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I didn't have a second player, and playing as both guys confused me too much to really get the hang of either haha. I also feel like Joey is incomplete, his skillset doesn't work at all. But I like the idea of it being multiplayer. What was the intention behind it? Was it competitive or is there going to be some form of cooperation later on?

Thanks for playing our game!

Joey has the ability to grapple hook ,you just have to point on the grappling point click and hold.The grappling point picture is in the below comment.

We are sorry that we did not implement a proper tutorial or controls scheme.Our Intention was just to make a small couch multiplayer game!

For now we have thought of implementing single player also.

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Yeah, I read it later in the chat of my stream. I'm sorry I didn't see the target of Joey, I was definitely intrigued though. I should also figure out a way to put my second screen closer for the next stream so I can actually read the chatlogs. xD I'm going to try it again sometime and see if I can get his grappling hook to work this time. Would really like to play a single-player version too.