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When looking for games of a certain tag, it readily seems to offer suggestions for similar tags to add to it, i.e. "Point and click AND Horror." If it doesn't exist yet in some form I'm not seeing, would you consider adding negations, so I could search for games that are Point and click but are not tagged with horror? And similar sorts of constructions.

With so many games, I think people might find more comprehensive search options useful, and it probably wouldn't be too difficult to implement. But perhaps I overlooked something.

Oh I see, even though I thought I had tried that, last night I was able to get it working properly and I was able to finish the game (hoorah)! I wonder if there are more than two endings and what the decision tree looks like though. I'm going to play through it again but I wonder if the (second-to-last) choice affects them? And also, the sadistic side of me wonders if it's possible to erm, eliminate both of them somehow...

I've really been enjoying your game a lot so far! Unfortunately, I've encountered a small problem and cannot progress past this point. I am suspecting a bug whereby the launch pad is not working for some reason...or is there something else I need to do to power it up? Please see the picture attached. Thanks!

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I liked your game, especially the concept of making decisions with certain positives and negatives, but there's definitely some room for improvements as well if you decide to work on this at all after the GameJam. Mainly, the English could be substantially improved, and there are some oddities such as the battery draining while waiting to make a decision (or perhaps that's intentional)?

That was really cute and just the right amount of spooky without jumpscares or anything. It did hang on the credits for some reason, not sure why.

Thanks for sharing, it was a fun experience to play through. The only real improvement I would suggest is to speed up the text crawl significantly - clicking through to get it to display faster was a little bit of a pain.

I really liked the soundtrack/music - you did a fantastic job selecting those.

I enjoyed your game, pretty whimsical and funny. It would have been even better with some sound, but I guess that's what happens working right against the deadline...hehe.

That was really good so far! A nice amount of content for a demo project as well.

I would constructively suggest ditching the hold-to-select options on items/environment though. It feels like an irritant and I don't see what's really gained by it over just a click to bring up the menu. At first I thought the game was glitching out, but that's my own fault for neglecting to read the controls carefully.

I didn't know you were also the author of the Nick Bounty games but I have to say you have really outdone yourselves on this game! I really appreciate that you put it up here for everyone to play free of charge as well. I'm looking forward to your future work, cheerio!

Really impressive job on those then. I voted for you on the gamejam, 5 stars all across.  I wish I could draw like you for one of my own projects! Good luck!

Your game was really good, and remarkable to put together in 7 days! I am a fan of point and click in general as well so maybe I am slightly biased. Did you use some asset packs or draw everything? I'm curious.

I think I will thanks! Good job on writing the whole thing.

That was really enjoyable, and probably even better with choices!

I tried playing the game. It looks really fun but since I have only a laptop without a GPU, it's really HAMpering my experience right now. Any chance there could be options to turn down the graphics or is it not really possible?

That makes it all the more impressive, actually. And yeah I did enjoy the references to the East India Company and such. I'll be looking forward to your future work!

I'm stuck on the third level, the puzzle (?) with lights and insects. I can't seem to move anywhere or click anything and the hint isn't helping terribly. Any clue what I'm missing?

That was really good! Out of curiosity, if it is adapted from a real story, where can I find it? What's the name?

Just from the looks of it I'm guessing it's not an "hours and hours" type game, maybe 30 minutes if that helps. I'm going to play and find out though!

I really enjoyed your game, although the one part with the circuit being "bulletproof" really threw me for a loop until I saw someone else's solution.  Are you sure that's the word you wanted?

I'm looking forward to the full version though!

I'd almost forgotten about this (222 days ago, it says?) but I am definitely still interested! Thanks for the reply!

I'm running Windows and Task Manager shows it writing 50MB/s to disk (or higher) on and off for quite a while. I think it's working now though.

Something is off with your game launcher, it would seem. I click it, it doesn't come up, and it appears to be copying a large amount (~hundreds of MB) to my hard disk? When it finally did start one time, it seemed slow and the application hung completely after a few sentences in.  Is everything configured as intended?

Oh I see, I shall check it out tonight I think!

Where do I download the game? There's a readme file, and the DLC if one pays for it, but where is the game?

That was a really cute game if a bit on the short/easy side.  The inventory screen was a novel thing too, threw me for a bit of a loop at first! Thanks for sharing it.

Oh thank you! I missed that, I guess my eyes didn't pick up the contrast or the cable hanging off the desk, even though I looked everywhere!

I really enjoyed your game and you definitely exceeded my expectations when I downloaded it - it provided great entertainment for a number of hours.  The only constructive criticism I would offer is that the last part of the game felt like it skipped too much plot, but I did like the way you wrapped things up. And in fact, it certainly seems you've left open the possibility to explore a sequel someday?

Thanks for making the game and putting it up here for free! I've managed to gather the combined hooks, but I can't seem to find any source for the rope. Do you have a walkthrough or any hints?

Did I miss something to break a causality loop, or was it intended to be so short?

That was really cute. You deserve an award for the artwork alone.

Alright, I see then. Good luck with everything!

Thanks for putting this up here. I really enjoyed the demo of your game! 

I am really curious though - why the name Clocker? Why not watchmaker, timekeeper, something like that?

I'd also suggest you run it though some grammar checks before releasing on Steam, because unfortunately it's liable to be poorly received otherwise. Some people can't get past that for the story.

Thank you! I'm going to be very much looking forward to Act 2!

Thank you very much for the reply! All the improvements sound excellent.

I was actually curious about a different question though - has there been any more story progression or is it still leaving off at the same place?

I played and enjoyed this a while ago. Has there been more content added on to the end? And would I have to start over?

That's a shame, I'd definitely check it out if it were free. Maybe sometime in the future.

Yeah, I like the game and especially the atmosphere. It was pretty well done but the game was rather short. I'd look forward to more levels like the game hinted at though.

I ended up playing through three times. The first time I glitched out holding the jar as I was staring through the telescope to see the moon, as it left me with no way to back out . The arrows on the sides just disappeared. The second time I encountered a glitch on the bug puzzle, with the bugs crawling up and down the plant stems. Two bugs somehow stacked right on top of each other, making the puzzle impossible to complete. Maybe some collision detection is missing, or at least a way to force a restart on the puzzle when it has not been completed might be added?

Anyway I did enjoy it, and hope to see a later version or another game of yours gracing the front page soon!

Never mind, I just renamed the folder at the top to what it requested and it works fine. You might want to update it when you have a chance though.

I am unable to play unfortunately. I wonder if you might be able to offer any technical assistance?

Unfortunately, there seems to be something going wrong with my system (Windows 10), as I can't interact with the phone. Pressing E doesn't yield any action. I can move around fine though.

If a keyboard control is ever implemented, I'll certainly look forward to giving it a try. It looks fun!