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pretty good, would love to see a longer, more challenging version.

yeah it's my main complaint

Fun little game! Short and simple, but well made, not tedious or boring at all. The writing was nice and fresh, you managed to make a story that could've easily been cringily cliché into something entertaining. You seem to know how to distribute your efforts when short on time. Good on you.

aaaaaa jeeeez your games whyyy im scared ;-;

aaaaaaaa whyy ;-;

This is excellent. The style reminds me a lot of Not Tonight, a game I throughly enjoyed. I went into it without knowing the original lore, and I was still able to piece out the context. I'd definitely buy a long version, especially is there were multiple fully fleshed out paths. The three endings were poignant.

it's small and simple but nice and well executed

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nice ending lmaoo

I still hate mornings haha but nice game

oh, I got 85%, and I think I would've got 97% if I didn't mess up on the Beethoven cat XD (should've remembered that it said that reactions to smells were very individual)

yeah, it's very annoying and also there is no option to skip or defend so your head cat always gets destroyed while the others waste turns

um... dunno how to say this, mate, but how about having one-handed controls?

yeah I want to know that too

It is indeed fine now! After re-playing, here are my thoughts: it would be great if there was a longer warning before customers leave, and also the dragging space is quite wide, which makes trying to go fast a bit awkward even though my mouse is at the highest speed setting. Otherwise, great game, lots of issues fixed, and the game progression has really improved!

Yeah lol keep it up

Well the fact that the fish started taking more and more space in the screen (as opposed to having the screen zoom out for example) gave a feeling of being trapped, in a way. But it's not necessarily a bad thing, it can be an aesthetic choice. It didn't interfere in the completion of the minigame. Of course if that's not the effect you were going for then yeah maybe look into it XD

*sees final ending*


nice! I've delivered the message lol

there's some randomization, if you find yourself going very close to a box, keep trying with that combination and you'll eventually get it

Love your style as usual. Well designed, well put together. Nice music, nice art, great concept. Just bought one of your games on Steam. Keep it up.

i killed my plant i¬i

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aaa I can't find the first and the ninth one... am I dense?? XD

Edit: ooh, found the ninth one, that was indeed dense of me lmao. Still can't get the first.
Edit 2: got the 1st one by accident and couldn't figure out how I did it so I looked it up... of course, silly me.

It would be nice if after successfully passing all the laws there would be a special ending instead of cycling through them again.


J'ai trouvé 3 fins, est-ce qu'il y en a d'autres?

Très bien réalisé, ce jeu. L'ambiance est bonne, l'art est super, et l'histoire est touchante.

unfortunately I pressed Esc then I wasn't able to get out of the pause menu U_U (still in the WebGL build)

I'm gonna try downloading it now, thanks for the reply!


I mean... this game looks promising but there are quite a few problems. For starters I had to guess everything about how this game works. Then, there doesn't seem to be a pause button and the customers start entering the shop and becoming impatient before I even press the start button. Also, as far as I can tell it works with a click and drag mechanic, which is rather wonky and needs some working on. The puppet details are also quite small compared to how big the interface is, and I had to put my face inches from the screen to see them properly. And my vision isn't that bad lol

Hope you can fix these issues because it seems like a fun game otherwise and I want to play it.

ooo at first I didn't notice that there were many levels! Nice.

I'm stuck at the heart one though, once I've unstuck all the bobas  from the top they just sit on the bottom and whenever I succeed in lifting one a little, the red one gets stuck in the vacuum.

Trying to choose speech bubbles with a trackpad made the selection change 20 times a second. Very impractical.

Also, sorry but the political stuff made this game obnoxious. I'm trying to relax, not have people's opinions shoved into my face. That's why the video game stock markets are diving. I probably won't be playing your games again, unfortunately.

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Nice project but unfortunately the controls are too wonky for such precise minigames... I spent the game having to guess how many pixels after I click will the sickle stop this time... all that just to have my whole family die because of a random event famine that I did have the food to go through??

np hope you got good learning experience from it! I'll stay tuned to your future projects.

This would be a great setting/intro for a nice little pixel RGP game

nice little games, the fish one was a little unsettling though lol

it's still fun though, I played for a little while :)

I would've liked playing it more, but I couldn't due to  frustrating problems, like the sword response delay being random in the presence of enemies,  the X to quit the run being in the upper right corner of the shop window making me quit my runs with no confirmation pop-up after I finished augmenting my stats, using potions in the shop while simply trying to view the description.

I'm stuck in the first floor, I've killed everything and explored every corner but I didn't get a key to open the door I have to go through to find the next stairs

Is there a way to "win"? XD

You should've included the numbers too! The area is too narrow so winning or losing is mostly down to luck at this point.