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No, but I can give you a quick rundown:

four endings, one where you reach a mutual understanding, two where you die, one where you kill Irian. You die if you manage to piss Irian off enough or if you decide to attack him but you weren't firm/cruel enough in thoughts or words during the conversation. Basically, it's go big or go home. 

This was super cute and heartfelt, I was dying waiting for the message to be delivered

Thank you very much for the comment! I'm glad you liked the writing and the theme exploration, and I'll make sure to shoot you a message when it's finished.

Thank you! I hope to post the end very soon.

Thank you very much! I'm trying my best to juggle writing and real life and I hope to put out a finished version soon. Also I'll definitely check out the music.

Nope, mouse and keyboard.

I really liked this game! The spectres and movement were super well-done, and the theme was also very nicely used. I think I may have encountered some bugs, in that I was unable to find the duke (or rather, the same dialogue as the lady triggered when I tried to talk to the character who, I think, was meant to be the duke), and I couldn't find the portraits either for some reason, but other than that this was really smooth and enjoyable.

The idea was very interesting and I absolutely loved the voice acting! The car controls were a little difficult to master, especially the ramps, but other than that it was pretty enjoyable.

Hey, unfortunately I think I encountered a bug that doesn't allow me to start the game. Upon game launch, when I'm asked to press any button, the game remains unresponsive and doesn't in fact start anything. Is this fixable?

Thank you! I know that unfortunately it's very short, but I hope to complete it soon.

This was a really cute and fun platformer! I loved the characters and the sounds.

This was really good, the atmosphere was great and the puzzle easy but not too much, I really hope to see it continued.

Hi, I am unable to play this game for some reason, once I download it. Perhaps because the file you submitted is a .unity file instead of an .exe file? 

I enjoyed playing the part of voices that harass the protagonist, as well as the dark look of the game. I think the interactivity however would have benefitted from our words having some consequences instead of simply being spectators of what the girl chooses to do. Other than that, very nice.

I really liked this game! The story was well-constructed and scary, the game areas were very good for a feeling of stress and fear, and I hope you finish it soon! You could also ask a writer or copywriter to help you with the language and polish the final product even more.

I very much enjoyed the look and atmosphere of this game. I had however some trouble with understanding intuitively how to kill the zombie, as clicking on them wasn't working for me and didn't find other instructions. Maybe I was supposed to purchase something from the get-go? Other than that, it was pretty nice and had the right feeling of a survival situation. Maybe adding an instructions page after the jam is over could help with simplifying things.

This made me feel like I was playing a first-person horror pacman and was very fun! The camera moved a little fast but other than that it was enjoyable, especially the sense of labyrinth.

I really enjoyed the look and atmosphere of the game, especially the breathing audio and the fleshy parts. I had some trouble understanding what I had to do (I couldn't pick up objects I saw around, I'm not sure if that's a bug or a feature) and I hope you get more time after the jam to polish the game, it seems pretty cool.

unfortunately I didn't have the time to finish it! The second part contains the horror bits, I promise. And thank you for the comment.

I loved the idea and the mechanics of this one, unfortunately I had some real trouble with the camera that made beating it and moving through it very difficult (it would go "under the floor" and give me some complications with the angle of movement), but other than that it was a really neat job, so fun!

This made a great use of Paris and though it wasn't scary per se, it still managed to make me feel extremely tense. Understanding where I was was a little hard at first, but once I understood the mechanic it became easier to do the right thing. Very polished with the acting  and closing eyes mechanics, I certainly enjoyed it.

Alright, I kept dying at this but beyond my inability to escape the damn monster I thought this was very good. Music and atmosphere really helped to make me feel the horror of it, and even knowing how the monster looked like after the first time, meeting it was still pretty disturbing. Good job!

Time restraints are always terrible, but I do hope you'll polish this after the jam, it was a great entry.

No worries, neither am I, I understand completely. Really enjoyed the atmosphere either way!

Hi, I really loved the atmosphere and graphics of this game, both the visuals and sounds were great. I think I would have enjoyed to have slightly more obvious clues as to what I was supposed to do or go, it took me a while for example to realise that there were hidden stairs to go to an upper level, though the darkness and difficulty in seeing these details might have been intended. I couldn't figure out how to get past the double doors downstairs, but beside these things I really think the game was really cool and absolutely delivered the horror feeling.

I really, really liked the "safety" ending, and the writing and art were very good. The added sound effects were super interesting and I enjoyed the general unsettling feeling. Very nice entry.

I liked the use of mythology a lot and the story felt very grounded in the area and atmosphere of your choice, so good job with that! I'd suggest you check the spelling with some copywriting, and I think the scary factor would have benefited from a little less emphasis on the "teenager trying to fit in" mood, but that might just be personal preference. Good job for finishing in such a short time too.

I really enjoyed the point and click adventure! Nicely self-contained, and the sound effects + the monster were pretty damn creepy. It took me a bit to realise that there was a menu at the top, so that might be marked better, but other than that it was super enjoyable.

These are three very interesting games, I feel like there's a growing amount of scary from the first to the last, or that might be simply because I find the idea of mirrors extremely creepy. I also enjoyed the emphasis on comfort for the players and how all of these situations are "replayable" with different degrees of involvement and potential fear, but always with the option to opt out. 

Well, I replayed several times trying to get the various endings and I still failed to find #4 and #5, but this was definitely a fun ride, very spooky and very interesting. I liked the use of items and how they affect the routes and, even though the story itself was short, it was very replayable. I'd only suggest to check the spelling and do some editing for the writing, so the final result is more polished, but nice work overall.

I really liked the camera movement, it was very good and controlled. I would really have enjoyed to see more "things" happen in the game, though I know that time constraints are what they are, and I think an expanded version with story or different encounters (hell, even jump scares) would definitely raise the spook element for this.

Just played this, and I loved how surreal and creepy it was. I'm also definitely impressed with the use of photos, voiceoiver, and of image mapping inside twine. The wound was a fantastic touch and I'd honestly really enjoy to see an expanded story with this theme. Really my only "complaint" was that I wish it lasted longer!

Thank you for playing and I'm very glad you enjoyed it. We would have loved to expand the story a little more but we had such time constraints that we unfortunately had to really scale it down just so we could submit it. We intended to work on some other short interactive fiction pieces with recurring characters from this one though, so stay tuned for more of it!

Thank you lots for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it! We didn't have much time for visuals so we had to stick to writing, but I'm happy it was entertaining either way.

Thank you very much for the links.

This doesn't seem to cover the making of a tabletop, only tips on how to participate in a first jam, which I don't quite need, but thank you regardless. :)

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Hi! This jam seems super cool and it's tickling my interest, however I've no experience in the making of tabletop RPGs.

Maybe some more navigated people in the genre could point me to good resources? Or perhaps a crowdforge page could be created, in case a team has open slots for collaboration.

Thank you very much, happy that you enjoyed it! Glad you found the ending you wanted too, trying to make the paths intuitive but not obvious was an interesting challenge. Hope you'll like the other endings if you do replay.

I've got to say, I definitely thought "dang thank god I have headphones on" hahahaha

The graphics in this were very cool and I really wish we got to see more of it, it would be cool to play a finished and expanded version after the jam.