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huh I found a good ending on the second try, I have no idea where to look for the third

ooo I got little spook shivers at the first ending I found, I still need to find the rest

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Took me a while to figure out what I was supposed to do with the arrows (even after reading the instructions). It really wasn't clear to me what "box" you were talking about, I though it meant the thing to the right of the trash can. I think this issue could've been fixed by something quite simple, like making the two arrows the same color (again, this was confusing for me as the red/green combo is usually for selected/not selected or activate/cancel type of stuff) and putting an outline of the same color or a background of the muted version of color in the box, or there's probably better ideas than what I came up with while writing this.

Also, the incomplete roads were again quite confusing to me, although this took only a few short tries to understand. Maybe a little outline on the sides and none on the end to show that they're not dead-ends.

So, all in all, my main critique is about giving the right visual cues to make the game speak for itself intuitively. With that nailed down, very few instructions would be necessary, guessing how it works could even be part of the fun.

(Of course, I completely understand you didn't have time to polish any of that, I still thought I'd say it because feedback is good.)

That being said, I do like the concept and the general aesthetic you got going on. You could easily elaborate on what you've already got by adding new mechanics in later levels and have a solid puzzle game that isn't repetitive and gets progressively more challenging. The drag and drop mechanic didn't bother me that much, a way to make it less tedious could be to center the boxes you drag from (instead of being in a corner) so the movements you have to make with your mouse/trackpad are shorter. And adding a right-click to delete function or something.

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no bugs, fun to play, just wish there were more levels!

edit: oh wait there are lol

I am a legendary merchant 😤

I've had my humans reproduce and beat the dragon

satisfying but production buildings should probably be nerfed since the challenge  is pretty much inexistent

It was nice, but as I tested the limits of the game, I was a little disappointed that it didn't recognize any of the normal names I used at the start, and also that answering the exact same things as the AI didn't do anything special. Are there any easter eggs or hidden things? A few little surprises would really elevate the experience by increasing the replay value and deepening the lore. Still had a fun few minutes though.

I found three endings! Is there anything else hidden?

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I enjoyed it, the atmosphere is relaxing and a tiny bit ominous. I played a few times to get things right, it wasn't hard once you get the hang of things but I still had to fiddle around a little.

Only thing I was a bit disappointed about is that the planets' stats are frozen after the win, so even if I choose to look around and I plant more trees, I can't finish fixing the atmosphere 100%. Also it would be good to be able to sell structures, since mis-clicking happens. And, it would be nice to have difficulty levels where planets are harder to balance and/or timer is shorter, for replayability.

Very nice little game, I'd definitely be happy if a more fleshed out version was in the works. This concept with those mechanics is a combo with great potential, it could totally be used as the basis for a quite complex game.

fun, but the controls were really janky for me (on keyboard), I tried playing with the sensitivity but it didn't seem to do anything. I wish there was a button for walking and that it was easier to make small adjustments to the character's position.

It's a shame because I loved the concept, the ambiance, the details, the soundtrack, everything. It's just the controls that made me abandon after a few tries.

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When I drag the bottle to the cauldron it just drops into it, empties the cauldron and goes back to its place empty so I can't give it to the customer :C

oh I'm dumb I got it now lol

I wouldn't call that booby sexy, but it's definitely charming

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omg I got goosebumps

but I'm only able to get 2/5 endings I tried everything I could think of D:

What's this unfinished business about? I went around spamming E and using the camera to make sure I didn't miss anything. Is there something to do with the diner? Why don't I get any response from the grave even after my good deeds?

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I quite like it, but I'm wondering what collecting allies does? I'm also unsure of the stamina upgrade's effect... does it reduce the damage taken? I also feel like healing items don't become stronger as you progress, unlike the damage taken from enemies.

There are a few mechanics that need some fine-tuning or clarification (as you said yourself), but it's definitely fun and has some great potential. I like the ally collecting even if I'm not sure what it does, I like the bright path, and also the different types of enemy behaviour. Keep it up!

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poor gramps, you should really have described the aesthetic. There's mostly still pictures visual elements from the 70s, 80s and Renaissance, and the musical genre is heavily influenced by Japanese city pop from the 70-80s also.

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oh thanks for the reply! I went into my settings and indeed saw a cookie that was being blocked. I authorized it and now it works!! :D

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Doesn't work for me ): stays stuck on the "heyho you funky sexy arcade gamer" screen, the music is playing but clicking doesn't do anything... I'm on Chrome on a Mac if that helps

normally I don't have any issues with your games so I don't know what's different this time

pork rocket lmao

lol that was fun

when I got out of the house the screen became black and nothing happened at all even when pressing keys, is this normal?

The Book of Life doesn't work, when I try to select a Book slot I just hear a sfx that means it's impossible, and it does nothing.

Really loved it!


I'm stuck at "Almost home after a long day of work..." every time I press an arrow or the space button, the text just restarts

My pleasure, I thought the game was really nice, loved the concept and all.

Um, so, while I was mining bitcoin for you, my computer's fan went off and then the game crashed (WebGL issue). And then it crashed while it was crashed (another issue). Is this normal?

aw the game doesn't work for me, I was so looking forward to being bros ):

I'm on Chrome and JavaScript is enabled if that helps. The screen stays blank, there is no sound.

replace moss with spider mites and that pretty much sums up my last year lol

such a touching story!

I liked it, only thing I'd say is that it's a bit annoying to be able to skip text with any key, there were sudden dialogues in one screen while I was pressing the directional keys quickly to advance, and I ended up skipping half of the text. Maybe skip it with space only or something?

goodbye moss people ):

Is the smiley cursor the last one?

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I'm on Chrome, I see the first screen appear normally (Loading and then Chinchilla Games) and when it fades out the music continues and nothing else happens. JavaScript is enabled.

game doesn't start for me, it the screen just stays beige and I can hear the music but no button does anything

It was nice, but please specify in the controls that space is used to jump. I was really confused for a while.

I quite like the concept, but imo the difficulty curve is to steep right at the start, it makes the game seem a bit tedious rather than letting us ease into it. The first one is just fine, not too hard nor too easy, but the second one is already a lot harder. Maybe just adding some levels between them to bridge the gap would make the game a lot more inviting I think. That's how I see it at least.

pretty good, would love to see a longer, more challenging version.

yeah it's my main complaint