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That may have been it. I got a crate stuck, but it wasn't spawning them really near the crate, but more along the road edges. It may have fixed the crate and stopped spawning them, I just wasn't killing them so I never noticed

Super solid game. I struggled super hard with the puzzles. I'm clearly not very creative.

I did have a slight problem after I got trapped and killed on my first run. When I restarted the monster spawns went from few and only when I was away from the spawn location to NONSTOP. It got to a point where I just stopped shooting at them as they'd just instantly spawn right back two feet away. I managed to beat it with this happening, but it was very tedious.

But still, my experience was enjoyable and I hope to see more games from you in the future.

Managed to make it out. It was extremely dark, especially once inside the house. The key was in enough light to find, but making your way there was difficult due to there being so little light. 

I had no frame issues running it. 

Even so, it was a pretty cool idea and it seems to have a nice thriller vibe to it. It was a bit short, but it's a game jam so it's perfectly understandable. 

Good job. Hope you continue making games, I'd like to see what you come up with.

Shhhh. No one tell jate8d but I hacked into the mainframe and found the true canonical version of the game. You can find it here ->

Godspeed gentledudes.

I just can't stop playing!! Updated Speedrun strats here -

SPOILER: It's a helluva lot faster. I impressed even myself with this one.

I can't wait to continue testing. Hopefully after the jam is over a few more levels will be released and I can spend some time breaking more levels. :P

This is so much fun. I spent like 20+ minutes trying to beat this. I can't say I regret it. I actually like the fact you can't just drop down, as it adds to the challenge. Great job. Also the boss fight shouldn't be cheese-able with death cards. Maybe give a shorter stun on just the boss? Or else they'll miss some of your animations.

I think the candles are a bit broken. Only 1 candle will actually light for me. I hope it gets fixed so I can see this "secret" the vampire promised. Other than that, everything was great. The test speed was a bit fast too. But it was somewhat manageable once you're prepared for it.

Woo. Got the bat sex ending which makes me happy. I would be a lot happier if you would've given Cutlass-chan an ending!

I'm not even sure what I just played. But I like it.

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This was a great game! It was super fun to play and replay. And it has some speedrun potential. Here's a strat I found after a little testing-  (Outdated Strats, check replies for the new link with even faster strats)