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Vampire: Who killed me?View game page

You are a new vampire turned against your will. Find out who turned you.
Submitted by Illusia — 20 minutes, 3 seconds before the deadline
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I liked the little detective plot, a good whodunit. But it was way too easy to find the culprit, I didn't have to think much at all. I am curious to the other endings, if there are any. May play it again sometime. Was the artwork original btw?


Thanks for playing! I had more planned (and a more complex mystery) initially, but I had to cut some corners in the end to work with the time limit. There is only one ending. The backgrounds were stock photos and the characters were made with a program called Mannequin.


Very nice! You did a good job choosing the backgrounds, they add a lot to the mood. It's a shame they don't match the character portraits (I would prefer not having the portraits in this case). But I understand time was short, so it's ok.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I felt like the character portraits made it clearer to see who was talking when there was more than one person around, but I know what you mean. They are very different styles. Glad you liked the backgrounds though, I purposefully made them all black and white to try to set the mood :)


Hey! I played your game through, didn't really mind the bug as you described in the comment what's wrong (but I would suggest to move that to the general description of the game instead, you can still edit the page!). My biggest criticism towards this game is the lack of suspense - usually, in detective games/movies/books, it's never the first person you would suspect, there are some plot twists and the story makes you shift your suspicion from one culprit to the other. I didn't stumble upon anything like that here - Z was the first and only vampire that had any "holes" in his story and it just got confirmed later. I think it's a pretty long and well-done game for this short of a time span, but design-wise, I would prefer some more surprises <3 Also, I'd love to see some more fitting clothes to the occasion on all the vampires :D I hope you don't mind this small criticism!


Thanks for playing! I don't mind at all :) You're right, it's very simplistic as it is. I had a lot more planned for the mystery: different scenes and characters, but in the end I even had to crop some scenes out and add some shortcuts because I ran out of time implementing the different scenarios. So, I understand you 100%. The game turned out to be a very simplified version of what I wanted to do. In my original plan, it wasn't nearly as straight-forward :D

Thanks for letting me know that I can still edit the game page, I'll do that!


Cool game! Always love a whodunnit. Well you already know about the bug, so I won't talk about that. My only issue is Z saying he gets his human delivered, and says you can check the delivery, but there's no way to ask about that with someone else, you have to just wait until the delivery guy storms in.  


Thank you! Yeah, that's a definite time crunch issue. I had actually planned this very differently in the beginning, but due to the limited time, I had to crop a lot of stuff out and take some shortcuts to make it work at least somehow.


Well it came together well overall! My game's full of plot holes and contradictions, so I'm not one to talk :P


Thanks! I'm sure nearly everyone wishes they could've done more... :D


I encountered the same bug but otherwise were able to finish the game, it was a pretty nice short mystery!


Thank you! I'm sorry about the bug. I'm glad you were able to play the game until the end despite that!


It's a fun game, but I ran into a glitch that kept me from completing it - when I asked Ava if Raven and the other vampire had been in her class, it fed me what looked like the name of the scene in question and wouldn't let me progress.


Oh no! I'm so sorry about that! :( I thought I had fixed those all before submitting. Thank you for letting me know.

I don't know if I'm allowed to fix it during the jam, but for anyone else playing the game: If you avoid making the above choice, you should be able to finish the game.