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This was a great game! It was super fun to play and replay. And it has some speedrun potential. Here's a strat I found after a little testing-  (Outdated Strats, check replies for the new link with even faster strats)


I can’t lie that's pretty funny. Thank you very much for giving it a go and showing me that, it’s great to see people having fun with it :).


I just can't stop playing!! Updated Speedrun strats here -

SPOILER: It's a helluva lot faster. I impressed even myself with this one.

I can't wait to continue testing. Hopefully after the jam is over a few more levels will be released and I can spend some time breaking more levels. :P


Thank you so much! It’s been great seeing how much you’ve enjoyed it :). 

After this first jam it has got me hooked so I will be doing a few more over the next two months and try to pump a load of short games out there. 

While doing that I am planning to come back to some of them and make a Jam+, had quite a few ideas for this one, if I just took a week or two more i’m sure I could stuff a load more goodies and powers to play with, I hope you’ll enjoy them when there done.