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A jam submission

The Spooktacular Vampire ThiefView game page

A short stealth/puzzle submission for the 2019 #VampireJam
Submitted by BirdmaskStudio (@BirdmaskStudio) — 16 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline
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For anyone interested, there is now a full version of this game called ‘Vampire Heist’ available here -


I would buy this if it was a full game! The puzzles are great, the aesthetic is amazing, and the mechanics just work. I had some issues with the camera, that was a challenge for sure. But I think this was one of the most enjoyable games of the jam, and I was sad it was over so quick. 


I'm glad you enjoyed it! And who knows, i'm thinking i'd like to go back to this game sometime, if not a full game, maybe do a kinda Jam plus :).

As for the camera true, from seeing how people have played these last two games I've realized I can't just leave it be so i'll be experimenting with locking it's range of movement, or possibly putting it on a track, which could work well for this one.


Hello there, has been a long time but just thought i’d message here to say there is now a full release of this game called ‘Vampire Heist’ here -


I'm absolutely buck wild about this little bat man and his purple cases and the way he tap tap taps about in prim haste


I really like the graphics and the little vampire's face, super fun game!


Love the graphics and style! Good job! I admit I had to watch the video because I did figure out I could drag the box haha But one time I managed to exit the room without it, just flying over the wall, probably a glitch.


this is one of those puzzle games that you could play 600 levels of. absolutely amazing. i want a plushie of the bat form.


It is  a good game. The only thing I found jarring was the camera. Maybe I missed it, but there isn't seem to be any way to rotate the camera.

The idea is creative, and has a nice puzzle aspect with the transformation in to bats.



Thanks! Yeah, getting better with coding cameras is definitely something I need to work with in the future. On mouse and keyboard you can move the camera by holding down and moving the right mouse button and zooming in and out with the scroll wheel. Honestly I really should have made more time to make the control page more detailed, thank you for the feedback on it.


Definitely the most impressive jam game I've played so far, mechanically speaking. And probably will be overall, if I were to guess. Bonus points for adorable bat form. I would totally play a full version of this game with more levels!


Loved your game, one of the best mechanics from all the jam games I've played so far! :) 

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This was a great game! It was super fun to play and replay. And it has some speedrun potential. Here's a strat I found after a little testing-  (Outdated Strats, check replies for the new link with even faster strats)


I can’t lie that's pretty funny. Thank you very much for giving it a go and showing me that, it’s great to see people having fun with it :).


I just can't stop playing!! Updated Speedrun strats here -

SPOILER: It's a helluva lot faster. I impressed even myself with this one.

I can't wait to continue testing. Hopefully after the jam is over a few more levels will be released and I can spend some time breaking more levels. :P


Thank you so much! It’s been great seeing how much you’ve enjoyed it :). 

After this first jam it has got me hooked so I will be doing a few more over the next two months and try to pump a load of short games out there. 

While doing that I am planning to come back to some of them and make a Jam+, had quite a few ideas for this one, if I just took a week or two more i’m sure I could stuff a load more goodies and powers to play with, I hope you’ll enjoy them when there done.