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A jam submission

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A weird and unexpected dialog matching game
Submitted by Draelent (@draelent) — 8 hours, 51 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameplay Innovation#73.5563.556

Ranked from 18 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Please list any pre-made art/music/code/other assets that you used.
None. Everything was created during the Jam.

How many members in your team?

Team of 4

List each team member's role, along with their social media / website links!
Music & SFX : FoxHyode

Art : InkAndAmaranth

Programming / Lead : Draelent

Programming : Miguelsgp

Anything you want to say to players before they play?
Keyboard and Mouse

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Hey. I recorded a video about the Unexpected jam and included your game in it. If you want to cut your game out of the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make similar videos every day. I will be happy if you subscribe. Anyway, I enjoyed playing your game.


Thank you so much for testing it ! It's awesome to see people playing it , and I'm really glad you enjoyed !


I wish the dialogue can be seen as a whole instead of one letter at a time (I'm an impatient person), but otherwise it's really interesting with the theme and the mechanic!


Thanks ! Yes quicker dialogue display is clearly needed, I am kind of impatient myself, but at some point in the dev, I lost the ability to see the big picture so I didn't see that it was clearly missing.. Thank you for pointing this out !

(1 edit) (+1)

This is a great game, i love the mechanic that you went with and the unexpected bit with the name. It was a great experience. The one thing is that the audio queue at near the end of the sotry was getting a bit too loud for me in balance with the rest of the audio but overall a great little game.


Thanks a lot, I agree, the sound was already reduced, but it can still be really unpleasant for the ears.. But at least players feel the pressure of what is happening !


Okay. That was... UNEXPECTED :D Good game, guys! Especially I like the characters switching mechanics.


Thank you ! Glad you enjoyed the unexpectedness !


It'd be great if there were some mechanics beyond walking to other people (or animals) and talking to them, but I like the overall idea. The execution is also great - from audio, to visuals and story :-)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you ! Yes the gameplay is supposed to be a sort of puzzle, with the dialogues lines that you must match, but it lacks challenge so it's really almost just an interactive story, or visual novel. We thought about adding objects that should be gathered in several rooms, but it was way too much work, so we stuck with the dialog matching as the only mechanic and focused on the story and the art in general..


A very nice little story telling game, with a beautiful background buffet music, and sweet pixel art design :)
My only wish would be to play everything with a keyboard or with a mouse, felt a bit awkward to use both and switch between them (especially because you need to do it very often).


Thanks a lot ! I kinda felt the same after testing it a few times, it would be really easier to have only the mouse as input for example. I'm not sure how selecting lines on both sides would be feasible with keyboard, but only mouse should be way better indeed. Thanks for that feedback !


This was an interesting and fun little story/game. I really love the music and sound effects. The dialog system felt a bit weird in the beginning, but when first understand it, it's pretty good. Overall is this a good jam game. Well done.


Thanks a lot, really glad you had fun ! Like a lot of things in the game, the dialog system was designed to be... unexpected. It seems like it worked !


Great game, perfect music, fun story, and cool pixel art. 


Thank you ! Really happy you liked it, we had great artists in the team !


very intriguing, like the mood of the game, works well. nice one


Thank you, glad you enjoyed our chill and relaxing (but still a bit weird) game !


This game was really adorable! I was really worried that I wasn't going to be able to play as the cat. One critique I have is that the puzzle never felt challenging. That wasn't a big deal though, because the story that was being told was really interesting and the mechanics very clever. The art was really nice, and the nice, relaxing music was in good contrast to the ever approaching meteor. I'm really impressed guys, great job :)


Hehe, that cat was one of the few.. unexpected twists of the game, I'm happy it worked as ..expected ! Yeah, the puzzles were designed to be harder at start, but they were simplified in the process The idea of a puzzle game with lots of lines to read was gonna be boring pretty fast.. We hade other ideas for mechanics, but focused on the story instead. Thanks a lot for your feedback, really glad you enjoyed !


Cool game , old lady is awesome.


Hehe, that's because she's fast as hell !


What an awesome game! It looks great, it sounds great, the gameplay is fun and the story and overall progression is really well achieved! Congratz, loved it


Thanks a lot, really glad you enjoyed !