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Submitted by HeroHero, byakko12, Darya Sokoletz (@vecherdremlet), Babis Giannios — 36 minutes, 48 seconds before the deadline
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Was cool. I liked how the choices seemed to matter. I used the male character. After I got out of the first building it seemed to bring back to start menu. Is that where it ends for him? 


Glad that you like it!

It should give you a message saying "You have completed [character name] route!" etc.

After that, it should take you to the main menu, at which point you are able to play another character's story.

Once you complete both routes you unlock the 3rd route. ^_^

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Ah ok. Ill try the girl. I did die first time playing. Dont want to say what I did to spoil anything . Nice sound and interface also. I should have saved and tried different options. But wasnt clear his story had finished at end, it did give me a message. But I guess I didnt read it all. Charcter name route is all I saw. 

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback! I did think about adding a choice to either return to the character selection or main menu, but at that point, I was not sure if that would count as adding more content after the deadline. So I avoid that, just in case. But definitely something I will keep in mind for future projects at the very least!


 Was thinking about the end. I saw the completed I think. But with the route also, felt more than 1. The route confused me also. Not sure if there are mutiple routes to finish. Or just one. It is cool I dont know without trying though. Cause think every descision matters. But added to confusion if I have finished this charcter or not. 

Hope you can try my game again. I think I have it working for all headsets now. Maybe still just oculus and then will have to try something new. Posted a new game . Didnt want to override first game sent to the gamejam.


After you finish the 3rd character's route, you are automatically taken to the final route. It was supposed to appear on the main menu screen as a separate final/true route. But was having issues getting that to work. So due to time constraints, I just had it give you a message that says that you completed all the other routes and that you are going to play the final route before automatically jumping to said final route.

Again, thanks for the feedback! And I will be sure to give your game another try to see if it works with my headset. ^_^