it this way - but to harvest anything, you actually have to stand in a specific place *in between* the tiles, not on the tile. Plus, I'm not really sure if there's any incentive in the game to earn money - can we do something with it? :) Kudos for making your game!

I've just played your game and stumbled upon two major bugs:

1. First of all, game is unplayable in non-fullscreen due to drag and drop not working. I figured it's problem with resolution, so fortunately I was able to overcome that one!

2 . Unfortunately, right after that and a successful first encounter, all next encounters - although I tried different combinations - ended up with the same exact couple in same exact place instead. :( 

I think the writing is super solid and made me anticipate for more in the beginning! I stumbled upon what I think is the bug with the pronoun picker - I assume one of the first events (with king/queen/ruler choice etc.) is made to script the pronouns, but it ends up with sentences like "you drink from your neck". Also, the endings are pretty abrupt - it would be great to at least know it IS the ending with a simple "The end" at the bottom of the text, as I was looking for continuation buttons everywhere :D Thank you for your game! 

I really liked the humor and writing of this one! Good job for 27 hours <3 

I loved the art and music, the whole vibe reminded me of Castlevania! I wish the controls were a bit more comfy to use and unfortunately I couldn't finish it because of the health reset bug. Overall, great job for 7 days! 

Hi, really loved what you managed to do during the jam, but I stumbled upon a bug which doesn't allow me to finish it - my health meter resets to the one I had before one of the saves (VERY low) everytime I change locations. I tried backtracking and going to a different location to save, but it doesn't help, potion health resets as well :(

If you're using Chrome, make sure you have Hardware Acceleration on in Advanced settings :) It also should work well under different browsers, let us know if that wasn't the case for you!

it's called "vampire-game-jam" under World of Darkness section :) 

If anyone wants to chat, discuss what you're doing and exchange screenshots, the Prince of Bloodlines 2 Discord granted us a cozy place to do so :)

Cold Hearts is now available to be wishlisted on Steam :3

It's available to wishlist on Steam right now, if you're still interested! <3

We've just hit Steam, actually! :) Feel free to wishlist it, we're finishing our work soon (finally!) :)

Unfortunately we made this game in GameMaker Studio 2 and we don't have licenses for Web (it's very pricey), plus the only build for Linux we can do is Ubuntu, which makes it quite limited :( 

Hey, thank you for your feedback, I love your ideas! Let me give you a quick glimpse of ideas we have currently:

- merchant event - big items are worth the most and the most expensive items you can buy are small ones!

- ring meta has to go :D We nerfed them a lot in the new version so if you want to use them, you have to juggle them around because of their polarized values (some are good for mages but make you weaker against warriors and the other way around)

- trap events - where you need to "hide" certain type of items either in your backpack or in your pockets, or else you will receive damage. Imagine a bear who attacks you if he feels any food on you!

- consumable items 

- different loadout characters (some have less hearts, but can delete single items during camp events, others have less hearts, but can leech life off enemies - we're still planning this out!)

- companions you need to carry in your inventory

And now I'm totally adding your ideas to the list, especially with boss fights - I imagine bosses that spawn stuff in your inventory but you have to be smart and use it against them!

We'll work on it further for sure :) 

Thank you so much for playing and recording our game! The way progression works right now is enemies get more and more difficult with every camp, while your items stay the same - so at some point, there's no way to beat them, the only question is how long will that last :) We tried to make it happen faster with the last patch while also not making it impossible for players who got bad rolls on items at first. In full version, we'll make sure to balance it better!

Hey Augie, can you let me know what system are you on/your PC specs? Feel free to contact me via Twitter @outstarwalker - we really want to help you out! :)

Hey hey! As written in the description, this game needs full HD resolution (1920x1080) and two controllers to work. Sorry for the limitations, but we were limited by the game jam time : )

We reached almost 400 downloads in 4 days - thank you SO MUCH for playing our demo! Share your feedback here <3

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I'd love to hear your opinions on people (and, uh, fridges) you've met in the game so far - if you were able to choose who to romance based on demo alone, who would you pick? And is there someone you utterly despise?

As a dev, I might be biased, but I can share with you I really care deeply about certain white-haired fellow - and filth-hating girl is my current waifu (although that changes monthly).

Let me know!