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SerenissimaView game page

Visual Novel set in Vampire the Masquerade world
Submitted by Unseelieaurora (@unseelieaurora) — 4 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline
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Character art looks dope!


Thank you!!!

I'm happy to say the artist probably will be a permanent team member for new projects too!  


Fun game! Great art, interesting story, fascinating setting. The only criticism I have is that the English could have used another look over, but I'm assuming that was a time issue. Other than that *thumbs up.*


Thank you!! ヽ(^Д^)ノ

Yes, we were a bit short on time XD But I'll check it again in the future for sure! **  


I really enjoyed the aesthetic of this game! Also as a fellow Italian, seeing the setting transformed into a VN was a very fun experience. Congrats for the sprites as well, they were all very original.


Thank you so much!!

It was our very first game so we're happy to see prople liking it and having fun! I've always played VNs as a fan and it was really fun work on one for once! Definitely have to do that more!

Also, other creative persons in Italy??? So happy! We have to chat in the future! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ


If you're on discord in the dark pack server I'm Archon Bun there. : )


I don't think I am?

Too many discord servers XD Send me an invite just in case if you don't mind - here or you can send me a pm on twitter ^^ 

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Was fun to play! I really like the main character's development throughout the game. Also, Farabutto was a really fun character!

However, something that I will say is that when you check the history, the background makes it really hard to read the previous text. A lot of the transitions were aæ bit too long for my liking, making replaying even with skipping a bit longer than it maybe should have been. But that's just my personal take. But it's a shame that the skipping also skips over new dialogue and narration, making it possible to accidentally skip new content.

A final thing that I will say is that I think the game could really have benefitted from having an editor or proofreading due to there seeming to be a lot of issues with narration/dialogue. But I was still able to understand and enjoy the story, so I think that is something that can be looked past.

But, all in all:

Had fun playing!

Props to everyone on the team! Amazing character and background illustrations too! The music also really helps set the mood.


Thank you so much for playing and most of all for finding the time to leave this comment!

It was our very first Visual Novel - and our very first videogame in general - and we had very little time to work on it, so maybe most of these things can be fixed in time - or we can learn how to do them for the next game! I'll make a list ith your suggestions and see what our fabulous team can do!
(I hope we will create something else in the future because I honestly had fun creating this)

Thank you for playing! You having fun is the thing that matters the most to me! ♡(˶╹̆ ▿╹̆˵)و✧♡


No problem! It was fun trying to find all the endings. But I think I was unable to find the true/secret ending, but got the other 6 endings.


th secret ending was added by the developer without me being aware of that - so it was a secret for me too XD
When you have to choose between staying or going out, look on the screen for other spots to click on,

The true ending:
-max Farabutto approval but then choose to go to Utopia club


Oooooh. Will try that later! Thanks!