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much appreciated Ariana!

Thanks a lot Yasaman, glad you like it!

very well done!

Rolling Waves is a playful, procedural exploration of people coming together, walking to their shared destination. Each new character will influence the appearance of their fellows.

Made in 3 days for the ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ Game-jam.  For details please visit:

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

If it runs well on proton, I might get the Steam version (for ease of use). A native version would certainly be appreciated but that’s already great news. Thanks!

NORCO looks fantastic and I’m sure I’d love playing it. Any chance there will be a Linux version at some point? =)

awesome. works great now. thx for the super quick fix! <3

hey hey,

The Linux version seems to have the windows launch file / path associated (ydg.exe).

Hopefully is an easy fix. =)

Elec Head looks amazing! Any chance for a release on Linux?

super cool! will be instant buy (also thx for supporting Linux <3)

Yes, thanks a lot! Key redemption already worked yesterday. Installation  didn't then but did now!

I quickly played until the the first "impossible/the test is over". It's amazing! Thanks so much for supporting Linux! <3

Hi, I get the following message since yesterday when I bought THE IMPOSSIBLE and tried to claim the Steam key: "There are no keys available at this time, try again later".

Not sure if that's something which will automatically work later or needs a developer action. =)

Very good points, I agree with all/most.

The concept is awesome and could become something really special without some polish. 

Still a nice game to enjoy even without. Thanks for supporting Linux~ <3

Awesome <3

Looking forward to it!

Thanks so much. Works perfectly! Just finished all the levels. Much appreciated. =)

Legbreaker looks amazing! Any chance that there'll be a Linux build in the future?

Thanks for looking into it. I was about to buy the game (for Linux). Please ping me once the issues are resolved and I will proceed. =)

A Linux build would be amazing!

Awesome! <3

Amazing game, had a blast with the demo! Really hope there'll be a Linux version once its out. =)


Cool concept, love those short experiences! <3

Also thanks so much for supporting Linux, much appreciated. =)

Awesome! <3

Oh, this looks perfect for a friend of mine but she only runs Linux. Any chance for a future release?

Quick idea which might be flawed:

Let players point the client to a saves folder (clone) which could a  local Dropbox/Gdrive/.. path.
Game(DEV)s (with support) would only specify their local save directory/file per platform and the client could `rsync` that with the saves folder (a sub folder with the game's  id) - at least in Unix based systems that should work out of the box. As an intermediate solution players who know the game's save local folder/file could even specify that per game in the client themselves.

Great Game, thanks for supporting Linux at night! <3

Thx for supporting Linux! Gets looks great. Will try it as soon as I get a little time. =)

Amazing. I already bought it on Steam but nice to have it in my library as well. <<3

Just out of curiosity, what were the reason for making the games available for free on Linux? =)

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FYI: On Ubuntu 18.04 there is a dialog showing that the game doesn't react with options to wait and force quit it. That dialog immedialely gets hidden behind the game window but keeps capturing the input so the game appears frozen. After switching to the dialog and selecting wait the game runs perfectly well. =)

Love everything I've seen about Small Talk so far and thanks for releasing on Linux! Will be an instant buy 100%! <3

Cool, really looking forward to it. Thx alot! <3

Looks awesome! Love the outrun theme. Any chance for a Linux release?

Would love to play/test The signal from Tolva. Will there be a Linux version available soon or at least eventually?