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Absolutely enjoyed the game!The starting cutscene was amazing!And about the gameplay,it was fun...and how after every level there is an upgrade with a disadvantage is really cool idea!Kudos!

I is confusing as of  what I was supposed to do,but the art and sound and the polish was too good for such a short period!Good game!

Thanks for playing the game!And thanks for the feedback too!I will look into it and update the game after the jam ends!

I had so much fun playing this game!A very interesting idea implemented well!

Really sorry for your loss!I loved the game so much,would love to see more of it if you have plans of developing it further,only that the controls were a bit hard to get used to...but really a well fitting game for the theme!Well done and RIP Sonni.

Thanks for playing the game!

Thanks for playing the game!

Thanks for playing and the feedback! 

Thanks for playing the game and giving valuable feedback!I will definitely keep the day night cycle in mind and update it after the jam ends!

Hey, I might need your help, can you share your discord profile so I can link with you?


I liked the art!Very cute elephant!I really liked the messaged conveyed the message in the end and it is indeed very important!


Great Game!Good Pixel art and some really good sound effects!I liked how you gradually introduced the mechanics,and the levels were well designed to execute the mechanics!I enjoyed my time with it!


Thanks for playing the game and the feedback! 


I enjoyed my time with the game!I liked the sound effects too!And nice way to visually explain the game mechanics,Good Job!

Thanks for the Feedback Hunty!I initally had plans for such progressions,but art took up my time,that led to downfall in design!I will work on it definitely!Thanks for playing the game!

The gameplay was challenging!A good satisfactory feel when I finished it!Brilliantly done,every character felt smooth and amazing!Good job!

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Cool idea!The boost feel and the feedback of it is amazing!I like the art style too!Nice submission.

Thanks for the feedback Sebastian! I am glad that you liked it! 

I loved the game!And I liked how the stealth was implemented too,but the game felt very slow due to the slow player speed,but stealth as a resource is a interesting implementation,it has potential,you can develop it into a bigger game!And about the huge amount of litres of Tea..I am with you mate!!

Cool game!The starting camera animation to show which was the pickup and delivery spot looked cool,but still I got confused when playing.Nice art ..loved it!It has potential,hope you make it into a bigger project!

I liked the creepy art !But the loading took so much time that I thought the application got stuck,but even when I got caught or reached the door the same level loads again!Idk if its a bug,but a spooky game tho!

A very interesting idea!Loved how a text game is used with stealth concept,I liked the visual style too,Good game!

Thanks for playing the game David!

I liked the art style!Had to come back here to figure out the controls from here,but a really fun and difficult game!

Cool game!Its impressive what you have done in this short period of time,the art was really good..I liked it,but the controls were little strange that sometimes I didnt know which side I was facing so I had trouble moving sometimes in right direction,but a really good game otherwise!

Awestruck with what you have done in a short period of time!The procedural generation was nicely done,only thing is that I could not tell if I was being detected or not by the enemy due to the light's brightness,but it is indeed a very polished and neat game!

I really had a fun time with the game,really loved the dashing mechanic too,but I did not know what I was collecting or why I was collecting those,initially I thought you need to collect all coins to pass level,but then I passed a level without collecting any,Idk if its a bug...but other than that a fun game!

I am amazed of how much you have done in a short period of time,the animations and gameplay were all smooth and nicely polished!One of my favourite in this Jam!Kudos!!

Thanks for playing the game!I was fully invested in implementing the mechanics that I did not get time to work in music and sounds,I am working on it...will try to update it soon!

Nice feedback with effects and cute sounds,liked the concept...but as all others said I found camera controls to be a little strange.Just a suggestion,would be nice and tight if camera pan was with mouse drag and zoom is with mouse scroll,would give more control over the game,other than that a really cute and nice game!

Brilliant idea and execution!Amazing addition to the Jam!Just a request,I hope you make this into a bigger title,only because the idea is simple yet fun!

Thanks for playing the game and thanks for your feedback!

A great idea!I loved the minimal art and the satisfactory sound fx when reaching the hole,I loved it!

Loved it! A nice bit of puzzle with shadows, initially I was confused with the lights... But got it eventually! Art is neat and I liked that animation(teleportation? Idk what to name it)..a good addition to the jam! 

Loved it absolutely.A unique and funny concept executed well!kudos!

Wow!.... Thanks for playing the game buddy. You nearly got it! 

I had a very limited time making it, just  day and a half... So I couldn't implement the puzzle design properly and it is terrible. Hope I will polish it more with better voice acting and clues.