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Thanks for such a thorough review! I've noticed the immortality bug as well, but failed to fix it on time, unfortunately 馃槄 (could be considered an easter egg 馃槆)

> The mouse pointer is not captured

Hmm, it should get captured - which version were you playing, the web one?

It's here: :-) Note that due to some technical difficulties, opening this website might block your browser for a minute (the browser compiles our game's shaders then and, unfortunately, that seems to get Chrome & Firefox stuck for about a minute).

Well, that's unfortunate 馃槩 Could you try the web version? (should work on every browser, but in our tests Chrome gave the best results)

Hmm, are you using the web or *.exe version? The web version might need a minute to load, but the *.exe version should work just-like-that;

I love your game's unique art style - going with a negative-flashlight-unveiling-a-parallel-world approach played out pretty nicely here!

One of the best games I've played here! I'm getting strong SUPERHOT vibes :-)

Not sure what's going on, but it looks like the controls don't work 馃槩 At least on my machine, they seem to be stuck for the first minute and then behave very, uhm, chunky, effectively making it impossible to play. It's a pity, 'cause the game looks pretty awesome basing on the screenshots, so I'd love to play it!

I love the idea - graphics, audio & level design all come here together to create a pretty enjoyable game :-)

I like the Neighbours From Hell~ish gameplay idea 馃槃

The mechanics need some adjustments (e.g. the last level doesn't really require using wine + I've accidentally caused the father to run out of the house, through the walls, by being too close to him) - but it's pretty solid overall.

Probably the most fun game I've played here so far! -- I love both the underlying idea and its very polished realization.

I liked the narration (e.g. the grave saying "loser") & simplified graphics, but unfortunately I've got stuck on the second level - not sure if I've done something wrong, but I just didn't see the archers (arrows were coming from the outside of the screen and I've had no way of defending myself / killing anybody).

Other than that, feels nice!

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I agree, it's a plenty-polished game - I've had a blast playing it; I liked the world, graphics, and tiny touches such as the character's image squishing a bit when they jump :-)

The only problematic thing for me was, uhm, the jumping mechanism - I feel like either the colliders are too big or the player jumps for too short distance, since 95% cases of me dying was trying to jump over those solders 馃槄 (so a low-hanging fruit would be introducing a difficulty switcher that would affect the jumping height - that would make the game more fun to me)

edit: also, the camera accelerating to the player's direction (so fast-forwarding left/right) was a bit tough on my eyes - it would be nice if there was an option to disable it (or change its amplitude, so that it doesn't shift that much)

It's really neat! I loved the graphics, audio & storyline - I'd certainly pay to play a full version, had it came to life :-)

The interface got me stuck a few times though, splitting me between "let's wait and see what happens" and "let's click everything and see what happens" (e.g. before I figured out to re-read the letters to click on the topics, I stalled for a minute or so, waiting for a bird to come, thinking that's what supposed to happen).

Overall, it's a nice concept and realization.

I like the Icy Tower vibe to this game - it's plenty hard, too 馃榿

Technical-wise a keyboard-only option would be nice - I'm playing on a laptop, which made maneuvering the character with mouse extra difficult; it also looks like the game doesn't support resizing its viewport (be it through resizing the window or just going fullscreen), which adds extra difficulty-points on 4k screens (since the game window takes like 1/10th of my physical screen area 馃槄).

I loved the graphics & audio, but gameplay was a bit difficult for me - I couldn't get past the second/third (?) level, where player is required to walljump between tight walls and thorns.

It's breathtakingly written, designed and executed - really an astonishing piece of work!

I love all the mini-games, story and design - I've had quite a fun playing your game!

I absolutely adore the audiovisual setting, minigames and the overall idea! I'd downright totally play a fully-featured variant with some more (back)story :-)

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Okie, I've replayed on the easiest difficulty - I got stuck at the boss level though :-( 

Nonetheless the game is turbo fun - I love the ads' descriptions :D

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We've prepared 14 levels - most of them were actually designed to be solved in many ways (e.g. the sixth level has at least three entirely different solutions :-D), but I agree that some are probably way too simple (i.e. compared to the game's average difficulty).

Thank you for playing and preparing such a thorough comment! :-)

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Thanks! :-)

About that tombstone bug: it's actually a part of the game's mechanics (we've called it tombstone drifting); initially there was a level requiring player to perform this technique to win, but we've struggled on how to present it to player and eventually we've abandoned the idea, leaving tombstone-winning as an easter egg  (unexpected!) :-)

To be honest, I haven't been able to finish it - I played it on the hard level first and wanted to retry today on the easiest, to get a comparison :-)

It'd be great if there were some mechanics beyond walking to other people (or animals) and talking to them, but I like the overall idea. The execution is also great - from audio, to visuals and story :-)

The aesthetics are phenomenal! I'd love to see a little bit more gameplay & mechanics, but it's a cool idea whatsoever :-)

I agree with @Zoolouie: a little bit of backstory could greatly improve the narrative. That being said: I've enjoyed the game. A bit frustrating, a bit goofy, nice.

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I love the gameplay, audio, visuals and the entire idea! :-) I've been missing some health packs or power-ups (or at least I haven't found any). As others have pointed out, the steering is a bit tough - I'd gladly play a version with reduced gravity (maybe it could be controllable when starting the game - like "easy = low attraction to surfaces", "hard = high attraction to surfaces"). Fantastic work nonetheless though.

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Cool idea, narrative-wise felt a bit like Portal / The Stanley Parable (which is a virtue, ofc.!). The hard level is properly hard :-)

Love the Crazy Machines vibe :-)

The controls are kinda enigmatic (dragging would be more intuitive, I think) and I'd certainly use some more levels.