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It's breathtakingly written, designed and executed - really an astonishing piece of work!

I love all the mini-games, story and design - I've had quite a fun playing your game!

I absolutely adore the audiovisual setting, minigames and the overall idea! I'd downright totally play a fully-featured variant with some more (back)story :-)

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Okie, I've replayed on the easiest difficulty - I got stuck at the boss level though :-( 

Nonetheless the game is turbo fun - I love the ads' descriptions :D

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We've prepared 14 levels - most of them were actually designed to be solved in many ways (e.g. the sixth level has at least three entirely different solutions :-D), but I agree that some are probably way too simple (i.e. compared to the game's average difficulty).

Thank you for playing and preparing such a thorough comment! :-)

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Thanks! :-)

About that tombstone bug: it's actually a part of the game's mechanics (we've called it tombstone drifting); initially there was a level requiring player to perform this technique to win, but we've struggled on how to present it to player and eventually we've abandoned the idea, leaving tombstone-winning as an easter egg  (unexpected!) :-)

To be honest, I haven't been able to finish it - I played it on the hard level first and wanted to retry today on the easiest, to get a comparison :-)

It'd be great if there were some mechanics beyond walking to other people (or animals) and talking to them, but I like the overall idea. The execution is also great - from audio, to visuals and story :-)

The aesthetics are phenomenal! I'd love to see a little bit more gameplay & mechanics, but it's a cool idea whatsoever :-)

I agree with @Zoolouie: a little bit of backstory could greatly improve the narrative. That being said: I've enjoyed the game. A bit frustrating, a bit goofy, nice.

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I love the gameplay, audio, visuals and the entire idea! :-) I've been missing some health packs or power-ups (or at least I haven't found any). As others have pointed out, the steering is a bit tough - I'd gladly play a version with reduced gravity (maybe it could be controllable when starting the game - like "easy = low attraction to surfaces", "hard = high attraction to surfaces"). Fantastic work nonetheless though.

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Cool idea, narrative-wise felt a bit like Portal / The Stanley Parable (which is a virtue, ofc.!). The hard level is properly hard :-)

Love the Crazy Machines vibe :-)

The controls are kinda enigmatic (dragging would be more intuitive, I think) and I'd certainly use some more levels.