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Thanks for playing, I hope you enjoyed it 😊

Thanks for the review 😊

You're right, I was going to add an ending screen that if you leave the building, the ritual fails and beast comes out for hunting. But I couldn't make it in time, so I thought leaving the building quits the game would be a fun addition 😅 There also were going to be failure states for the ritual like if you used the wrong substance or did the steps in wrong order, but I simply couldn't finish the game in time to add those. I also planned to add some more elements (like sharpening the knife, convincing the participant back etc.) but they remained in paper as I couldn't make those in time as well. Apparently developing games takes too much time 😂 Or I need to get better at time management I guess 🤷‍♂️

You're totally right on the 19th year part though. I'm thinking about updating the game after the voting ends so I will try to fix the story and add the other elements I wanted to add in the first place.

Thanks again for playing and reviewing 😊


I think I have fixed this issue, I've tried it on a 1280x720 and 1366x768 screen and it was working correctly. You can download the "A Sacrifice (itch Spooktober Jam 2021) v1.0.1 Hotfix.rar" version and it should work correctly now. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as I was afraid of, I just had to change the UI scale from "Constant Pixel Size" to "Scale with Screen Size" and while switching inventory panels had to get the required number from current screen resolution instead of using hardcoded 1920 pixels. I was sliding the buttons 1920 pixels left/right, now I'm sliding the Panel that holds the buttons to "Screen.currentResolution.width" amount of left/right.

Have fun!

I was expecting this, but I wasn't expecting it to mess with UI as well. I'll look into it, but I'm not sure how to fix it yet 🤷‍♂️ I'll probably have to rewrite a big chunk of the code to fix this issue.

It was a weird experience. It felt like ending depends on the comments you made on your findings. You can check my gameplay if you want.

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I've played every game on this Jam, and this was the best one. Make this a full game and I will immediately buy it. Actually, put this on kickstarter, I'll back it.

I like this concept. It reminded me the cab driver from VtM:B. Would like to play more of this.