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I would buy this if it was a full game! The puzzles are great, the aesthetic is amazing, and the mechanics just work. I had some issues with the camera, that was a challenge for sure. But I think this was one of the most enjoyable games of the jam, and I was sad it was over so quick. 


I'm glad you enjoyed it! And who knows, i'm thinking i'd like to go back to this game sometime, if not a full game, maybe do a kinda Jam plus :).

As for the camera true, from seeing how people have played these last two games I've realized I can't just leave it be so i'll be experimenting with locking it's range of movement, or possibly putting it on a track, which could work well for this one.

Hello there, has been a long time but just thought i’d message here to say there is now a full release of this game called ‘Vampire Heist’ here -