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I enjoyed your game, great job. As for constructive criticism, I would have enjoyed a little more in music/sounds (game was kinda quiet), maybe a little more utility in controls (space to advance dialogue), and was hoping for multiple endings. Just some notes if you ever want to expand this or things to consider for your next game!

Hello, does making background art fall under any of your interests? And do you have any further samples? I have a visual novel project that may be of interest. It would be great to get some contact info so I might share more details on what I'm looking for.

This was really awesome VasantJ. You did a really great job on this game. Thanks!

Hello! I reached out to you through your Discord, but it seems I'm unable to message you.

Hello! Are you open for making characters for a visual novel? I am actively working on one and securing some art assets is one thing I'm looking for. If you would like more details it would be great to get in touch so I can share with you.

I liked your game and it was pretty good, but I find myself wanting a little more content. I hope to see more games from you in the future!

This game was really fun, thanks for putting it out there! I saw Hexblade on your profile too and remembered playing that before. I guess cursed swords is your thing!

I didn't end up saving it appears (didn't realize there was no autosave). I'm glad to have been of assistance finding that bug though!

Thanks for the message! I enjoyed your game and it went from joyful to heavy real quick. I think the crab minigame was my favorite part with the strategy needed.

I'm not sure if there's more after the credits, but I got stuck in a loop afterward. It won't let me post a picture but it indicates a background image is missing.

The game was really fantastic. My only suggestion would be to add some sort of font-toggle for accessibility reasons. I was able to read everything okay though.

Bumping this as I'm looking for some more help. I am also appreciatifve of anyone with good communication skills. If anything comes up or you find yourself a little busier than intended, I would definitely appreciate being kept in the loop. Thanks!

That's great! Can you get in touch or leave some contact information so I can reach out? Mine is on that thread I linked.

Hi Anna! I have a visual novel I've been working on, and I'm looking for help with illustrations. Rather than rewrite everything, you can see my thread here. Hoping to hear from you if that matches your interest!

This looks really interesting, but I also don't know any German. I'm looking forward to playing the game when an English translation is available. If you need help, I'd be willing to volunteer if that's at all could throw it in Google Translate as a first pass and I could try to mold it from there. But otherwise, I'll look forward to playing in the future!

Hello! I'm looking for help with artwork for a visual novel game I've been working on for a while. I'm still working on some of the details and will probably redraft some of the story, but it's at a decent spot now so I'm looking for help with art. I have one person working on characters but could use a second to help split up the work, as well as backgrounds, chapter illustrations, and more. So far, there is little art other than placeholders so you will likely get your choice of what to work on!

Details on the game can be found in this summary Google Doc I wrote: . I'm also keep a non-public build of the game that I can share on request. The project is Ren'Py but I will take care of incorporating your art into the game engine, so you don't need to worry about that.

Again to be straightforward, I cannot offer any monetary compensation for working on this project. I will, of course, credit you in the game credits for any art/art assets in the game. If this project is of interest, please contact me at arceusclan[at] or on Discord (Arceus#9602), or reply here. Thanks!

Hello Dori! I'd be interested to talk to you about possibilities if you're still looking to join projects. I didn't see any contact information but if you have an email or anything similar, let me know and I'll follow up.

Hey capacraft, I like your test track. I've been working on a personal project for some time and have now reached a reasonable draft to the point where I'd like to bring in other people to help. It's a visual novel made through Ren'py, so I'm wondering if you would be interested in joining.  I couldn't find any contact info in your post on here, but if that's something potentially of interest please let me know and I can send you more information.



I really adored the game, and I thought the writing was especially a strong point, in addition to the rest of the project being so beautiful! I'll definitely have to be on the lookout for future games in this storyline, since I understand this was just the start!

Thanks for sharing this game! I think it captured the noire genre really well while also being fresh and different. Hopefully there will be more games from you in the future!

This was a really good short game. I definitely see plenty of opportunity to add to it in the future with more levels, keys, and so forth if you're still working on it!

I really enjoyed what you have in this game so far! I think that with sound effects and some music it will be even better. I do wonder if there's room for some references as well, but can understand if that's not your style.

I liked the game quite a bit! The "dark" secret totem was interesting, although I suppose it was flavor text. The one suggestion I would have is making run toggleable somehow. Holding down shift for the whole thing was a tad annoying.

I also had a weird bug where after I died, sprinting did not seem to work at all, and the hint to use shift to sprint did not show either. Closing fully and restarting fixed it though.

Nice game Remerai, although I feel like I may not have made it all the way through because I only saw one tree unlike the screenshots? At least I had one important takeaway: a kite will not save me as a parachute!

This was really entertaining, especially the breaking the fourth wall bit with the mention of 'game time.' The only thing is I was hoping for a bit more of an ending scene. Maybe that's my punishment for completely forgetting to feed the parrot though...

Congratulations, that was an intriguing and enjoyable point-and-click game you made. I wasn't able to quite follow the plotline - something about drug addiction that made the protagonist take actions she later regretted? It did remind me a bit of The Company of Myself, if you've ever played that. It's a platformer but the message seemed along the same theme.

Thanks for sharing this cute game! You might win an award for the jam...but you'll have to fight the other devs for it!!

I just came across your game and really enjoyed it. I thought the little touches were especially nice: different death animation as a human and werewolf, the moon timer between switching forms, and so on. It worked quite well with a keyboard (I don't have a controller) so I appreciate that as well. I'm going to check out more of your games!

That is great to hear! Perhaps you could let me know when it is complete and I will look forward to enjoying your game then!

It looks like you have a nice game here! Unfortunately I don't read or speak French, so I don't think I'd follow much of the story. Any chance you might have an English version in the future?

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I also seem to get the command prompt and a soundtrack starts playing, but no game pops up. Do I need to try something different? I'm running the Windows version.

I really liked the game, particularly how you combined inside and outside the box thinking in literally the same package!

One thing I was curious about is what recommended specs where? I have a computer with a decent GPU and my frame rate was visibly too low for things to flow smoothly, and I haven't seemed to have the issue with other Unity or Unreal3D projects on here.

That was a charming, enjoyable game with a nice, smooth difficulty curve, and nice mechanics. I think you did a really nice job on the project!

I really enjoyed your game! I see you have some other games as well, but are you planning to make more 3D games in the future? I'll be looking forward to more but I think you did a really nice job with the atmosphere, music, controls, even the font and the story - the complete package!

I think I remember playing this before, but the screenshots don't seem all familiar. Is this an updated version?

That's great to hear about your other projects. I'll try Piece by Piece as you recommended next!

It's also fantastic to hear that you are planning on an educational math game for the future. It sounds like you got a job combining things you really enjoy. I have a significant amount of mathematical background myself, and remember playing a fair number of knowledge adventure games when I was a kid, so it's always nice to see more stuff developed for the next generation.