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Hey Lin Ji,

The system tracks a large number of variables. For instance, your reputation with other characters; whether you found a certain weapon; or even just what you picked for dinner. In Book III & IV we're taking some steps to highlight a number of your choices that had a big impact on the story.
These can influence how people react to you and which turns the story takes.
We also have a Discord server if you'd like to talk more with us and other players:

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Some endings are very hard to find, it is also very important to get as far in the dialogue as possible before "attacking". For those who want a walkthrough to get the hardest ending, read further.
                                   vv --- SPOILERS BELOW --- vv

Thank you kindly – You are my guest – You're up past bedtime - You are quite appetizing – I'm a vampire – I can't tell, you won't understand – I don't know anymore – I have lived many lives – I give life eternal! – I live for the hunt for blood – I prey on humans because I have to.

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You're welcome. :) The fifth and hardest ending is very difficult to find, for those who want a walkthrough to get there, read further.

                                   vv --- SPOILERS BELOW --- vv

Thank you kindly – You are my guest – You're up past bedtime - You are quite appetizing – I'm a vampire – I can't tell, you won't understand – I don't know anymore – I have lived many lives – I give life eternal! – I live for the hunt for blood – I prey on humans because I have to.

Hahaha, this review made our day. Thank you, we're really happy to read that you enjoy it. :)

We are releasing the sequels, Book III and IV, in the near future.  While we do not plan on creating merchandise, there are some exclusive backer rewards being produced that could potentially be released outside of the Kickstarter rewards in an adapted format. But currently there are no plans for that yet.

I didn't get to play it, but I love that you took the time make a roleplaying game for this jam! It's worth the effort to rate you, therefor I read the materials and tried to guess how it would play. I might try it out if I can find a group. ;)

I enjoyed this story very much, the expanding content was a nice addition with this story. I also expected a totally different kind of story, but it ended so sweet. I guess it's in the name, I just didn't expect it to be so lovely haha. And great wordplay with the 'penny breath' I really liked that invention. :)

The mechanic where you press some of the words in the story that change meaning or expand meaning works really well. I would love to see it elaborated on in future projects. It also lets you think differently about your choices. I do have to admit that I didn't really know why I chose my options, I just went with something, there was little motivation from the story itself to choose one or the other.

Beautiful game, I think it deserves all the attention it gets. All those references! I did scratch my head a couple of times when I was making choices, not sure whether I was supposed to remember things from emails I read. But overall, amazing art, excellent music and writing, fun to be back in Santa Monica again. Definitely going to play it again.

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Very buggy sadly, even without the colission detection. But I like the fact that it's a 3D game, I love 3D games and I know they're hard, especially in gamejams. Would love to see the finished product.

I wish I could do more, and damn how I would have loved some party music. But... You can augment this game by puting on your own smashing tunes! It would have been cool if I could die, there was very little skill involved here doing anything. Were there other ideas that were not in here yet? 

This game was really great, props to you getting this vision across in a gamejam game. Better to make it this polished, then to actually finish it. I would love to play the full game, I am still wondering when the vampire would show up. I do think it kind dropped the ball on being a vampire game, that does detract some points for me. But overall awesome game.

This game was interesting, to a point where I really wondered what everything did. What states triggered "power ups" if you can even call them that. I would include a bit more input and clarity on this, because it was rather random to me. But the story around it made it all worth it, since at least it was explained that I was a bit of an idiot vampire anyway. ;)

I liked the little detective plot, a good whodunit. But it was way too easy to find the culprit, I didn't have to think much at all. I am curious to the other endings, if there are any. May play it again sometime. Was the artwork original btw?

I really liked the concept, but I expected a bit more of the art with such a big team to be honest. The stories are top notch, and there are plenty of them, that's the best part of this game. I encountered a bug though, whenever I had selected a couple it would not let me try other ones. Every time I selected new cards the old ones would just be there again. I had to restart it to reset that. :(

This is quite a long VN for a gamejam game actually. I enjoyed the laid back feeling this game gave me, but I wanted to play all the games, so I saved the ending for a later date. :) I would maybe make a shorter game next time for a jam, and focus a bit more on the backgrounds to make them shine a bit more. I really liked the humour too.

I would buy this if it was a full game! The puzzles are great, the aesthetic is amazing, and the mechanics just work. I had some issues with the camera, that was a challenge for sure. But I think this was one of the most enjoyable games of the jam, and I was sad it was over so quick. 

Great angle, I really enjoy this gruesome artist vampire character. The motto "Everything for the arts" comes to mind. I would have liked to know a bit more about the dead guy in the room. Great visceral writing, do look out with too mush flowery wording. It works really well for a vampire game, but not in every genre. It did flow very nice though, very thought provoking. 

Great concept, love this idea that you are the disease. Reminded me of the first phase in Spore a lot. I enjoyed playing it, but thought it took too long to suck up all of the cells I needed. So I never reached the end, but I really like the atmostphere and style. I do think you can die too easily from the sun.

I really enjoyed the artwork, absolutely gorgeous! I liked the player character animations, and the rays and other effects were beautiful. The music got me back playing my SNES. But I had a bug, which halved my health at the final boss. Sadly couldn't beat it because of it. I would try to improve some of the controls, because I would try to make them more intuitive. Sometimes I had the idea it worked too much against what I expected from it.

Nice and atmospheric game, but sadly the candles didn't do anything. I couldn't light them, and so I couldn't finish the game. I am really curious to the secret of this vampire. If you get to fix it, I would gladly try it again. :)

I really liked the riddles, those made me feel kinda smart. They were easy, but they were enough of a challenge to keep interesting. I enjoyed the flashbacks, great way of introducing more characters without having to create  more assets. 

I am sorry to say that I suck at it too, and therefor didn't really see much of the later parts of the gamer. I did really enjoy the animations and the artwork, it's well done. I just wish those spikes didn't kill me instantly, trying over from the start got frustrating really fast. Also, when I dropped down the first part of the level, I had a hard time getting up. And only after like 9 tries I realized you could just jump from above and make it easily. Maybe my fault, but still, it would be easier if I could get a feeling for the controls first, before I get an option to f myself over like that. 

Nice combat game, it's great to see something like this on this jam, it's rare. Would have liked a bit more actions to do, and a goal to get to. But great for 42 hours over the course of one week. 

I didn't have a second player, and playing as both guys confused me too much to really get the hang of either haha. I also feel like Joey is incomplete, his skillset doesn't work at all. But I like the idea of it being multiplayer. What was the intention behind it? Was it competitive or is there going to be some form of cooperation later on?

Super funny, loved to give them whack syles. :D Now I want to open a bizarre boutique myself. 

Great interactive story, I loved the different locations that it took me to. I also liked how I first got distracted from finding my sister, but realized my goal later again which was sort of fun. It shows the setting swept me away at first. I had little information to choose between the emperor or empress or ainsley, and there were a lot of names introduced in this short story, that got me a bit confused at first. But all in all, great interactive narrative game.  

Very interesting concept, I love farming games AND I love vampires. Nice mix. I would have liked more to do, it felt a bit empty. Would have been great if the vampires actually ate me if I didn't feed them. But that didn't seem to happen, not on my playthrough at least.

Wow, that was intense, I burned a lot. And this must be an idiot vampire going to the beach during the day. xD Curious to what the finished product would have been like. 

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Very cool concept, sad to see there's not much else yet. :P But if you ever intend to make it, I would love to play it. It's a bit out there, and I like that. Nice colour scheme, brought me back to those games of yore. ;)

Very hot, that's for sure! I really liked the writing, beautiful structure. There's not much of a game here though, I would love to see some choices to spice things up. 

Especially good writing, loves the feeling you get when you try to push the buttons of Irian. I died, but I'm definitely going to play it again and see what other outcomes there are. Very well done, especially without any visuals. The writing is very visceral. 

Great game, loved the atmosphere, I would definitely play a longer version of this, with multiple targets to go after. It was well writer, but I am wondering how much it branches. Also the minigame where you had to 'suck' the victim was a nice surpise.

Live2D Cubism was used to create the 2D portraits and animations yes :) Thank you!

You can contact us at

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We used Unity to create Herald! We're currently looking into controller support but we can not make any promises yet on if or when we'll patch it in. We'll be sure to let people know once we do! :)

We do have keyboard support for going through the dialogues.