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Thank you ! I tried to do a lot of variation for each sound to avoid the boring effect, so I'm pretty happy with the sound result indeed !

Thank you ! Glad you enjoyed. I kinda skipped the balancing for vegetables upgrades to prevent people to play too long... I'm happy with something pretty short for that type of clicker, because in the end, that's a lot of clicks !

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Thanks for the suggestion, I added that diversifier ! Glad you enjoy the ending ^^

Farmster 1 was dope, incredible graphics, various actions, complex farming system, realistic hamster behaviors with relationships, adaptative music, but sadly it only exists in my head...   The 2nd is often worse than the 1st, so I think that from now on, I will only publish the 2nd edition of all my games..

Haha, sorry about that, you might be the only one noticing: I'm pretty sure most people don't read to the end, so I might have gone a bit too far in that description... Although I'm looking forward to the reaction during the stream if Matejs reads it..

Thanks, I enjoyed recording it, even if for some reason, I always end up having the Mii theme stuck in my head for a few days after playing kalimba..
I thought about exponential resources, but I wanted to have an end to the game (therefore the title), and I used that same resource to trigger the endgame so I didn't want people to use it as fertilizer and never reach the value for the end of game...

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Well done, that's a lot of work, even for 5 hours ! When you think about doing a tower defense with resource gathering and building, that seems to be really ambitious for a trijam, but you really nailed it, despite the overtime ! And the music fits nicely !

I agree with other comments though, It seems too easy indeed since the waves of enemies don't seem to change over time in difficulty. But Well Done overall !

Amazing !

At start, you go crazy and take a few, then you have to find these "safe spots" where to come back every time and you work on your peripheral vision and timing... And then you receive that pig directly on you, which seems like a good news, but then you realise that it just destroyed your  safe spots and that's when the panic kicks in ! I love how it goes from way too easy to way too hard in just 1 or 2 enemies, and you never knows when it's coming...

You can also trigger the hamster on specific spots to have groups of hamsters moving together as close as possible, which gives more space to move, but in the end, that's still pretty hard..

Well done !

That's epic. I love games where you play as a sort of swarm like that (badland for example), and the mixing with strategy is awesome. Give it good graphics, several types of troops, a system of campaign, 2 players VS mode (or even more), several maps..., and people would definitely pay for that !
(Yeah I know I'm talking about a full indie game here, but this is gold if it is not already done, so if you go indie at some point in your life, keep this game idea on the top of the list !)

Pretty fun, especially in 2 players mode ! It looks so simple, but that inertia is impressive and works perfectly. I also have no idea how you manage to make that AI not killing himself all the time, it's really good !

Really nice and puzzling, at some point I always end up beeing so hardly focused on paths to cheese that I forget to check these cats... Aaaand I have to start over..

Well done, I couldn't make the hundred one, and I was worried I should have to replace my keyboard if I kept trying... It's pretty good, especially for your first jam !

Félicitations futur confrère, pas banal de voir une thèse par ici, mais pourquoi pas.. Bon courage pour la fin de rédaction !

Yeah, I definitely see how using multiple box colliders for the player will be  hard to fit in the 3 hours ^^
Maybe a quick workaround would have been to reduce the enemy collider and make the friendly one bigger (but maybe you did that already..)

Pretty nice mechanic, I like how you have to reach some elements while keeping an eye on these enemies, however the player box collision is pretty harsh on the player.. it seems to hit even when there still is some space between the enemy and the player and it can feel frustrating

Quick and fun, the layout of the whole level is really good, rewarding, and these speed boost are far enough to get lost when you try to focus on these first, so it takes a few tries to find a good path to both of them (or maybe there is more than 2 ?!) I'd love to see the unzoomed complete level also, and also to know a sort of percentage of completion to see how much I can improve on my 3k+ score

Thank you so much for testing it ! It's awesome to see people playing it , and I'm really glad you enjoyed !

Thanks ! Yes quicker dialogue display is clearly needed, I am kind of impatient myself, but at some point in the dev, I lost the ability to see the big picture so I didn't see that it was clearly missing.. Thank you for pointing this out !

Thanks a lot, I agree, the sound was already reduced, but it can still be really unpleasant for the ears.. But at least players feel the pressure of what is happening !

Thank you ! Glad you enjoyed the unexpectedness !

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Thank you ! Yes the gameplay is supposed to be a sort of puzzle, with the dialogues lines that you must match, but it lacks challenge so it's really almost just an interactive story, or visual novel. We thought about adding objects that should be gathered in several rooms, but it was way too much work, so we stuck with the dialog matching as the only mechanic and focused on the story and the art in general..

Thanks a lot ! I kinda felt the same after testing it a few times, it would be really easier to have only the mouse as input for example. I'm not sure how selecting lines on both sides would be feasible with keyboard, but only mouse should be way better indeed. Thanks for that feedback !

Thanks a lot, really glad you had fun ! Like a lot of things in the game, the dialog system was designed to be... unexpected. It seems like it worked !

Thank you ! Really happy you liked it, we had great artists in the team !

Hehe, that's because she's fast as hell !

Thank you, glad you enjoyed our chill and relaxing (but still a bit weird) game !

Hehe, that cat was one of the few.. unexpected twists of the game, I'm happy it worked as ..expected ! Yeah, the puzzles were designed to be harder at start, but they were simplified in the process The idea of a puzzle game with lots of lines to read was gonna be boring pretty fast.. We hade other ideas for mechanics, but focused on the story instead. Thanks a lot for your feedback, really glad you enjoyed !

Thanks a lot, really glad you enjoyed !

This is brilliant :D

Damn, 47 m, but that was really fun to play, so stressful

Really fun ! Nicely balanced and polished ! For some reason I had no sound at all on firefox but I it worked correctly on edge and chrome..

Impressive balancing ! At start there seem to be no way to survive, but you eventually find the right combination of trees, and after a while, you gain these extra seeds that change everything and your effort finally paid off: you can smash your msb and fill these island with hundreds of trees.. feels really good !

Thanks a lot for trying it, it reminds me that  I still have some rework to do on this game to to simplify character upgrades especially...

It is.. a convenient bug for the player ;) It might be more plausible to split the reward in half !

Great mechanics and dialogue system, that was a lot of work, even for 5 hours !
Sometimes the guys does not jump correctly above the walls when springs are directly next to the walls, for example the very last spring in the last level.
Good job with the design of the puzzle too, the last one especially required a few tries and some thinking. You could definitely add more levels and other tools for example, to pierce walls, to add platforms, or even warps...

Bloody WiFi ! That was pretty nice, and kinda playable, but not like a platformer/shooter, more like a puzzling game where you must think about all your actions in advance.
That's good, and that moon in the background is gorgeous ! :D

Thanks a lot, the music is not looping flawlessly in the WebGL version, while it is fine in the unity editor, no idea why.. Is this what you meant for the mixing ? Otherwise don't hesitate to give more information, that would help me a lot, I definitely have a lot to learn in term of mixing !

Loved it, that was genius ! And it works almost perfectly (except when you loose and continue at the same time, with the text coming back over and over with new rounds)

The timing is great, especially since you have to  take a microsecond to check what is the expected voltage..

The drag and drop is what makes you loose towards the end, you have to be precise with each of your clicks, and if you miss one, you're done !


I did try to do better a few times, but I'm going nowhere above 40 now, so that will be my personal best...

Had a lot of fun with it, the first level seemed almost too hard to make a hole-in-one, but when you fnid the solution it's awesome !
Had to play without fullscreen though to get full force for the putter, otherwise there is not enough power..
The bounces with these rotations are a bit weird but you get used to it in the end. Well done !

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Really fun to play, almost feels like a rythm game at some point. I got 62, I'm wondering if the speed keep increasing forever or not, as it felt like the rythm didnt change for the last ~20 ?

Great idea, would be awesome with some sounds, like a stressful tick for the clock, as well as some object destruction withthe pickaxe, but the concept is awesome and really fun to play !