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To all devs who still ship Louis and Lestat

To all devs who are too shy to admit they liked Twilight

To all devs who are currently screaming “hire me to work on Bloodlines 2, you cowards"


- Crowdforge page | Bloodline 2 Discord - 


Celebrate the announcement of Vampire Bloodlines 2 by making your own trashy vampire game!
An optional theme will be announced once the jam starts. It's just there to inspire you, you're not obliged to use it!

If you are looking for teammates, try using Crowdforge or join the dedicated jam channel on the Bloodlines 2 Discord server!

  • Your game must feature a vampire in a prominent role
    You are welcome to add other supernatural entities, but make the player play as a vampire or interact with one.
  • All engines are permitted!
    Just make a digital game! Use Twine, Bitsy, Unity, whatever. If you never made a game before, check the resources below here. Free assets are also permitted: you don't have to remake everything from scratch.
    Physical entries/board games are also fine.
  • No games about mindlessly killing vampires ;;
    Stories featuring vampire hunters are permitted, but please avoid entries where killing vampires is the only form of interaction. We are not here to feel like cool vampire hunters; we are here to celebrate our hemophilic trashbag sons.
  • R18+ games are permitted, just tag them accordingly in the title.
    Vampires are inherently Horny and we fully embrace this.
  • Unconventional vampires are welcome!
    You are free to use your favorite vampiric canon, or to make up your own rules for what constitutes a vampire.
    Fascinated by some vampire-like creature from ancient folklore? Cool, go for it.
    Do you like sparkly Twilight vampires? We won't judge you.
  • Fan games are also welcome.
    Go, take your OWOD manual and pretend you're actually working on Bloodlines 2. Live your best life.
  • No necromancy admitted.
    You can only start working on your game once the jam begins! You are, however, allowed to start brainstorming, planning your project, etc.
    You can not resurrect old projects and use this jam to finish them. Sorry.

Do you love vampires, but have never made a game before? Here are some simple engines to get you started!
Those simple engines are all free, don't require you to code, and allow you to make web-playable games:

For more engines, check out this megadoc of resources for jammers!
Remember, Itch also hosts many free art assets and free soundtracks that can help you get started.

Everyone can play and rate the games! Voting period will last one week.
Submissions will be rated using the stats system of Monsterhearts, the trashy tabletop RPG about vampires and other assorted monsters.
Each entry will be judged according to four fields:

  • Hot means fucking gorgeous, alluring, exciting, smokin’, someone you can’t stop thinking about, magnetic.
    Does this game make you blood boil? Is it sexy, captivating and pretty?
  • Cold means stone-cold, calculating, collected, unwavering, frigid, able to be cruel and merciless, able to keep their wits about them, obstinate.
    Does this game make you feel smart?
  • Volatile means impulsive, wild, feral, quick-tempered, quick to fght or flight, aggressive, unpredictable, a basket-case, sudden.
    Is this game full of twist? Is it quick, full of action scenes and surprises?
  • Dark means weird, mysterious, sinister, dabbling in the occult, comfortable in darkness, able to liaise with otherworldly forces, powerful.
    Is this game mysterious?

There are no prizes, so if you aren't sure of what a field means, just follow your heart.

Banner image by notquitefuorioso.


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Point'n'click game based on Vampire: The Masquerade lore, for all fans of Bloodlines and bloodsuckers.
Play in browser
Gender-inclusive smut about a vampire who likes to get bitten.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
A vampire drives a taxi in the streets of New Wenders
Interactive Fiction
A short vampire romance VN
Visual Novel
Vampire politics and what happens when you love one whose power and land you want to take.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
You are a new vampire turned against your will. Find out who turned you.
Visual Novel
Play in browser
Even Vampires have their secret masters: Teenagers
Can you be the most fashionable vampire of za warudo?
Play in browser
A Spore-like game about spread vampirism
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a vampire jam game about memory, identity, and art
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
A short stealth/puzzle submission for the 2019 #VampireJam
2 player 2d Platformer Game.(The game is incomplete)
Forbidden Love, Forbidden Magic, and One Weird Rabbit.
Short Vampire Metroidvania
You're a vampire. You have blood powers. You slowly bleed out because of them. Drink folks to stay alive.
A 2D action platformer about exploring a moonlit castle and defeating hideous monsters.
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Entry on Vampire Jam
Vampire action game.
Play in browser
A short adventure game about vampires.
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A Vampire Matchmaking Simulator
Card Game