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Yeah, I read it later in the chat of my stream. I'm sorry I didn't see the target of Joey, I was definitely intrigued though. I should also figure out a way to put my second screen closer for the next stream so I can actually read the chatlogs. xD I'm going to try it again sometime and see if I can get his grappling hook to work this time. Would really like to play a single-player version too.

Try mixing up your answers a bit and make sure to bite him as late as possible before he runs. ;)

Thank you! If you liked this game, please also check out our games on our non-gamejam account:   

The  fifth ending is very hard to find, for those who want a walkthrough to get there, read further.
                                   vv --- SPOILERS BELOW --- vv

Thank you kindly – You are my guest – You're up past bedtime - You are quite appetizing – I'm a vampire – I can't tell, you won't understand – I don't know anymore – I have lived many lives – I give life eternal! – I live for the hunt for blood – I prey on humans because I have to.

Thank you! It was also super fun recording the voice acting for this. xD

Thank you! :) And did you find all 5 endings?

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Hi, we sadly messed up the endings and forgot to add the monofolder to The Shadow of Oberbaum Bridge right at the moment we had to upload our entry. We quickly fixed it, but the deadline had passed. So for completionist sake we uploaded the working version a bit later and linked to it in the comments.

We're not sure if it's allowed, so if it turns out it's not we can of course remove it again.
Thanks for organizing this jam, was great fun to make this game. :)

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// IMPORTANT!! // - We sadly uploaded a broken build right before the deadline of the VAMPIRE JAM, so we also uploaded a fixed version for you to actually enjoy here:

We broke some of the endings just before the deadline of the VAMPIRE JAM  and fixed them for you here: