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Created a new topic Feedback

I downloaded your game when I first saw it on the homepage a few days ago, and finished it the other night. I did quite enjoy some aspects of it and it shows potential, but I think dealing with some things, mainly technical issues, made it a little more painful than maybe it should have been. I suppose it's possible that the game really does not like my particular system (which is Windows 10 Home, nothing fancy, adequate RAM and hard drive space, laptop), but perhaps it is common to others as well.

The first thing is the resolution. The graphics are stunning and even more beautiful in high definition (the native for my screen), but the game is a little laggy with everything set on highest. I was able to turn it down in the settings, but the game did not like this and kept forcing my settings back. Every time I died, had to restart (I'll explain why in a bit), or reached a new level, the resolution would go back up to 1920 x 1080. Interestingly enough, the graphics quality did stay at medium, where the default was high. It also appears that many resolutions are listed 2 or 3 times in the list - I'm not sure why.

At several points the ambient atmosphere was so dark that it became difficult to see where one was going and got a bit frustrating. Even sitting in the dark with the lights off, it was not easy to discern what was a platform and what was the abyss below. I consider my vision to be pretty good but the contrast did not quite seem adequate. Perhaps the little light emanating from the character's head could illuminate a little more? I understand you want to convey the darkness of a cavern, for example, but it should be doable without feeling like one is completely stumbling in the dark.

There is also the issue of getting stuck in several places. If you stray from the main path a bit or try something not quite right, there are a few situations in which you can find yourself unable to render any movement, or to jump. This makes it impossible to even suicide. Fortunately it does seem you have a 'load' option which restarts you to the beginning of the level, but it might be worth investigating this further or putting in a restart button with a confirm option to do so, just in case people aren't creative enough to try loading. The jump button also seemed to have issues in places, particularly if you're pressed up against a wall. It just wouldn't respond.

I was a little disappointed about the camera movement, particularly that there one was unable to adjust that, say using the mouse. I don't know if it was done to save resources or as a limitation of the game engine (seeing everything from one perspective based solely on location must save resources), but sometimes it made it difficult to navigate or to gauge distances for a jump and so forth. It also seems a bit perplexing that a game based on a free-flowing, slow-paced, exploration-oriented adventure would choose to limit your perspective to a fixed camera angle. Why not let the player rotate, zoom, etc. and explore a little more? I'm genuinely curious. That said, given that the camera was set up in this way, the choice of angles and pitch was I think close to perfect in conveying the scenery and surroundings, from being a small ant in a maze to running off into the distance. But if you went off exploring...your character would practically vanish off into the horizon.

I'm also wondering about the boat ride. That puzzle really got me for a while until I looked through one of the walkthroughs for a solution to the second light. How come the barrels providing adequate shielding, but the stack of boxes do not? It seems one is able to get behind them on the far side and crouch, so I was just wondering. It was a good creative puzzle though, and no fault of yours that I got held up on it.

Anyway thanks for sharing this game for free, hopefully you might be interested in checking out some of the stuff that I mentioned, although I'd assume you might not agree with me on all of it. If so, let me know, as I'd probably look forward to (more positively) reviewing it in the future.

Oh that's probably the issue then. It didn't happen every time I tabbed back and forth between windows, but it's quite possible that could be the culprit. I'm on Windows 10 Home, if that helps.

I did quite enjoy the game (for the most part) and finished though. It was a very interesting/different experience as to what I was expecting initially, and I liked how it surprised me. I'm hoping to review it in more depth soon.

Oh that makes more sense...seems it may require more of a time commitment than I first figured. Thanks.

I just downloaded your game and have been playing a bit. I am not sure how the New Game+ you mentioned works though. When I die and get the game over screen, am I supposed to press something? It throws me to the original screen with options 'New,' 'Load,' and 'Quit.' Selecting new just starts the game all over from the very beginning, and well, the others don't help either.

Only the dialogues. Walking around seems to work okay still. I got most of the way through the game but got stuck (not due to a glitch or anything as far as I can tell, just not sure what to do next) so I'll have to wait for a walkthrough.


I've tried again with your suggestions, but still encountered the same problem. The dialogues flip through almost instantly, so 3 or 4 lines of text go by in a fraction of a second, without any keyboard or mouse input. Changing the dialogue speed and windowing the game didn't seem to have any effect. Restarting it does seem to alleviate the issue temporarily, so hopefully I can play through the rest in that way.



I've tried playing your game, but unfortunately after a while the text all scrolls through very quickly whenever I examine or do any other actions on things. I restarted a couple times and experienced the same thing. I'll look forward to playing an updated version whenever this is fixed.


I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the graphics and mechanics of your game and it was well worth tying up my internet connection for half an hour to download!

I am planning to write a review of it soon, and was wondering if you had considered adding a save feature to the game, or if I somehow missed it. I had to play through several times from the beginning as I did not commit enough time to it originally! Since you already have automatic checkpoints, I wonder if it could be done without too much effort.

Either way, I'll definitely look forward to more from you in the future.


Created a new topic Download not working?

Is there an issue with the download? No file size is displayed and clicking it brings up the thank you page, but no download ever starts. I'd like to play but wonder if it's an issue on itch.io's end preventing it.